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Devops And Python Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


I am skilled with 10+ years of industry experience in system programming, solution designing, cloud computing, automation framework development and DevOps. Looking for an opportunity where in my domain expertise in the cloud computing, infrastructure manageability & automation could be proved as an asset to the company and could make a significant contribution in filling the gaps in the existing system.


DevOps and Python Developer

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Technology & Tools: Python (OOPS), Shell Script, Linux, ELK Stack (Elastcsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Curl, RESTful API, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Maven, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySQL, NoSQL, AWS, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, VMWare, Yaml, Json, Xml, Django, Groovy, Ansible, Scrum, Postman


  • Contributing to Cisco DNAC as a DevOps and Python Developer.
  • Enhance and expand the automation as required to accommodate new functional requirements and fixed reported bugs.
  • Collaboration with other automation tools team to implement the continuous integration system.
  • Actively involved in sprint planning activities.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Menlo Park, CA

Technology & Tools: Python (OOPS), Linux, Shell Script (Bash), MySQL, PostgreSQL, GIT, Mercurial, Chef, Json, Yaml, Ansible, Sandcastle (CI/CD), Open compute servers, storage and network, OpenBMC, Apache thrift, Hive, Autotest framework, paramiko, unittest, PyUnit, Plone, pexpect, pyssh/fabric, Pytest, distcc, pyfmt, Postman, PyCharm, Jypyter, Test Driven development, ESXi, vCenter, vSphere


  • Designed, implemented, triaged/debugged and analyzed algorithms and wrote maintainable and modular code for Havoc subsystems (e.g. Core Client, Core Server, CLI, AIHavoc, DB Connectivity) in Python.
  • Design and development of the test automation framework, test scripts using Python
  • Developed and implemented automated test scripts for different Confidential d Confidential centers storage and server projects using Python.
  • Contribute to the design, implementation and maintenance of a reusable and sustainable automation library that can support functional, stress, stability, feature interaction class of test cases using Python.
  • Solely built terryfix framework for Confidential Terragraph ( Confidential 's new terrestrial connectivity system) Hardware DVT validation & auto - test suite using python, pexpect, pyssh/fabric.
  • Developed/customized Python modules like connection/health-monitoring/auto-recovery/scheduler/threading/locking/ synchronization/logging etc.
  • Design and implement MySQL/SQLAlchemy DB to store and to generate regression d Confidential .
  • Collaborate with Development and QA Engineers to build robust and efficient automated test libraries.
  • Effectively manage and lead multiple assignments from different projects.
  • Worked significantly well in highly challenged work environment in Confidential which includes on fly working (war room & brainstorm session) on different projects across the company with no previous understanding and TOI.
  • Made significant improvement in review process by introducing two tier reviews and enforce PEP8 guidelines within the team.
  • High level python APIs to optimized the existing code and performed existing code cleanup by performing the code coverage analysis.
  • Hardening activity in logging/error handling and reporting.

Senior System Software Engineer


Technology & Tools: Python, Flask, Linux, Core Java, RoboGalaxy, Rest APIs, Virtual Infrastructure Managers (OpenStack, VMware V-center, Docker etc.), OpenStack services like Nova, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder. Cloud orchestration and automation, virtualenv, sqlite3, Scrum(Rally), Postman


  • Developed CLI, Utility libs, Health Monitor Mgr., Utility Mgr., Config Mgr., for Confidential OneView.
  • Developed Rest APIs in python using Flask.
  • Developed scripts to automate REST API testing and maintenance of automation suites.
  • Implemented Test automation (unit, functional and system) for Confidential server & storage teams.
  • Developed python test scripts in RoboGalaxy framework to carry out performance and stress testing on Confidential OneView and Confidential cloud system.
  • Developed and enhanced shell scripts and ported to python which performs functional and regression Test.
Senior System Software Engineer


Technology & Tools: Core java, Linux, C, XML, SVN, Confidential ProLiant servers, JavaScript, HTML


  • Developed solution to resolve Linux boot up time issues, Boot Loaders (GRUB/LILO), UEFI/BIOS
  • Driver injection under Linux for new HW and firmware.
  • Multiple file systems support on Linux for disk cloning, disk management related operations. initrd/kernel modification (RHEL/SUSE), updating device.map, init scripts
  • Support & bug fixes for Confidential 's SMP (RHEL & SUSE) using core Java.
Senior System Software Engineer


Technology & Tools: C, C++, Linux, SVN, TCP/IP Stack, Networking Protocols, SNMP, WBEM, Apache, Tomcat, Confidential ProLiant servers, Scrum, VMWare, Confidential servers virtual Infrastructure, Make, Expect, HTML, CSS, Java-Script, PHP, C/CPP Unit, SDLC (Waterfall, Iterative & Quality Process), Coverity Prevent, Bullseye, gprof, Valgrind, Linux RPM & Windows installer (Install Shield), Peer review tool (PRT), Rally (Agile)


  • Worked extensively on the system manageability software design, system programming and development in server domain across various releases of Confidential Servers using C/C++.
  • Complete ownership of SMH for Linux supported platform (RHEL/SUSE/CentOS/Solaris)
  • Involved in self-healing initiatives for infrastructure manageability solutions & ownership of Health State Provider module in SFM.
  • Handled EVWEB (Event viewer in SMH) integration with Confidential SMH.
  • Investigate, analyze and make recommendations to management regarding technology improvements, upgrades and modifications.
  • Ownership of providing builds, release notes and installation packages (rpms) to the clients.
  • Worked closely with the test team to provide guidance and assistance in Automation Framework development for unit, sanity and regression testing using C/CPP Unit.
  • Led the development of management software on HPUX/Linux platforms and worked across different domains like virtualization and networking solutions on UNIX for open and closed sourced systems.

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