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Sr. Database Developer - Associate Resume


  • Sr. Database Developer with expert level skills in database application software development in the Financial, E - commerce, Health Care, Apparel and Retail industries developing database application solution that includes business requirement analysis, system design, development, implementation, training and production support
  • In-depth knowledge and professional experience of complete software development life cycle using Oracle Databases, Toad, SQL Developer, SQL *PLUS, Java/ J2EE, Oracle Developer 9i/6i/2000, Oracle AS 10g, Oracle forms 10g, Reports 10g/6i/3.0, SQL* Net, MySQL 5.1, MySQL proxy server, Sybase IQ 16, SQL Server
  • Extensively worked on data migration/ ingestion using various file formats and data mapping through SQL* Loader, Mercator, Informatica, Data Collection, Access in Oracle 11g/10g databases
  • Solid experience in designing complex PL/SQL programs and Unix shell scripting, Oracle Collections, bulking techniques, partition creation and utilization to increase performance
  • Extensively worked in writing database objects includes packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, indexes, full text indexes, exception handlers, cursors/ref-cursors, native/dynamic SQL, data collections and database built-in packages utilization
  • Exposure in using CASE tools like ERWIN, TOAD, VISIO, SQL Navigator and SQL Developer for database design and Oracle Developer Suite for Object Oriented modeling and system specifications
  • Solid expertise in SQL query optimization and tuning of costly, inefficient long running queries as well as pl/sql code
  • Experience specializing in business and systems analysis, solutions architecture and design
  • Extensively worked as a development team member and worked closely with Business Analysts, Systems Developers, QA Testers, client support team
  • Experience in Data Modeling (conceptual/ logical and physical) using Erwin, ER Studio, Data Flow Diagrams, Process Flows and other Analysis & Design tools
  • Proficient in Mercator, Informatica (ETL) tool for data migration to Enterprise Data Warehouse with large data volume


Programming Languages: SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, Java, J2EE, JSP, HTML, XML, Pro*C, Unix

Microsoft Technologies: ASP.NET2.0, C#.NET, ADO.NET

Databases: ORACLE 11g/10g/ 9i, MySQL 5.1, SQL Server 2008, Sybase IQ 16

Development Tools: Toad, SQL Navigator, SQL Developer, Eclipse, VisualStudio.NET, Oracle AS 10g/ 9i, Oracle forms developer 10g/ 9i/ 6i/ 2000, Reports 6i, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), built-in packages & tools, Graphics

Data Migration Tools: SQL*Loader, Oracle Imp/ Exp utility, Mercator / Informatica (ETL)

Design Tools: ER Studio, ERWin, Visio, Oracle Designer 6i

Source Controls: Visual Source Safe 6.0, CVS, Sub-version SVN

Scripting: SQL script, Java Script, Unix Shell script

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX



Sr. Database Developer - Associate


  • Responsible to provide end-to-end database development support to various application components using SQL, PL/SQL database programming while work closely with front-end developers, business analysts and QA team with on-shore and off-shore model utilizing Agile methodology
  • Perform data analysis, design strategy, data modeling, maintenance and development of various database components through SQL, PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions, views, mviews, triggers, indexes strategies and implemented stack of database jobs using DBMS SCHEDULER and monitoring
  • Develop and maintain metadata repository for all the business data attributes to define lineages and are consumed by the application as well as by the product management team for analysis purposes through Business intelligence tool Ab Initio
  • Develop and maintain client's and facilities data in denormalized fashion through PL/SQL based functionality and established an event-based synching mechanism to refresh data changes received from the upstream source system to reflect in application with minimal latency after indexed by the elastic search indexer
  • Analyze, gather and provide data to application through data-service API to fulfill the business needs
  • Support BAU tasks that includes but not limited to SQL, PL/SQL performance tuning, enhancements and bug fixes
  • High-Level expertise in database performance tuning techniques using Explain Plan and HINTS, efficient code writing strategies implementation, bulk bind operations, table partitioning and query tuning optimization are part of day-to-day activities
  • Responsible to run the impact analysis, provide updates to the change originator as a downstream data consumer in the event when the upstream systems targeting for any change
  • Responsible to take the feeds for client ratings from S&P and processed them into database system for consumption
  • Worked with business analysts and application developers to identify business needs and provide solutions
  • Worked in OLAP, data warehouse environment in Sybase IQ database for financial reporting and data utilization
  • Participates in application release plan activities, management and production support
  • Perform code reviews using crucible tool for all db changes from the team members and provide guidance and mentorship

Environment: Oracle Database 11g/10g, Sybase IQ 16, Toad 10.6, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, Eclipse, ER Studio, SVN, Jira Agile Tool, Crucible code review, Informatica


Sr. PL/SQL Database Developer


  • Development, modifications, enhancements and defect fixing through database programming to the application
  • Create packages, procedures, functions, views, indexes and other stored objects with efficient and optimized code
  • Developed and maintained PL/SQL ETL processes that brings the core ratings data from different sources to the staging and then after processing move to the production database
  • Worked as database developer to provide end-to-end support for database programming to GCP application built on
  • Additionally worked as Java front-end developer to support bug fixing and enhancements
  • Extensively worked on the PL/SQL performance tuning and query optimization and database design level
  • Working on the process tuning using table partitioning, indexing, tuning queries, parallel queries, parallel db jobs and bulk-bind techniques
  • Creation/ scheduling database jobs/ monitoring alerts for the ETL processes through PL/SQL code
  • Performed platform migration from Oracle/ Java to SQL Server/ .Net as a database developer
  • Writing tech docs, followed Agile methodology and working with BA’s on specs clarifications/ enhancements

Environment: Oracle Database 11/10g, Toad, SQL Navigator, SQL*Plus, SQL Server 2000, Java/ J2EE, Visual Studio.Net, C#, CVS, SVN

Confidential, Uniondale, NY

Database Developer


  • Development, modifications and enhancements in database programming to support the application
  • Create/modify Oracle packages, functions, triggers, and stored procedures, materialized views using PL/SQL
  • Performed data modeling for application module, manufacturing system, and customer medical history survey
  • Data warehousing for OLAP, Business Intelligence and reporting purposes using star schema
  • Worked with partitioned tables environment such as Orders, Invoicing and shipments
  • Developed various XML interfaces through the database to support/ feed client’s legacy/ manufacturing system
  • Provided full database programming support to web based PCS application built on Java/J2EE technology
  • Worked on the database conversion premise based solution project from Oracle 10g to MySQL 5.1 database
  • Wrote PL/SQL procedures/ scripts to validate and migrate data from client’s legacy system to Oracle database
  • Extensive data loads into database received by the clients in various formats using ETL tool e.g. Mercator or SQL*Loader
  • Integrated third-party shipping solution KEWILL Flag Ship to application through PL/SQL programming
  • Wrote process that updates postal information in db at monthly basis collecting updated files from zipcodeworld.com
  • Worked on performance tuning, SQL query optimization using explain plan utility and writing Unix shell scripts
  • Wrote MySQL database server side macro scripts using lua programming
  • Involved in production support and operations teams to resolve production issues in a timely and efficient manner
  • Worked with QA and Helpdesk support team to address the client issues regarding programming and data issues

Environment: Oracle Database10g, MySQL 5.1, Windows XP, UNIX, SQL*PLUS, Oracle Toad 9.0, MySQL Toad 4.1 Erwin, ER Studio, MySQL Proxy server macros, SwisSQL, Mercator (ETL), MS Visual Source Safe 6.0 (VSS)


Senior Programmer/ Analyst


  • Development, modifications and enhancements in existing application modules & database programming throughout the retail application such as Order Entry, Purchase Order Management, operational and reporting modules
  • Developed automated process to distribute promotional coupons electronically to qualified customers
  • Developed excessive sales analysis reports for senior management and decision support business personnel's
  • Modifications in RF (Radio-Frequency) warehouse modules for inventory receiving and supply chain management
  • Development and modifications in application front-end e.g. point-of-sales, order entry, purchase order entry, inter-store transfers, inventory movement, trucking and shipments etc.
  • Created adhoc reporting scripts for sales, warehouse, accounting, decision support and advertising departments
  • Wrote SQL Loader control files for loading flat files data and scheduled them to run as a nightly batch process
  • Wrote many simple and complex ad-hoc reports using SQL Plus and TOAD for the business users
  • Wrote reports using Oracle Reports for the application and also changed existing reports based on the requirement
  • Responsible to create programming test cases, use cases and checklist for programming components/ database scripts before turn over to QA (Quality assurance department)
  • Data modeling (logical and physical) using ER Studio
  • Data warehousing for Business Intelligence applications for predictive modeling and decision support, Merchandise

Planning and Allocation for increasing returns on inventory investments

  • Used Oracle Collections, bulking techniques, partition utilization to increase performance
  • Responsible to create technical and end-user documentation
  • Production support 24/7 on rotating weekly schedule for on-call support for application and database issues

Environment: Oracle Database10g, Developer 6i, Windows XP, UNIX, SQL*PLUS, SQL Developer, Proc C*, Oracle reports 6i, Excel reporting & macros, ER Studio, application version control


Oracle Database Developer


  • Designed and developed primary database objects (tables, views, indexes, packages, functions, procedures)
  • Developed algorithm and PL/SQL code for efficient retrieval, manipulation and archiving of complex data sets using back end PL/SQL packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers Database Administration and software support to clients
  • Integrate credit card authorization system for online payment processing
  • Integrate UPS and Fed-EX shipping software to the retail application for shipping processes
  • Wrote extensive PL/SQL program units, incorporated 9i using features like Bulk collections, transaction management and Table functions
  • Wrote PL/SQL procedures to load data into the application from other Oracle data sources using db links
  • Wrote many database triggers using PL/SQL for validation and business rules
  • New development in the app and enhancements for existing modules in test and production environment.
  • Tailoring to existing modules based on custom requirements from customers received by support department.
  • Extensively used SQL*Loader utility to migrate data from various sources.
  • Performance tuning of PL/SQL queries. Used several Oracle 9i features (Bulk binds, PL/SQL tables, Table Functions) to tune existing reports
  • Used many advanced PL/SQL supplied packages such as UTL SMTP, UTL MAIL, UTL FILE, DBMS DDL, DBMS SQL DBMS STATS, DBMS UTILITY
  • Responsible for upgrading clients system through interim patches and software releases
  • Map new requirements and modification accordingly. Unit and integrated testing before deployment to production
  • Writing stored procedures in order to receive cash backs & credit lines updates automatically of factored customers from CIT and process into A2000 system scheduled by using Oracle Jobs package
  • Analysis, data modeling and development RMA (Returned Merchandize Authorization) module
  • Migrated Oracle forms and reports 6i to deploy on Oracle AS 10g, installation and environment setup for AS 10g
  • Addressed the pre and post upgrade issues through out the migration process
  • Worked with clients and customer support to resolve production issues

Environment: Oracle Application Server 10g, Forms 10g, Reports 10g, Oracle Database10g/9i, Developer 6i as Front End, Windows XP, SQL*PLUS, Oracle built in packages, SQL* Loader, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Connect Wise service board 5.0.3

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