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Systems Developer / Analyst Resume


An accomplished Information Technology Professional with extensive experience defining, developing and deploying applications. To include: mainframe manufacturing, distribution, costing, shop floor applications software solutions, in a fast - paced world class manufacturing environment. Experience with Infor Baan & LN ERP applications. Fluent with Confidential mainframe MVS, and Confidential batch utilities. With similar knowledge in a Micro Focus windows platform. Collaborative and self-directed with excellent analytical, interpersonal, project management, and relationship skills. Three+ years dedicated support-desk experience. Highly-regarded ability to partner across business functions and platforms in driving improved operational performance and connectivity.


Defining project scopes, program specs, and test plans supporting SDLC, BPMN, BPMO, and data flows on mainframe and ERP Systems. MVS (CICS, Batch JCL), & Micro Focus on windows. Confidential II (IMS, DB2 SQL, embedded Oracle SQL), BMSGT, Easytrieve, TSO, Panvalet, ISPF, SDSF, SPUFI, Syncsort - sequential and DB2 files. Confidential IMS (HIDAM, SHISAM), DB2 & DCLGEN, TSO, Confidential: utilities (IEF*, IEB*, IDCAMS, ADRD*, IKJEFT01 & DSNUPROC (DB2), FMBase, FMDB2, BMC for DB2, MQ, VSAM KSDS/ESDS files and PDS Libs. Mainframe emulators: Confidential 3270, BlueZone. CA11 Dispatch/CA7 proc file triggers, job scheduling and performance tuning. LRS VPSX/PCX (PageCenterX), application program/stored procedure testing, debugging using (Debugger, Fault Analyzer, Boole for DB2, File-AID, Abend-AID, Xpeditor). Oracle and MS SQL DB’s. SSMS, Oracle Developer. AutoSys scheduler, WebSphere for Oracle, BI, Webi, Lotus Notes, HipChat, WebEx, Avaya-CallPilot, PC Anywhere, Ultra VNC, ODBC, TCP/FTP/IFTP, FileZilla, MS suite: Visual Studio, TFS, SharePoint, MS Access DB, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Word, Excel & embedded VB/FTP, Project, PowerPoint, Skype(internal/teleconference), DOS. 7+ years of Intermec IPL barcode label development/support. Problem reporting/escalation, and resolution - ITSM, Service Now, TeamViewer 10, VPN, UltraEdit. All aspects of item, BOM, routing, effectivity, ECO, PDMLink, Creo ProductView Processes. Cost-buildup processing. Infor Baan & LN ERP applications, SOX auditing, DR planning/execution. Functional & educated in PL/1, assembler, RPG II, Active Directory, ETL, Product configuration (base/fin/fab) for BOM generation.



Systems Developer / Analyst


  • Progressively-responsible information technology assignments (mainframe/micro focus Confidential ), including development and 24x7x365 support of solutions for manufacturing, purchasing, vendor delivery, shop floor and forecasting systems. Served on many cross-functional teams in utilizing, managing and leveraging corporate technology assets.
  • Lead Confidential developer and supporter of an CICS Indented BOM maintenance sessions, alleviating batch data entry and enabling CDB engineers real-time multi-screen item, BOM, routing setup. Led development of an automated Baan CMF process allowing BP to query configured BOM’s for fin/fab options search for ECO and forecasting purposes.
  • Was lead Confidential developer for project to reduce batch CA7 (shadow/non-shadow) night time schedule by re-writing BOM demand explosions (reduced from 6 hr to 20 min), improving system up-time by 4+ hours. Utilized Confidential, JCL, EZTrieve, and SyncSort.
  • Developed, maintained, and supported Confidential -based mainframe user SOX audit, SOD reporting execution/review.
  • Vast experience developing barcode labeling solutions and deployment. Led the project proposal, proof-of-concept, selection and implementation of an enterprise-level barcode labeling solution to enhance speed/accuracy of development and deployment for MFG, distribution, warehouse applications.
  • Lead developer/supporter of upgrade/enhancements to Access 2003 to 2010, DB’s for item, BOM and routings giving industrial engineers greater capability and near real-time ECO research ability.
  • Led the development of an Confidential -based automated drawing revisions/ECO process that significantly increased CDB Engineers’ efficiency and drawing revision accuracy/proficiency.


Sr Programmer / Analyst


  • Led project to re-write cost buildup to better reflect BOM/routing costs of end-item product.
  • Initiated proposal/implementation of compiling at Confidential II level for better IMS HIDAM file processing.
  • Worked with BP’s to identify and implement BOM flattening and shop floor scheduling changes.
  • Developed, implemented and supported numerous enhancements to mainframe manufacturing application processes improving processing and reporting accuracy.

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