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Sr. C/c++ Developer Resume

Richardson, TX


  • Around 7+ years of Development experience in C, C ++ and shell scripting on UNIX, LINUX environment.
  • Over 4+ years of experience in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) . Specializing in working with both functional/business team and technical/development team to create, interpret, and implement business requirements into technical specifications and source code.
  • Developed and maintained maintaining BIOS specifications and other related documentation.
  • Extensive Experience of Software Development and wrote UNIX shell scripts to do various processes.
  • Experience in Embedded C and C++ for both monolithic and RTOS based firmware architectures, handling multithreading and synchronization complexities.
  • Designed and developed C and C++ language spacecraft software in the Wind River Workbench environment.
  • Highly Skilled in openGL, OpenCL.
  • Experience in developing C++ services using web services architecture, SOAP, WSDL and XML.
  • Experience object oriented Design (OOD) concepts using Python, C++.
  • Experience in SQL Query, XML, API and PRO*C and scripting languages like Python, Shell Scripts.
  • Experienced in developing Web Services with Python programming language.
  • Extensive experience in writing Korn, PERL and shell scripts using regular expressions like sed and AWK programming.
  • Experience in Cloud Integration process for configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud.
  • Experience with COSMOS (understanding COSMOS logs and views, SCOPE scripts)
  • Experience object oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts using Python, C++
  • Good working experience with GIT/Git Hub, Visual Source Safe, SVN, Crucible, Mercurial and JIRA.
  • Deft at mapping the requirements, custom designing solutions & troubleshooting for complex software & application problems.
  • Developed EDA CAD software in C for EDA on Solaris and red hat linux (bourne shell) systems.
  • Developed and maintained UEFI - FW (BIOS) code for Intel Xeon Enterprise CPUs/Servers.
  • Effective team player in complete software development life cycle.
  • Well experienced in designing, maintaining and developing data base applications (Oracle, MS sql server data base, MS access applications.
  • Tremendous debugging skills, Critical Thinking, Complex Problem solving skills.
  • Eager to learn, Goal-oriented, Excellent communication skills, analytic skills, problem solving skills, well.
  • Experience in designing and developing middleware components for embedded systems, using C, C++, STL, multithreading (POSIX), IPC (TCP/IP socket programming), Boost libraries and design patterns.
  • Business Analyst on a co-sourced Agile project inception team for a major equipment leasing company.
  • Organized, attention to detail, able to manage multi-tasks, work well independently and within a team.
  • Good knowledge in SQL, PL/SQL, creation of Database Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions.
  • Experience with windows applications, components and controls.
  • Used C#, C++ and .Net development documentation to implement windows/desktop applications.
  • Strong experience with Agile and SCRUM development environments.


Sr. C/C++ Developer

Confidential, Richardson, TX


  • Responsible for application development using C, Unix, Pro*C, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, packages, stored procedures, SQL*Loader and UNIX Shell scripting
  • Work as a product client team developer on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux distribution using C++, QT4, Boost, libcurl.
  • Analyze business and technical requirements, discuss with PMs and a team new features and implement them:
  • Development of new modules for UNIX C++ applications.
  • Working on the development of a cloud based multi-media applications streaming platform using C++ and Java under Linux environment.
  • Procedures, triggers to be used by the components.
  • Responsible for developing and executing BIOS Validation test cases to catch and/or confirm BIOS bugs/fixes.
  • Software maintenance and tier 3 support.
  • Wrote log Server client in C++ based on TCP/IP to enable any remote client to view all logs on the STB by logging into it over telnet. The client can see all logs on it's terminal in real time as the logs get generated.
  • Committed and pushed new change to Gerrit for code review using git version control software
  • Developed a prototype system for visualization of line sweep data using QML scene graph and C++.
  • Regression testing of different functionalities. Supported new and internal projects with OpenCV, OpenGL.
  • Support modules for implementation using PL/SQL Scripts, Unix Shell Scripts and Pro*C.
  • Automation of test cases using TCEXEC and ROBOT framework.
  • Hands on experience on Extract and aggregate data from COSMOS.
  • Specified, prototyped, developed and tested an object-oriented, multiplatform C++ framework containing support to: data structures, common algorithms sockets, threading.
  • Written queries, stored procedures and triggers in RDBMS Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL.
  • Designed and implemented integration tools to help client integrate system with outside systems.
  • Writing Scripts in bash and PERL to attach these additional libraries from Transaction and ftp to Server for further business related processing.
  • Developed a Unit Test framework to unit test all the incoming and outgoing XML messages.
  • Wrote Shell Scripting programs to execute PL/SQL and SQL Files. Wrote the Corn Jobs to schedule the batch files. Written batch files to execute the backend PL/SQL Programs, and Oracle Reports.
  • Provide Tier 3 Moodle support that includes troubleshooting bugs and implementing fixes.
  • Performed Unit testing and created release notes to QA and deployment team.
  • Create and debugging the Operating System using Visual Studio .Net under Cosmos environment.
  • Developed adaptive interference cancellation Algorithm.
  • Actively participated in all the stages of SDLC, beginning from understanding the basic programs and creating the requirement specification and requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing, Integration and deploying the entire product.
  • Participated in code reviews in Gerrit to enhance code quality and provide objective feedback
  • Used Python scripts to update content in the database and manipulate files.
  • Worked in Agile (Scrum), which included short term goals, iterative development and daily stand-up meetings.

Environment: C /C ++, PRO*C, Windows XP, Korn/Bash/Shell Scripting, Perl, Cosmos, Linux, XAML, Java, SDLC, C #, OpenGL, MS Visual Studio, Gerrit, Git, OpenCL, XML, MySQL, RHEL 7.x, Mercurial MS SQL Server, BIOS, MFC, MS, QNX, Algorithm, OOPS, HTML, CSS, Java Script.

C/C++ Developer

Confidential, Mc Lean - VA


  • Developed a test model to estimate performance of cache sharing by mapping the reuse patterns
  • Within Multi-threaded programs using static and dynamic workloads of HPCC & SPEC2000 benchmarks.
  • Wrote a Python module to connect and view the status of an Apache Cassandra instance.
  • Developed classification algorithm for modulation detection.
  • Design and development of features for the core dispensing module using C /C ++ over QNX operating system.
  • Implemented an interface to view and modify register values and fields in chips of the target, connected by remote host.
  • Created and deployed Unix shell scripts (KORN) to run the periodical jobs for claims engine, financial payments, data maintenance (rules engine), decision support systems (DSS), job scheduling using Autosys, Autosys database maintenance.
  • Working on cash modules which includes development and support of pro*c, plsql, Unix and Perl.
  • Used C ++ interface/SQL to update/retrieve information from MySql DB.
  • Reading existing source code in C to determine current programming logic.
  • Wrote code in C ++ to block sending of circuits which have no STB (set top boxes) on their account to billing over a web-service that synchronizes all provisioned set top boxes with billed ones for entire customer base.
  • Involved in Manual Testing, and generating Reports using Pro*C, PL/SQL.
  • Work closely with Tier3 support to reproduce and debug customer issues.
  • Provided Inter Process Communication (IPC) between various modules using IBM Connexis framework.
  • Developed Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Forms web-based application to automate the work request process for IT group and maintain it.
  • Expertise in Manual Integration system testing, UNIT, smoke, regression testing using CUNIT and robot framework.
  • Provided tier 3 support for multiple applications which span J2EE, ASP, and VBA (MS Office Application) technology as well as maintenance requests to add new functionality to the existing applications.
  • Performed code reviews using Gerrit.
  • Work with QA team on testing and bug fixing.
  • Shell and Perl Scripting for testing the SUMMIT application on System side.
  • Created PERL script to create a dummy server which is used for Unit testing.
  • Designed a multithreaded algorithm to analyze the influence of intra-core and inter-core cache.
  • Duties also included troubleshooting software/hardware problems and setting up labs.
  • Implemented a parallel and sequential version of matrix multiplication kernel for loop blocking
  • The project also consisted of evaluating the performance for both versions of matrix multiplication kernel using HPQC tool kit.
  • Perform unit and integration testing for various applications using C ++, Shell Scripting and Python.
  • Analyzed the performance difference between AMD's direct connect cache and Intel's front side bus cache architecture for both quad and dual core configurations by using Intel's V tune analyzer.
  • Involved in every step of SDLC process like requirement analysis, designing, coding, unit testing, releasing and providing product maintenance, and documentation at each stage.

Environment: C /C ++, Linux, Perl, XAML, PRO*C, Korn/ Shell scripting, Cosmos, Git, Cassandra DB, XML, Gerrit, openGL, MySQL, Red Hat Enterprise, QNX, Shell, Oracle.

C/C++ Developer



  • Worked with users from requirement gathering to the final delivery of the product, support and rollout.
  • Analyzed, Designed and modified multithreaded applications.
  • Enhanced C ++ code to manage revenue information onboard for both crew and guests.
  • Used STL components like containers, iterators, function objects and algorithms in applications.
  • Used sockets for communication with vendor API for POS systems
  • Used SVN for source code control.
  • Provide tier 1 support and weekend on call rotation.
  • Perl scripting for development of tools for automation testing.
  • Modified & tested scalable, multithreaded, high throughput C ++ programs.
  • Modified existing multithreaded server infrastructure to push additional indicative information to downstream subscribers.
  • Porting of application from Windows to Linux.
  • Implemented additional validation logic for a rule engine server that checked for logical inconsistencies in indicative data and reported them in a user workflow using C ++, STL and multithreading.
  • Optimized design and code for high performance and fixed various bugs.
  • Used various data structures/design patterns like Observer, Singleton, Facade in software design.
  • Used C ++ interface/SQL to update/retrieve information from MySql DB.
  • Wrote Python scripts to manage end of day (EOD) tasks.

Environment: AIX, C /C ++, UNIX scripting, Perl, shell, Sybase, DB2, DBX, Linux, MS Visio

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