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Data Analyst Resume

Seattle, WA


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Data Analyst

  • Used business requirements to design Entity Relational diagrams to determine how relational database relate to one another
  • Created a multi - dimensional databased based on requirements and business rules
  • Explained the structure of tables and other characteristics to my team members
  • Interpreted business information requests to produce accurate SQL statements
  • Constructed SQL queries to retrieve data from one or more tables in a database
  • Produced SQL queries using logical operators, complex expressions, filters, etc.
  • Developed subqueries to extend functionality to SQL statements
  • Created spreadsheets containing operating and financial information. Spreadsheets contained formulas including if-then statements
  • Prepared and exported data from databases into a spreadsheet
  • Managed multi-sheet and linking spreadsheets in Excel Workbooks. Functions included updating links
  • Developed pivot tables to analyzed data in different slices
  • Used vlookups, concatenation and other Excel advanced features to locate data within large datasets as well as create and enhance spreadsheets

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Operations Analyst

  • Negotiated with City of Seattle officials to receive favorable leasing terms
  • Worked closely with City architects to meet the required building code
  • Led management team in search for outsourcing firm for accounting and payroll
  • Worked outsource firms to put structured to develop operating budget
  • Participated in inventory planning, product mix, negotiating and other initiatives


TOOLS: include Microsoft suite (Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Microsoft Access), SQL, MYSQL and Tableau

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