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Sql Server Bi Developer Resume


  • Expertise in Microsoft SQL Server Installation, Configuration, Upgrading, Data Modeling of Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014
  • Confidential has 8 years of experience with designing, developing, configuring and maintaining MS SQL Server, databases, Windows, and Linux systems administration.
  • She has extensive knowledge and skill in installing, configuring, and administering MS SQL Server Enterprise Editions.
  • She has evaluated installation requirements, designed storage for new databases, and installed SQL Server 2008/2012/2014 .
  • She has excellent knowledge of database backup and recovery, migration, mirroring, security, database replication and clustering.
  • She has the ability to work independently with a high degree of attention to details, commitment to quality, and a great team player.


Microsoft SQL BI development, MS SQL server, Oracle administration, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, SQL Profiler, Power BI, Windows and Linux Administration, MS SQL, MySQL administration, Program coding C, C++, Java, Network configuration and support


SQL Server BI Developer



  • Worked on Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data from Excel, Flat file, to MS SQL Server by using DTS and SSIS services.
  • Created packages in SSIS with error handling.
  • Worked with different methods of logging in SSIS.
  • Designed packages and data mapping using Control flow task, Sequence container task, Dataflow Task, Execute SQL Task, Data conversion task, Derived Column task and Script Task in SSIS Designer.
  • Involved in daily loads (Full & Incremental) into Staging and ODS areas, troubleshooting process, issues and errors using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2008.
  • Involved in complete SSIS life cycle in creating SSIS packages, building, deploying and executing the packages in both the environments (Development and Production).
  • Used Microsoft Reporting Service (SSRS) with Report authoring, Report management, Report delivery and Report security.
  • Created reports using Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Modified existing reports by adding new logic and deleting existing logic as the line of Business changes periodically.
  • Migrated reports from Dev to Production.
  • Exported reports in various formats like MS Excel, PDF, MS Word, Text and CSV.
  • Created Tabular reports, Matrix reports, List reports, Parameterized reports, Sub reports, Ad hoc reports (SSRS).
  • Used Tableau and Power BI for creating Dashboards over the database system.

SQL Server Developer



  • Developed DTS Packages to transfer the data between SQL server database and files.
  • Created and maintained Data Transformation Service (DTS) packages for migrating data.
  • Scheduled Jobs for DTS packages.
  • Used BCP/Bulk Insert to publish table output to text files.
  • Created advanced T - SQL queries using DDL, DML and Indexes, Views, Cursors, Triggers, User Defined Functions and Stored Procedures.
  • Used all Declarative Constraints for maintaining Data Integrity.
  • Implemented Auditing using triggers.
  • Created schema objects, rules and granted roles to the users.
  • Used SQL Profiler to debug T-SQL and slow running queries.
  • Monitored the Database Performance using execution plans and Index tuning.
  • Involved in scheduling backups of databases and logs and restoring them when necessary.

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