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Senior Is Developer/msbi Developer Resume

Long Beach, Ca


  • A highly motivated, enthusiastic and team oriented professional with over thirty years experience in information technology, data analysis and reporting, programming in 13 computer languages and database/server administration. Expert in SQL design and coding and optimization. Proven 24/7 database and system support using 2nd and 3rd tiers.
  • For 30 years I have defined created and implemented processes using database and programming technologies. Technical summary; Enterprise SQL Server DBA in a 3 tier (development, test and production) environment (20 yrs); MCDBA certification (20 yrs); SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MSBI developer (20 yrs); Replication, monitoring, tuning, query optimization, troubleshooting (30 yrs); PostgreSql (7 yrs); Cloud computing (4 yrs); Windows server administration (20 yrs); Linux server administration (8 yrs); ORM frameworks (25 yrs); Datamart and data warehouse design and administration (20 yrs); MongoDb administration (2 yrs); database modeling (20 yrs); data visualization (30 yrs); web development (25 yrs); ETL design and processing (25 yrs); SDLC and Agile (25 yrs); T - Sql, DTS, SSIS (20 yrs).



Senior IS Developer/MSBI Developer

  • PBM, six sigma
  • Enterprise SQL Server ; MySQL; Postgresql; MongoDB database administration, installation, backup, recovery, performance monitoring and tuning, indexes and index management, toubleshooting
  • Erwin data modeling
  • Mfg experience includes inventory, manufacturing, quality, customer acceptance and CPG manufacturing of goods.
  • TSQL, SSIS, SSRS coding/development/implementation
  • Stored procedures, partitioning, triggers, database design, creation and normalization, coding
  • Batch master ERP administration, installation, updates and database maintenance
  • Cloud based development using Azure
  • Application integration between QuickBooks database and inventory management software, Magento and Corporate data warehouse
  • Designed, built and administered Corporate data warehouse
  • VEAM and VMware used for multi-server administration, maintenance, monitoring, tuning and virtualization of Windows servers
  • Created management and finance dashboards with Tableau and .Net web based sites
  • Spiceworks used for ticket tracking and management
  • Enterprise VS Studio 2016 used for web, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS and stand alone tool development
  • MS Office products utilized for end user report automation and presentation, integrated thru VBA with corporate data
  • Implemented RFID badge and product readers for employee and product tracking
  • End user support for data and reporting requests for all organizations
  • SDLC and Agile development processes


Data Analyst

  • PBM, policies and procedures definition and documentation
  • Products PRIME, RCCO and CHP+ data analysis, reporting and ETL processing
  • HIPPA trained
  • Enterprise SQL server administration, performance monitoring and tuning, indexes and index management, troubleshooting
  • TSQL, SSIS and SSRS, SSAS design, coding and implementation
  • Stored procedures, triggers, database design, creation and normalization, coding
  • MS Office products used for end user report automation and presentation integrated thru VBA
  • Back end database integration with Access, Sybase and Oracle corporate databases
  • Company built ticketing system used for end user requests and management
  • End user support for data and reporting requests for all organizations
  • Created UAT scripts for end user testing


IT support and help desk coordination

  • Maintained end user trouble tickets and ticket management system
  • Installed lan lines, installed and configured network printers
  • Upgraded and maintenance of desktop computers
  • Trained users on computer and company software
  • Maintained AD and user access policies


Operations Analyst 

  • TQMS and Six sigma training
  • MFG experience includes design, inventory management, MFG, quality and customer acceptance
  • Strategy and initiative development based upon company goals
  • Created EAC/BAC cost targets and plans/presentations
  • Schedule management/development for production organizations
  • Utilized MS Office software for analysis, presentation and tool development using VBA for integration
  • Basic Siemens knowledge
  • MCDBA certification
  • Analysis, design, documentation of shop floor and MIS tools and reports
  • Administrator of production and support IIS intranet running 6 server farm
  • Enterprise SQL Server ; MySQL; IMS; TERADATA; DB2; UNISYS database administration, installation, backup, recovery, fail over, performance monitoring and tuning, indexes and index management, troubleshooting
  • Data and database integration from 22 states and 4 countries using ETL and scripting processes from mainframe and client server database platforms
  • Toad and Erwin database modeling
  • Windows server ; Linux Redgate planning, installation, upgrades, backup, performance monitoring, AD and tuning
  • SDLC and Agile development processes
  • TSQL, DTS, SSIS, SSAS, stored procedures, query profiling, optimization
  • Mainframe systems MVS/JES, office vision, IMS, Teradata, DB2, Unisys 1100 - Mapper
  • Created and maintained ETL tools for data migration to data warehouse
  • Oracle database administration, stored procedures, triggers and optimization
  • PLSQL advanced queries and tuning
  • Designed, coded, implemented and administered 100 TB data warehouse
  • Mainframe programming using Cobol, Rexx, ASL, Cluster, JCL, Mapper, Fortran
  • VS Studio and Macromedia used for tool and application development
  • Application and tools programmed in C#, basic, VB, Fortran, C++, .Net and Pascal
  • MS Office used for data analysis, presentation, integration using VBA for data extraction and software automation
  • Intranet development using ACTIVEX, ADO, HTML, CSS, ASP, .NET, DHTML, JavaScript, Coldfusion
  • ORM frameworks used for data to programming mapping and discovery
  • Implemented RFID tracking for shopfloor kits. Integrated reads/writes with data warehouse
  • Maintained OLAP/OLTP performance monitoring
  • 99.996% uptime performance of Windows servers, databases, data warehouse, intranet and user tools
  • Web tools created for manufacturing, management and support organizational dashboards and performance metrics
  • In house ticketing system used for end user request management and statusing
  • Tools created for manufacturing and support organizations, management; saved over $800 million in cost avoidance over the span of aircrafts built
  • Manager equivalent and backup for organization
  • Coached and trained team on systems and processes
  • CITRIX and VMWare used for server virtualization and management
  • Created UAT scripts for end users
  • Tableau and Cognos dashboards created for all organizations
  • SSRS, Crystal reports used for report automation
  • Reported directly to senior management

Confidential, Long Beach, CA


  • Over 110 employee recognition s received within the Confidential . Recognitions were for systems automation and process/system improvements with a documented company savings of $800M.
  • Oxford s Who s Who for

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