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Sr. Python Developer Resume

San Diego, CA


  • 9+ years of professional experience as a Python Developer, proficient coder in multiple languages and experience in Design, Development, Implementation of Python, Django, Flask, Pyramid and client - server technologies-based applications, RESTful services, AWS, C, C++, JAVA and SQL.
  • Experienced in working with various stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and QA methodologies from project definition to post-deployment documentation.
  • Experience with Design, code, debug operations, reporting, data analysis and Web Applications utilizing Python.
  • Experienced in implementing Object Oriented Python, Hash Tables (Dictionaries) and Multithreading, Django, MYSQL, Exception Handling and Collections using Python.
  • Worked with MVW frameworks like Django, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, XML, Java Script, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Experience in writing JSON REST APIs using Golang.
  • Strong experience of software development in Python (libraries used: libraries- Beautiful Soup, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, python-twitter, Pandas data frame, networkx, urllib2, MySQLdb for database connectivity) and IDEs - sublime text, Spyder, emacs.
  • Hands-on experience working with various Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle & non- relational databases (NoSQL) like MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Experienced in developing Web Services with Python programming language - implementing JSON based Restful and XML based SOAP web services.
  • Experience in using Design Patterns such as MVC, Singleton and frameworks such as DJANGO, Ability in handling Django ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) and SQLAlchemy.
  • Proficient in Python Open Stack API'S and GUI framework - Pyjamas (for web).
  • Pycharm Proficient in performing Data analysis and Data Visualization using Python libraries.
  • Scaling up projects using python tools like multithreading, celery.
  • Experience in using Version Control Systems like GIT, SVN and CVS to keep the versions and configurations of the code organized.
  • Experience in UNIX/Linux shell scripting for job scheduling, batch-job scheduling, automating batch programs, forking and cloning jobs.
  • Exposure to CI/CD tools - Jenkins for Continuous Integration, Ansible for continuous deployment.
  • Extensively worked on Hudson/Jenkins, Build Forge for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Experienced with containerizing applications using Docker.
  • Experience in maintaining and executing build scripts to automate development and production builds.
  • Experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform like EC2, Virtual private clouds (VPCs), Storage models (EBS, S3, instance storage), Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs).
  • Experienced in developing API services in Python/Tornado, while leveraging AMQP and RabbitMQ for distributed architectures.
  • Experience in developing ColdFusion Components, custom tags and modified CF Objects.
  • Experience with Unit testing/ Test driven Development (TDD), Load Testing.
  • Experienced in building tools such as ANT, Apache MAVEN, and JENKINS.
  • Experience in deploying applications in heterogeneous Application Servers TOMCAT, Web Logic and Oracle Application Server.
  • Good Experience on testing tools like JIRA and Bugzilla for bug tracking.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, efficient time management and organization skills, ability to handle multiple tasks and work well in team environment.


Sr. Python Developer

Confidential, San Diego, CA


  • Gathering requirements and translating the Business details into Technical design.
  • Participated in all the stages of software development lifecycle (SDLC) like design, testing development and implementation.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework by implementing MVC architecture.
  • Developed the tools using Python Django and used MongoDB for databases. Parsers written in Python for extracting useful data from the design data base. Used Parse kit (Enigma.io) framework for writing Parsers for ETL extraction.
  • Implemented responsive user interface and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery.
  • Extensively worked with spark Data frames for ingesting data from flat files into RDD's to transform unstructured data and structured data.
  • Worked on MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharding, replication, schema design.
  • Experience in creating Docker containers leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI's in addition to creating Docker containers from scratch.
  • Setup Docker on Linux and configured Jenkins to run under Docker host.
  • Developed various API's for Django applications using Django-tasty pie.
  • Used JIRA to build an environment for development.
  • Developed Wrapper in Python for instantiating multi-threaded application.
  • Creating RESTful web services for Catalog and Pricing with Django MVT, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  • Fixed bugs, providing production support, enhanced applications by improving code reuse and performance by making effective use of various design patterns.
  • Deployed and monitored scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS).
  • Implemented monitoring and established best practices around using Elasticsearch and used Aws Lambda to run code without managing servers.
  • Front-end web development using HTML/CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap as well as back-end development using Golang and SQL.
  • Used Python based GUI components for the front-end functionality such as selection criteria. Administration of dedicated collocated RHEL 4 machine and configured complex Apache configuration files.
  • Experienced in building a Command line tool to interact with RESTful API using in Golang.
  • Familiar with UNIX / Linux internals, basic cryptography & security.
  • Generated graphical reports using python package NumPy and Matplotlib.
  • Implemented task object to interface with data feed framework and invoke database message service setup and update functionality.
  • Performed efficient delivery of code based on principles of Test Driven Development (TDD) and continuous integration to keep in line with Agile Software Methodology principles.

Environment: Python 3.4/2.7, Django 1.7, CherryPy, Golang, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, JavaScript, AJAX, RESTful webservice, MongoDB, MySQL, jQuery SQLite, Elasticsearch, Docker, Windows 12 Server, AWS (EC2, S3), PyUnit, Jenkins, Selenium Automation Testing.

Sr. Python Developer

Confidential - San Diego, CA


  • Analysis and Design of applications.
  • Developed and tested many features for dashboard using Python, Django and JavaScript.
  • Worked with millions of database records daily, finding common errors and bad data patterns and fixing them.
  • Designed and developed ETL APIs which will automate the data mining in different database sources.
  • Exported/Imported data between different data sources using SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Maintained program libraries, user's manuals and technical documentation.
  • Managed large datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL.
  • Wrote and executed various MySQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package.
  • Hands-on experience in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits.
  • Setting up databases in AWS using RDS and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket
  • Work closely with development teams to integrate their projects into the production AWS environment and ensure their ongoing support.
  • Performed troubleshooting, fixed and deployed many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that are main source of data for both customers and internal customer service team.
  • Used Go Lang to create backend servers. Developed Micro services using Go language and developed corresponding test cases
  • Contributed source code in Golang to developing an automation framework for AWS CFN.
  • Created PDF reports using Golang and XML documents to send it to all customers at the end of month with international language support.
  • Taken part in entire life cycle of the projects including Design, Development, and Deployment, Testing and Implementation and support.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins and GitHub to build a new Docker container automatically
  • Used Docker to implement a high-level API to provide lightweight containers that run processes isolation and worked on creation of customized Docker container images, tagged and pushed the images to the Docker repository.
  • Worked in development of applications especially in UNIX environment and familiar with all of its commands.
  • Refactored existing project to make it more RESTful and thread-safe.
  • Developed Golang API and chat-bot using TDD to automate software deployments and rollbacks
  • Designed RESTful XML web service for handling AJAX requests.
  • Created project designs utilizing MVC architecture components.

Environment: Python, Django, GoLang, HTML5/CSS, UNIX, MS SQL Server 2013, AWS, T-SQL, Reports, JavaScript, Eclipse, Linux, Shell Scripting, Restful, MVC3.

Python Developer

Confidential, PA


  • Participated in the complete SDLC process and used PHP to develop website functionality.
  • Coding in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) environment.
  • Developed GUI HTML, XHTML, AJAX, CSS and JavaScript (JQuery).
  • Built application logic using Python, used the Django Framework to develop the application.
  • Used Django APIs for database access.
  • Description Bluetooth enabled camcorder Embedded in a headset to enable hands-free audio and video recording with optical zoom capability.
  • Rewrite existing Java application in Python module to deliver certain format of data
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Utilized PyQt to provide GUI for the user to create, modify and view reports based on client data.
  • Used Python based GUI components for the front end functionality such as selection criteria.
  • Developed monitoring and notification tools using Python.
  • Participated in requirement gathering and worked closely with the architect in designing and modeling.
  • Created Data tables to display customer information and add, delete, update customer records using Python, MySQL and XHTML.
  • Used PyQt for the functionality filtering of columns helping customers to effectively view their transactions and statements. Implemented navigation rules for the application and page outcomes, written controllers using annotations.
  • Written queries in HQL and Native SQL and criteria API.
  • Added the navigations and paginations and filtering columns and adding and removing the desired columns for view utilizing Python based GUI components.
  • Implemented marshalling and UN marshalling XML to HTML and HTML to XML.
  • Created PyUnit test scripts and used for unit testing.
  • Actively participated in System Testing, production support and maintenance/patch deployments.
  • Worked on RUP development environment and used Rational ClearCase for versioning.
  • Used JQuery for selecting particular DOM elements when parsing HTML.
  • Developed SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, and Triggers Using Oracle 9i SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Developed test cases using Python unit test, pylint and nose.

Environment: Python, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, PyQT, PyUnit, PL/SQL, and Oracle SQL Developer.

Software / Python Developer

Confidential, Karnataka, IN


  • Designed and developed components using Python. Implemented code in Python to retrieve and manipulated data.
  • Re-engineered various modules for implementing changes and creating efficient system.
  • Managed large datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL and creating efficient system.
  • Designed and Developed UI using HTML, XHTML, AJAX, Java Script and jQuery.
  • Used Java Script libraries like jQuery UI, DataGrid, jscolor, high charts.
  • Developed the presentation layer HTML, JSP, CSS and DHTML.
  • Developed widgets for GUI using PyGtk modules of python.
  • Used Django to develop web-based application and deploy it using Jenkins.
  • Used MySQL as backend database and MySQL dB of python as database connector to interact with MySQL server.
  • Developed Page layouts, Navigation and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review.
  • Using Restful APIs to access data from different suppliers.
  • Used Python and Django for creating graphics, XML processing of documents, data exchange and business logic implementation between servers.
  • Used python Data structures like sqlite3, dictionaries, and tuples.
  • Used several Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib.
  • Helped with the migration from the old server to Jira database with Python scripts for transferring and verifying the information
  • Supported Apache Tomcat Web server on Linux Platform.
  • Used RAD 7.0 for implementing Static and Dynamic web services for consuming and providing services related to the business.
  • Developed and executed User Acceptance Testing portion of test plan.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Serving using AJAX, JSON, and XML.

Environment: Python, RAD 7.0, C++, Ajax, HTML Restful API, MySQL, Django, JSON, Panda, Java, Shell Scripting, PL/SQL, SVN, Jenkins, Jira, UNIX, Linux

Software/ JAVA Developer



  • Responsible for using AJAX framework with JQuery, Dojo implementation for Widgets and Events handling.
  • Customizing Log4J for maintaining information and debugging.
  • Preparing builds, deploy and co-ordinate with the release management team to ensure that the proper process is followed during the release.
  • Customizing third party vendor information using Web services (SOAP and WSDL)
  • Designed DTD's for XML representation of data.
  • Worked with development of data access beans using hibernate, middle ware web service components.
  • Develop the GUI using JSP, spring web flow following spring web MVC pattern.
  • Implemented persistence layer using Hibernate that use the POJOs to represent the persistence database tables.
  • Used SVN for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Written the JUNIT test cases for the functionalities.
  • Used Log4j for application logging and debugging.

Environment: Java, JDK, J2EE, JSP, Spring, Servlets, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, Web Services (RESTful), XML, XSLT, Ajax, Log4j, Tortoise SVN, Rational Application Developer, WebSphere application server, Red hat Linux, JBOSS.

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