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Sql Server \ Etl Developer Resume

Grapevine, TX


  • Over 5+ years of extensive experience in Database design, development and excellent experience in installing and designing, maintaining various RDBMS like T - SQL Server.
  • Excellent skills in Transact-SQL of DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language) in order to develop tables, joins, indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures, functions, Complex Queries, T-SQL Programming, query optimization and performance tuning in working with large databases.
  • Knowledge on RDBMS concepts such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Indexed Views, Functions, CTE's, Table Variables and Stored Procedures.
  • Strong experienced in SSIS. Extract Transform Load (ETL) process tools to deploy packages with different data sources and various transformations.
  • Designed and implemented Parameterized and Cascading Parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Expert in extracting and transforming data using SQL Server, SSIS Packages and BCP
  • Experience in Data Extraction, Transforming and Loading (ETL) between Homogenous and Heterogeneous System using SQL tools (SSIS, DTS, Bulk Insert, BCP, and XML).
  • Experienced in creating Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers in SQL Server as per Client’s Standards and Framework.
  • Expert in designing complex reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Excel Pivot table based on OLAP cubes which make use of multiple value selection in parameters pick list, cascading prompts, matrix dynamics reports and other features of reporting service.
  • Extensive knowledge of designing, developing and deploying various kinds of reports using SSRS using relational and multidimensional data.
  • Design, develop and test ETL (SSIS) packages in order to extract, transform and load data from multiple sources into the data warehouse.
  • Worked in OLTP &OLAP environments that include QA, Production and development, implement maintain database schema and Entity relationship diagrams from business requirements
  • Experience in Performance Tuning, Monitoring and Optimization of T-SQL blocks in both Development and Production environment for SQL server database.


Confidential, Grapevine, TX

SQL Server \ ETL Developer


  • Involved in data base performance tuning, query optimization using performance monitor, SQL profiler and perform backups, restores, recovery, data base shirking, DBCC commands & clustering.
  • Designed and developed SSIS Packages to import and export data from MS Excel, SQL Server 2005 and Flat files.
  • Involved in complete SSIS life cycle in creating SSIS packages, building, deploying and executing the packages in both the environments (Development and Production).
  • Used various Transformations in SSIS Dataflow, Control Flow using for loop Containers and others.
  • Involved in ETL architecture enhancements to increase the performance using query optimizer.
  • Implemented Event Handlers and Error Handling in SSIS packages.
  • Created SSIS packages for Data Conversion using data conversion transformation.
  • Configured the loading of data into slowly changing dimensions using Slowly Changing Dimension wizard.
  • Advanced extensible reporting skills using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Designed and created Report templates, bar graphs and pie charts based on the financial data.
  • Developed various types of complex reports like Drill Down, Drill through, Cross tab reports.
  • Involved in scheduling, creating snapshots and subscriptions for the reports using SSRS 2008.
  • Involved in designing Parameterized Reports for generating Ad-Hoc reports as per the client requirements.
  • Coordinated with front-end for implementing logic in stored procedures and functions.
  • Experienced in writing complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Cursors, Joins, Constraints, DDL, DML and User Defined Functions to implement the business logic and also created clustered and non-clustered indexes.
  • Involved in Normalization and De-Normalization of existing tables for faster query retrieval.
  • Involved in upgrading from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Advised optimization of queries by looking at Execution Plan for better tuning of the database.

Environment: MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, SSIS, SSRS, T-SQL, Power BI, ASP.Net, C#, SCRUM, MS Project, DDL, DML, Agile.


SQL/ETL Developer


  • Created T-SQL queries for data retrieval and created other database objects like tables, views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and indexes.
  • Installed and configured SQL Server successfully.
  • Experience in Creating and Updating Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes to keep up the SQL Server Performance.
  • Maintained the table performance by following the tuning tips like normalization, creating indexes and collect statistics.
  • Import & Export of data from one server to other servers using tools like Data Transformation Services (DTS) & SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Build efficient SSIS packages for processing fact and dimension tables with complex transforms.
  • Created SSIS package to get data from different sources, consolidate and merge into one single source.
  • Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data from various time frame and division using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Developed various operational, drill-through and drill-down reports using SSRS.
  • Environment: SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, SSRS, SSIS, XML, MS Excel, Access.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Visual Studio 2008, MS Excel.


Operating Systems: Windows: 10/8.1/8/7/2000/ XP/Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2008 R2/2012

Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2/2012/2014

Database Tools: SSMS, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, SQL Agents, SQL Alerts, SQL Jobs, SQL Mail, SQL Client Configuration utility


Development skills: Transact SQL (T-SQL)

Reporting Tools: SSRS

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