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Bi-database Developer Resume


Overall IT experience: 20 years mainly with MS database technologies, T - SQL, BI Stack and AWS.


SQL Server 6.5 through 2016(OLTP, DSS, OLAP, DTS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)

Windows (Server, Workstation)

T-SQL, MDX, VB.NET, VBScript, Confidential Office


MongoDB (NoSQL)



BI-Database Developer

  • Design data marts to house call center data used for analysis and reporting. Design and develop complex and dynamic ETL solutions to import data from disparate data sources spanning across the globe (different time zones) into data marts, automated purging and archiving procedures, complex notification solution that is used in conjunction with Business Objects reporting tools. Design both Logical and Physical DB for de/normalized database objects to support OLAP cubes, including slowly-changing dimensions. Design and deploy dynamic table partitioning and Change Data Capture. Provided 3rd-leve support to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues dealing with data integrity, suboptimal design, performance, and application architecture. Perform logical and physical data modeling and implementation develop optimized Db objects to solve complex problems, troubleshoot and resolve issues across all environments, communicate and coordinate with other dev teams across the globe, develop SSRS & Tableau reports for Tech Support & Web Help, develop SSIS packages for Workforce Planning team. Utilized AWS S3, redshift and EC2 instances to develop reports.


Database Engineer

  • Responsibilities included Upgrading, installing, configuring and maintaining SQL Server. Troubleshoot performance issues, Optimize databases/queries. Design complex ETL processes using DTS/SSIS to populate data warehouse/data marts.
  • Design and build Analytical System using (OLAP) technology for the Marketing Strategies Department. Provided complete data modeling process including identifying, documenting, and implementing the data requirements for the logical and physical data models. Tested data stored in cubes by comparing result sets produced by MDX to existing reports generated via legacy system.
  • Performed both server and database upgrades from 6.5, 7.0, SQL 2000 versions to SQL 2005. Enforced data integrity using business rules validation checks, and designed the operational processes of security and backups of production and test systems.
  • Develop Logical and physical database design for OLTP systems. Assess the level of detail required for the data, designed indexing strategy to optimize performance for both operational and decision support systems. Utilize stored procedures, triggers, TSQL scripts and system commands to develop complex system solutions.
  • Provided testing for new in-house developed web/desktop and outside vendor applications. Perform extensive testing on new RDBMS, Platforms, Service Packs, and system Monitoring tools. Assist in programmatically debugging 3rd party applications. Provided technical documentation for all testing performed including thorough result analysis and recommendation.
  • Provide technical support for existing systems involving troubleshooting of both database components and operating system (including database systems residing in a cluster configuration.)


Database Engineer

  • Project consisted of planning, implementing, and administering Confidential SQL server 7.0 databases for existing OLTP and DSS systems on both stand-alone and cluster configuration servers.
  • Designed data extract from OLTP sources into DSS via DTS. Aid in information gathering and implementing the logical and physical data model.
  • Performed data upgrade, migration, and restoration of system and user databases. Provide disaster recovery strategy utilizing backups, and external RAID implementation.
  • Provide assistance to developers in writing complex stored procedures to manipulate data within OLTP and DSS systems, and incorporated business rules and constraints into the data model.
  • Perform Y2K testing for several Back Office servers and MS development/Office tool. Perform extensive stress testing on development RDBMS to establish performance baseline. Provided technical documentation for all testing performed including thorough result analysis and recommendation.


Technical Support Representative

  • Responsibilities included 1st and 2nd level assistance for Windows NT and SQL Server. Screened and processed new and existing customer support accounts.
  • Provided Windows NT & SQL server support for users and routed customers to the appropriate support group as needed.
  • Assisted in training new support reps on understanding departmental and call handling procedures, and in selling support accounts to individual users and corporations.

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