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Database / Sql Developer Resume

Birmingham, AL


Highly motivated and results - oriented Database SQL/BI Development Professional with over 6 years of experience in various industries, including online retailing, healthcare, insurance, and banking. Hands-on experience in data modeling, data marts design and implementation, Data migration, data integration, and data visualization. Proficiency in ETL process and different data/BI tools, such as SQL, Visual Studio, Python, Tableau. Team player with polished communication and analytical skills, with the capability of working both independently and collaboratively.


Databases: SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server, Oracle Database 11g R2, MS Access 2013, AS/400 (IBM DB2)

Structured Query Languages: T-SQL, MySQL, Oracle PL SQL

BI / Development Tools: Power BI, Tableau, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, SSIS, SSRS, SSMS, SSDT

Programming Languages: C, C#, Visual Basic, Python, R, SAS

Collaboration Tools: SharePoint

Source Control: TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Job Scheduling & Work Automation: SQL Server Job Agent, Control-M

Big Data & Cloud Service: Microsoft Dynamic, KingswaySoft, Hadoop, Hortonworks, AWS (Ambari, kafka, Storm, Pig, Hive), Azure (Cloud Services, PowerShell, Azure SQL Database, Data Factory, Backup/Recovery, Azure Machine Learning)


Confidential, Birmingham, AL

Database / SQL Developer


  • Wrote complex SQL queries with techniques like CTE, subquery, join, wildcard, stored procedures, system variables, etc. to perform data cleansing, missing value handling, data correction and so on.
  • Used SSIS to create incremental load packages for development, model, and production server with different database systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, AS/400, IBM and OLEDB DB2, SQL server, etc. Over 30 tables and over 100 GB data are successfully migrated.
  • In SSIS implemented foreachloop and sequence containers, send mail task, variables and expression control, parents & child packages and variables, etc., based on business and practical requirements.
  • Designed, implemented, and supported the environment with OLTP and OLAP data warehouse for over 40 billion records of payment and customer information using views and indexes, multi-dimensional models and Fact tables, Star schema, and so on.
  • Used statistical methodology to assist in decision making, including Analysis of Variance to compare the record difference between several databases and Confidence Level to distinguish the significant level of migration.
  • Used SSIS, Microsoft Dynamics and KingswaySoft to perform lookup and identify the changing set for incremental load from millions of records in flat file and SQL server sources to ODS environment.
  • Developed C# scripts to execute sophisticated tasks, such as connecting and logging the web service requests information, for loop to loop through numbers of data sources, calling external application, etc.
  • Scheduled jobs and tasks by Control-M for testing and automation in once every two hours basis as well as package deployment model using configured variables to achieve value and environment changes by contingency, user access control, etc.
  • Worked on performance tuning on databases management, packages, indexes, stored procedures, etc. and optimizing SQL statement using execution plan and adjustment in parameter values to reduce inefficiency.
  • In Azure environment, assisted DBA teams to perform Database backup and recovery, SQL database on-premise and private data Gateway set-up, and data warehouse modeling for data analysis and machine learning in 27 databases across IT department, ECRM team, EDS teams, and so on.
  • Implemented Azure data Factory, data lake storage and deployed SSIS to performed ETL process and to store files into Azure for over one hundred tables.
  • Used Team Foundation Server and Source Control Explorer to perform version control, trouble shooting, debugging, and error handling for the package and scripts; version backup and restore; error log analysis to identify the issues and provided corrective measures, etc., during the unit testing and UAT.
  • Used SSRS to visualize data warehouse products and deploy reports in Native Mode and SharePoint mode, such as relationships between customer information and products with graphs like line chart, matrix, dynamic variables, cascades, drill down, drill through, etc.
  • Migrated over 10 existing SSRS reports to Power BI with required modification in SQL queries and settings to keep the proper functionality and usability, and controlled security in report level by user access variable and Power BI permissions.
  • Engaged in daily scrum meetings with teams like EDS and BI team for cross-team cooperation in agile mode. Collaborate and communicate with DBAs, developers, and analysts to prepare data-related documents, including BRD, data mapping document, ER diagrams, data analysis, and so on.

Environment: and tools: SQL server 2016, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Power BI desktop 2.65, TFS, SharePoint, Control-M, IBM DB2, Microsoft Dynamic

Confidential, Allentown, PA

SQL / BI Developer


  • Designed and created over 20 SSRS reports and packages providing data visualization, such as bar chart, line chart, conditional formatting, green bar effect, with visual appealing and reports interaction.
  • Utilized drilldown, drill through, and scorecard report with dynamic grouping and sorting for brokerage and reinsurance business insight, like market share performance, insurance type review, etc., in SSRS and Power BI.
  • Support Marketing department to create visualized reports and interactive dashboards to integrate the customer needs and policy orders by using SQL query and DAX calculations in Power BI.
  • Generated dynamic and cascading reports which can be manipulated by clients and Utilized Power BI analytical dashboard to depict KPIs such as quality performance, payment information, etc.
  • Worked on fetching data through different sources, data transformations in Power Bi query editor and reports in Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Daily basis and Filters Page, Report, and Visual Level.
  • Optimized the existing Power BI dashboards and provided bug fixes for the reports in both Power BI and SSRS.
  • Managed the user accessibility to Power BI reports via dynamic role level security and published the dashboards with multiple reports and data refreshing with on-premise Gateway.
  • Transformed over 50 old reports in SSRS to Power BI with original layouts and contents by modifying the expression to DAX function and embedded datasets to shared views.
  • Transited and optimized the legacy data for last 10 years while Integrated stored procedures for automation of the loading process into data warehouse.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries, such as stored procedures, views and functions, to generate statistics of healthcare insurance metrics and analyze web extraction data.
  • Developed over 10 SSIS packages to perform data transformation in data mappings and incremental loading with sources like CSV, XML and strategies such as rowversion, checksum, CDC using script task, data flow task, for each loop container, etc., for new office transaction loading.
  • Optimized the existing stored procedures and queries with execution plans to improve performance and reduce inefficiency on the purpose of cleaning, standardizing, and normalizing data of raw tables.
  • Deployed SSIS packages on development and test server and SSRS reports in both Native mode and SharePoint mode while provided database administrators with specifications on production server.
  • Prepared the BRD and FRD by communicating with the end users and managements in JRD and JAD as well as data mapping discussions.

Environment: and tools: SQL server 2017, T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, TFS, SharePoint, Power BI desktop 2.38 and professional

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

SQL / SSIS Developer


  • Developed 40 SSIS packages to perform ETL process, data profiling, data cleansing, data validation, etc., by using lookup, multicast, merge, and tasks like script task, execute SQL task, to do the transformations for initial and incremental loads of customer data based on BRD and Data Mapping document.
  • Designed T-SQL scripts and stored procedures to implement the business with loops, dynamic SQL, table variables, subquery for the ETL process, such as customer information updating and payment statements archiving.
  • Developed Customer Survey data automated loading to company management in SSIS package and T-SQL scripts.
  • Performed unit tests and UAT on T-SQL scripts and SSIS/SSRS packages, and refined the completeness of products with clients.
  • Developed the transaction data warehouses based on business requirements by using Kimball Methodology and Star-Schema for accumulating data which in average over 1000 transaction per day for last 10 years with interest rate and transaction information.
  • Optimized existing T-SQL stored procedures and functions which are in low performance by recompiling stored procedure with SQL profiler and execution plan.
  • Ensured database stability and integrity by configuring SQL job profiler, SQL Server Job Agent scheduling and send-mail alert, maintenance plan and Daily reconciliation of retail-lending industry data sets.
  • Used parameters, Grouping, highlight actions, filters, data blending, calculated field for data preparation of dashboards and worksheets, such as customer count, lending number changes, etc., in Tableau for marketing department.
  • Worked on the Tableau dynamic dashboard of fraud and missing charge detection after 2010 with various charts like bar charts, line charts, Tree maps, geographic maps, dual axis, etc.
  • Tested the scripts for report development, publish the reports to the server, and optimized the reports focusing on usability, flexibility, and performance in Tableau Server.
  • In Hadoop and AWS, used Hive and on-premise data Gateway for CSV files of product selling information in last 3 years to construct for big data analysis and to connect to the Tableau server for data analysis reports.
  • Educated the business users on the use of solution of Tableau dashboards and documented the process.
  • Designed and Developed analysis reports for KPI evaluation with bar charts, drop down list parameter, scorecards, dashboards, etc. in SSRS.
  • Deployed SSRS reports with DBA and generated report subscriptions with shared mode for management and local representatives.
  • Attending meetings with clients and IT departments to gather requirements from users and ensure UAT was correctly performed.

Environment: and tools: SQL server 2012, T-SQL, SSDT, SSMS, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, TFS, Hadoop, AWS, Tableau Desktop 10.1 and Server


SQL Developer


  • Created over 60 SSIS packages for extracting data from databases like SQL server, Oracle PL SQL, MySQL, loading the data into different destinations, such as OLEDB, flat file, xml, etc.
  • Performed data migration from stable database to function-based data warehouses on daily and weekly basis with SQL profiler to ensure the performance.
  • In MS Access, wrote over 20 macros in visual basic/VBA to perform small-batch data loading, automation and data preprocessing.
  • Built and configured SSIS ETL based solution for Unit testing and QA test for production systems and scheduled the tasks by SQL server job agent.
  • Deployed SSIS packages in .NET to development and test servers, while also set up configuration files based on designed ETL strategy from BRD.
  • Maintained the existing ETL packages, including SSIS packages and stored procedures, according to the metrics and developed SCD.
  • Used SSRS reports and functions, such as dashboard, drill down, drill through, score card, parameters, etc., to visualize business information, such as customer premium rate and average fees, for managerial supervision.
  • Utilized Dynamic SQL, parameters, control flow statements, etc. into customized queries in SQL server for requirement of users and clients.
  • Normalized tables, performed joins and operators, created indexes, implemented transactions and checkpoints to improve the performance in current workflow.
  • Created custom logs for the error handling and Used event handler to provide the data security, including the suspicious user behavior.
  • Debugged errors, fixed malignant logics, and improved the debug process and methods for packages and stored procedures.
  • Aggregated the querying logs and rejected data in ETL process into documents for future error handling.

Environment: and tools: SQL server 2012, T-SQL, MySQL 5.7, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, MS Access 2013, SSDT, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, SQL profiler, EXCEL


Operations Analyst


  • Transferred data from Excel format to SQL database and data warehouse for over 200 files for analytical reports.
  • Wrote SQL queries in SAS to create stored procedures, views, user-defined functions to generate metrics, such as CPA, CVR, for business purpose and calculation.
  • Created daily and weekly excel files, views, tables, and data sets with prediction and confident interval of sale amount by SAS numeric functions, array, statements to support Sales Operations and Analytics teams.
  • Utilized data cleansing techniques to develop data conversion for data migrating from multiple sources into staging area using SSIS for over ten packages.
  • Created various types of SSRS reports, such as advertisement performance in conditional coloring table with drill down, sales amount in bar chart with drill through, KPI scorecard.
  • Used non-clustered index and optimized stored procedures to improve the performance of existing SSRS reports.
  • Created a sophisticated Inventory analysis report in EXCEL and Pivot table for vice president of operations and the supply chain department head.
  • Customized the reports in SSRS with options such as parameters, filtering, conditional formatting, grouping, etc.
  • Researched and communicated with management level about the potential problems in the operation by the statistic metrics.
  • Engaged in the JRD and JAD meetings with client departments and provided opinions in BRD and FRD.
  • Collaborated with cross-functionality team members like business analyst, front-end engineer, QA tester, DBA, etc. to identify problems, resolve issues, and improve the solutions.

Environment: and tools: SQL server 2012, T-SQL, SSDT, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, SQL profiler, SAS, EXCEL, Pivot table

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