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Sr. Sql/dw/bi Analyst Resume

Austin, TX


  • Microsoft and Oracle 9i SQL Certified Technology Specialist with over 13 years of IT experience that includes Analysis and Design, Development & Support with the skills sets of MS - SQL Server, Oracle - SQL * Plus and PL/SQL, Business Intelligence including SSRS/SSIS/Knowledge of SSAS, Crystal Reports, Data Modelling, Data warehousing technologies, MDX, OLAP cubes, SDLC, Waterfall and Agile/Scrum, experience of Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Security and Retail systems.
  • Proficient in Creating Databases, Data Import/Export, creating DACPAC, Backup, Recovery, Job Scheduling, Batch Jobs, Database performance optimization, debugging/tuning using the Query Analyser, SQL Profiler, SQL Server Debugger, authoring, managing and deploying SSIS/SSRS projects and development experience using .NET and Java applications to support data initiatives.


Databases: MS SQL server 2000 to SQL Server 2016, Oracle 9i/10g, PL-SQL, DB2, Sybase, MS Access, Knowledge of Azure SQL Databases

Database Design Tool and Data Modelling: ER/Studio 17.0, MS Visio, ERWIN, Star Schema/Snowflake Schema modelling, FACT & Dimensions tables, Physical & logical data modelling and Denormalization

BI and Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SQL Server DTS, Visual Studio, Crystal reports XI, Knowledge in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Power Pivot. Knowledge of Tableau and Knowledge of QlikView

DWH Tools: Data stage (7.5.2), Knowledge of Informatica and Cognos

Tools, Utilities and Scripting: SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Profiler, Import & Export Wizard, Visual Studio .Net, Microsoft Management Console, PowerShell Scripting, knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop

Version tools: Microsoft VSS, Perforce, SharePoint, Tortoise SVN, TFS

Microsoft tools: MS Office, MS SharePoint, MS Visio, MS Front page and Microsoft InfoPath


Sr. SQL/DW/BI Analyst

Confidential, Austin, TX

  • Requirement gatherings, analysis, design, build conceptual, logical and physical data models using ER/Studio and evaluate data models, physical databases for variances and discrepancies.
  • Develop data dictionary, mapping spreadsheets for ETL physical naming standards, data types, volumetric, domain definitions, and corporate metadata definitions.
  • Create and deliver a full-scale Data warehouse, BI solutions (SSIS and SSRS)
  • Analyse legacy scripts and stored procedures, extensive experience in writing T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, functions, and views, CTE, Joins and Subqueries that were involving multiple tables from different databases.
  • Transfer data from OLTP databases to staging area and finally transfer into data marts using T-SQL, Stored procedures, SSIS with proper control/data flow, SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions), Auditing, Data Profiling and error handling.
  • Create, interpret and modify SQL Queries and develop shared data sources, Tabular, Summary, Matrix, Sub-reports with drill down, subscription, drill through and drop down menu option using SSRS and involved in internal QA activities and production support.

Environment: ER-Studio 17.0, Data Warehouse, SQL Server 2012,/2016 SQL Server Integration Services 2012, SQL Server Reporting Services 2012/2016, TFS, SharePoint, Microsoft Visual Studio, Report Manager, PowerShell 5.0, Microsoft Visio 2013 and MS Tools

Sr. BI Developer

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Project kickoff, analysis and development for Migration and Rationalization of huge number of reports from different technologies including Classic ASP, Cognos, OBIEE, and SSRS 2005 into new SQL Reporting Services 2012 environment using PL/SQL queries, stored procedures, functions and packages using TOAD.
  • Analysis and create process flow diagram for both Migration and Rationalization of reports coding and publication of customer facing reports, prepare metadata information which includes existing data, source to target mapping, Gap analysis, and propose necessary changes in the new Exadata server.
  • Develop SSRS Reports using Oracle queries and deploy Shared Data Sources, Shared Datasets and Reports in SharePoint environment, developed reports using SSAS cubes and dimensions and made it available to the users, subscribed reports, managed code review, internal QA and production support

Environment: Oracle 12.1, TOAD, SQL Server Reporting Services 2012, SSAS, SharePoint 2013, Tortoise SVN, TFS, Microsoft Visio and SQL Server Data Tools.

Sr. BI Developer

Confidential, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Gathered business requirements related to data and business intelligence needs, HLD design for the ETL and Reporting requirements, Liaise with business subject matter experts in analysing of BRD and translating them into conceptual data models and schema development.
  • Optimized the database by creating new tables, various clustered, non-clustered indexes, developed Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, TSQL Scripting for complex business logic, Diagnosing and tuning the server optimal performance using SQL Server 2012 SQL Profiler and Database Engine Tuning Wizards.
  • Map source system data elements to target system and develop, test, and support extraction, transformation, load processes, data profiling, data quality and clean ups for SSIS packages using SSIS tasks such as Data flow task, Fuzzy lookup, Conditional Split, Derived Column, and Union All which were used for Data Scrubbing, data validation checks during Staging
  • Designed and developed Tabular, Summary, and Sub-reports with drill down, drill through and drop down menu option using SSRS and successfully delivered some of the reports using Crystal Reports, scheduled reports, and provided back-end support for functional testing and performance testing.

Environment: SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Crystal Reports XI, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Profiler, Database Tuning wizard, Visual Source Safe and SQL Server Data Tools.

Sr. SQL Server/ SSRS Developer


  • As a member of BI/Database team, involved in Requirement gathering, Technical Design, Development, Testing and implementation of full-scale reporting solution using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server 2008.
  • Created of database objects like Store procedures, User defined functions, Views, T-sql scripting, CTE for complex business logic, aggregations and sorting using SQL server.
  • Effectively used SSRS to design and develop tabular, chart, matrix, drill down, drill through and all type of reports as per client requirement, deployed the reports to reporting server, create and main roles and roles based access to reports in report manager, scheduled reports, involved in internal QA, code review activities and post production support

Environment: SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft Visio, SQL Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Business intelligence development studio (BIDS) and Visual Source Safe.

Security Engineer

Confidential, Herndon, VA

  • Acknowledging the User requirement documentation from the client and analysing, design, created process flow diagram, coding and publication of customer facing reports based on the requirements, new request page using Microsoft SharePoint InfoPath which is used by customers to fill out their requirements
  • Created objects like tables, views, functions, complex stored procedures, triggers, indexes, rules, integrity constraints, cursors, views and ad hoc queries for the business logic, investigate slow running query, optimized the stored procedures, verify performance and data integrity using Profiler.
  • Developed various reports that includes tabular, graph, drill down reports, drill through reports, cascaded parameterized reports, linked reports, sub reports and matrix reports, metrics, KPIs and scorecard using SSRS and integrated with Microsoft office SharePoint portal.
  • Effectively used SSIS tools to import and export data from CSV files, text files, excel spreadsheet and deployed using BIDS, managed documents in SharePoint portal, scheduled subscriptions.
  • Involved in the revamp of the existing database, which was primarily aimed at performance enhancement and as a step to streamline the reporting process. Defined a streamlined process for the entire development and testing life cycles.
  • Arranging a knowledge sharing sessions and bringing up the best practices among the team.

Environment: SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2, SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS), Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft SharePoint, MS Visio, Managed HPSD, SQL Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Visual Source Safe and SharePoint



  • Involved in analysis, planning, design, development, created logical and physical data models using dimensional modelling with star schema, snowflake schema and created the data source views.
  • Used Data stage ETL tool to extract data using stages like transformer, aggregator, sort, join, merge, lookup, data set, funnel, remove duplicates, copy, modify, filter, change data capture, change apply, sample, surrogate key, column generator, row generator, sequential file, dataset, file set and lookup file set stages and loaded the data into the ORACLE database.
  • Extensively used Parallel Stages like Row Generator, Column Generator, Head, and Peek for development, debugging purposes, used data stage director and its run-time engine to schedule the solution, testing and debugging its components, converted complex job designs to different simple job segments and executed through job sequencer

Environment: Data Stage Enterprise Edition 7.5.2, Data Stage Server Jobs, Data Stage Parallel Jobs, DB2, Oracle 9i, Shell scripting, Autosys, Microsoft Project Plan and Perforce



  • Involved in requirement gathering, technical design, SSIS process flow diagram, development of SSIS packages using various control flow, data flow, data transformation scripts, testing and implementation of BI Analytics needs.
  • Worked on database design, tables, indexes, views, complex stored procedures, triggers and UDF.
  • Involved in source data analysis, design, configuration files, creation of data mappings for extraction of bulk data from heterogeneous sources like flat files, excel, OLEDB data sources using multiple SSIS transformations such as data conversion, conditional split, bulk insert, merge, import/export, and performed ETL to transfer data between servers, load data into database, OLTP system.
  • Cooperated with DBA team, systems support personnel in elevating and automating successful code to production, create Scheduled Jobs to run the SSIS packages, prepared test cases, and coordinated for system integration testing, UAT and production support and given warranty support.

Environment: SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, Integration Services (SSIS), BCP, SQL Profiler, UNIX, Autosys, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Source Safe

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