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Vba/sql Developer Resume

Cherry Hill, NJ


  • Over 20 years as a VB/VBA/VB.NET Developer and over 14 years as a SQL Developer with expertise in application development, support, business analysis and reporting enhancing databases to align with cutting technologies utilizing VB/VBA, Excel, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, SQL, VB.Net, C#.NET and ASP.NET.
  • Expert in creating Ad - hoc reports, migrating/upgrading existing Access databases, customization and modification of existing applications.
  • Good understanding of ETL, Dimensional Data Modeling, Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) and Data Warehouse Concepts.
  • Have knowledge of IT, financial and healthcare industries and excellent interpersonal, analytical and creative skills.


Software: SQL 2014/2012/2008/2005/2000/7 , Oracle 8/9/11g, SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 Management Studio, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Crystal Reports, MS Access 2003/2007/2010/2013 , BIDS(SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10/XP/2000, Linux, UNIX

SQL, T: SQL, (Cursors, inserting and updating, while loops, multiple level sub-queries, using views, stored procedures, scalar and table functions),.NET, DLL, ActiveX, DAO, ADO, ODBC, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, AJAX, Crystal Reports Dynamic Cascading Prompts, VB script, ADO.NET, XML, VB/VBA, VB.NET, PHPEd, SQLYog, MySQL, IBM DB2 SAS, C#, AJAX, MVC and ASP.NET

Other:: Team Foundation Server 2012, Code Collaborator, Code Compare, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Visual SourceSafe, GitHub, UI Front-End Development, Visual Studio 2014/2012/2010 , JavaScript, AngularJS, XML, LINQ, Agile Methodologies, and Laser fiche document workflow.


Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

VBA/SQL Developer


  • Modifies existing Workbook applications in Excel and Access VBA.
  • Creates API’s and dll's for use in Excel and Access using Visual Studio 2015.
  • Integrate Excel and Access with SQL Server.
  • Creates and modifies SQL queries, stored procedures and user-defined functions.
  • Create SSIS packages to import and export to Excel, Access, csv and txt files.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

VBA/C#.NET Developer


  • Modifies existing Workbook applications in Excel and Access VBA.
  • Creates new Multinational Production Dashboards in Excel and Access VBA.
  • Creates API’s for use in Excel and Access using VB.NET and C#.NET.
  • Integrate Excel and Access with SQL Server 2014.

Confidential, Newark, DE

VB/C#.NET Developer


  • Converts existing UT's (user tools) written in Excel and converting them into Web Applications using ASP.NET and C#.NET.
  • Develop and modify VBA macros in Excel and Access.
  • Creates Web Forms and WinForms applications in VB.NET/C# to automate reports utilizing JavaScript, AngularJS. MVC and user controls.
  • Participates in requirements gathering for UT’s (user tools) within the FIRS (Financial Information Reporting Solutions) department.
  • Perform backend development in SQL, T-SQL, views, stored procedures, UDF’s, SSIS packages, SQL agent and XML as part of full-stack development.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Excel/BI/.NET Developer


  • Automate complex Excel spreadsheets using VBA, SQL, macros, API’s and Microsoft SPY++
  • Assists in creating/modifying SSAS cubes, dimensions and fact tables.
  • Create/modify SSIS/ETL packages using Visual Studio.
  • Create/modify reports using Microsoft SSRS
  • Maintain source code in Team Foundation Server.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Database/VB/C#.NET Developer


  • Designs, develops, debugs, produces, tests, deploys, maintains and documents CRM Web solutions.
  • Designs solutions that accurately reflect business requirements.
  • Participates in the architectural design, development, customization and integration efforts.
  • Provides technical expertise and resource to other developers within the organization.
  • Utilizes various tools like VB.NET, C#.NET, JavaScript, XML, AngularJS and MVC to design web pages.
  • Provides production support during deployment cycles.
  • Responsible and willing to write CodeAsDocumentation with respect to business documentation provided.
  • Created and updated SSIS packages and modifying SSIS scripts using C#.net utilizing SQL agent and SCD.
  • Created and updated Laserfiche workflows and modifying Laserfiche scripts using VB.NET
  • Created and maintained existing SQL 2008 R2 databases, tables, agent, as hoc queries, user-defined functions and stored procedures.

Confidential, Escondido, CA

Senior Developer


  • Designed VBA macros in Excel to automate data extraction and reporting.
  • Worked mainly in Accounting, reporting to the CFO, designing reports in Comparative Income Statements, Balance Sheets and General Ledger.
  • The final outputs are both Excel and Crystal Reports.
  • Designed applications using Visual Studio to interface Excel and SQL Server backend using C#/MVC and XML.
  • Designed ad hoc queries, functions and stored procedures in SQL Server 2014.
  • Maintained new and existing applications.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Senior Developer/VB/C#.NET/SQL Programmer


  • Worked primarily in the Software Development Team of Vision Service Plan called Confidential to provide customer support by modifying/debugging existing OfficeMate, ExamWriter and ReportWriter applications compiled in VB6.
  • Worked closely with the Online Help and Documentation team to provide documentation to the user guide.
  • Produce deliverables by converting/modifying VB6 into C#.NET and ASP.NET utilizing JavaScript and AngularJS.
  • Resolved issues within production database using T-SQL queries and scripts using XML.
  • Designed and modified new and existing Crystal Reports. Created new reports using SSRS.
  • Imported data into SQL tables from various sources like flat files, Excel spreadsheets, FTP locations using SSIS.
  • Supported programming changes during quality assurance, user acceptance testing, and post implementation to ensure integrity of application.
  • Ability to use agile methodologies and SDLC during scrum meetings.
  • Used TFS and Jira for source control and sprints.
  • Provided regression testing of various modules.

Confidential, Newport Beach, CA

Senior VBA/VB.NET/SQL Developer


  • Worked primarily in the IT Development Team reporting directly to the Sr. Vice-President designing complex Excel spreadsheets involving user-defined functions and various charts. These reports were intended to be used by the CEO.
  • Automated Excel VBA applications involving spreadsheets, Excel charts and SQL Server backend.
  • Created DLL’s for use in Excel using C#.NET and VB.NET.
  • Designed SSIS packages to load data from different sources Text files, Excel to staging and staging to Data warehouse.
  • Provide menu-driven prompts to load new data from SQL Server, change As of Dates to generate new what-if scenarios.
  • Integrated Crystal Reports into Excel.
  • Automatically upload latest versions of spreadsheets to Sharepoint folder.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Senior Developer/VB/C#/ASP.NET/SQL Programmer


  • Updated existing code to interface with SQL Server database using dynamic queries, stored procedures, user-defined functions and triggers.
  • Provided time estimates for development tasks to aid in scheduling.
  • Used agile methodologies in stand-up (scrum) meetings.
  • Created and modified reports using SSRS.
  • Designed and automated data extraction techniques using SSIS.
  • Familiar with SDLC concepts.
  • Used TFS for source control and sprints.
  • Enhanced and modified front-end GUI data entry and report applications.
  • Completed more complex program changes to translate specifications and/or requirements into code.
  • Applied application specific technical skills to independently produce deliverables by converting/modifying VB6 and ASP code into VB.NET, C#.NET utilizing JavaScript and AngularJS.
  • Acquired and utilized basic business knowledge to support the applications.
  • Recognized code inefficiencies and made suggestions for improvement.
  • Provided documentation to support program changes.
  • Supported programming changes during quality assurance, user acceptance testing, and post implementation to ensure integrity of application.
  • Complied with and contributed to standards and protocols to ensure development consistency.

Confidential, El Dorado Hills, CA

Senior Software Application Programmer/ SQL Developer


  • Designed and developed automated migrated existing Access databases to SQL Server and utilized encryption to add a level of protection.
  • Automated data migration using SSIS. Performed Data Analysis using SSAS. Produced reports using SSRS and Crystal Reports.
  • Performed ETL using BIDS and SQL tools.
  • Maintained several Access and Excel applications like Summary of Benefits and Claims, Benefit Type Code and Documentum crosswalk.
  • Extensively used T-SQL in constructing User defined Functions, Views, Indexes, User Profiles, Relational Database Models, Data Dictionaries, and Data Integrity.
  • Designed and developed applications to upload/download files into FTP server from VBA and VB.NET
  • Designed and developed Shell scripts for automation using VBScript
  • Trained users and other developers regarding applications developed.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Senior Data Analyst/VB.NET Programmer-Crystal Reports/SQL Developer


  • Worked primarily in the AR Department to provide financial reports in Crystal.
  • Designed SQL queries and commands for backend source of Crystal Reports.
  • Automated data extraction using SQL Agent and SSIS. Supported top management with data analysis using SSAS.
  • Produced custom and ad-hoc reports using Crystal Reports and SSRS.
  • Automated ETL using BIDS and SQL Agent.
  • Provided custom reports like ZBA (zero balance accounts) trend analysis and AR valuation reports.
  • Designed Crystal Reports including features like subreports and dynamic cascading prompts with data derived from SQL and DB2 tables, views and stored procedures and XML files.
  • Migrated SQL server databases.
  • Modified VB.NET and C#.NET programs.
  • Designed and developed Shell scripts for automation using VBScript
  • Modified and maintained ABC (Automated Billing Concepts) web program written in C# and ASP.NET.

Confidential, Vacaville, CA

Senior VB Programmer/SQL Developer


  • Worked primarily in the IT Software Department and responsible for new development and enhancement of existing software using VB6.
  • Created SQL tables, views and stored procedures from Oracle and DB2 databases
  • Created packages to automate data extraction.
  • Provided morning, evening and weekend on-call support for existing batch programs and for overtime work. Responsible for on existing programs and procedures.

Confidential, El Dorado Hills, CA

Senior VB.Net Programmer/Business Systems Analyst


  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of at least 25 applications which were being used by users each. These applications written in VB.NET would automate manual process in AS/400 reducing each transaction from 3 minutes to 25 seconds.
  • Provided a web based system of downloading these applications based on the user’s privileges. This also tracked the amount of usage for each application downloaded per user.
  • Designed, created and updated SQL databases using SSMS and SSIS. Utilized data analysis using SSAS. Provided top management, superuser, user, and vendor/client reports using SSRS, Crystal Reports, and MS Access reports.
  • Converted existing VB6 applications into VB.NET. Most of the applications inherited were in VBA/VB6 and were migrated to VB.NET for improved efficiency and security.
  • Designed and developed Shell scripts for automation using VBScript
  • Converted exiting MS Access databases into SQL Server 2005/2008 for improved speed, security and compatibility to existing vendor requirements. Due to the increased bandwidth required for most applications which used databases, the current MS Access setup was inadequate requiring the migration to SQL Server.
  • Utilized SQL encryption to provide added level of security.
  • Provided management reports based on business units demands and provided automation by generating alerts and emails on a predetermined time. Alerts were issued when reports were successfully generated and when they failed. Fail-safe mechanisms would fire when network or other issues arose.
  • Familiar with SDLC concepts.
  • Integrated VB.NET with Crystal Reports using CrystalReportsViewer control and ADO.NET.

Confidential, Rancho Cordova, CA

Senior VBA Programmer


  • Worked primarily with Excel and Access in the Billing Department to streamline and automate tasks by designing macros.
  • Complex formulas in Excel were converted into user-defined functions for simplicity and readability.
  • Designed auto-running macros within Excel to reduce the learning curve and utilized measures to hide code behind worksheets.
  • Interfaced with SQL Server and Oracle to store and retrieve information.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Senior VB/SQL Programmer


  • Performed ETL using SSIS from various SQL databases sources into MS Access.
  • Performed data mining on SQL Server and converted the data into MS Access for local use.
  • The converted Access database was used to generate statistical reports for use by business analysts, supervisors and managers.
  • Automated data gathering from FTP site and provided alerts for supervisors and managers. These alerts would assure all business analysts that data was current.
  • Converted complex Excel worksheets by improving readability using user-defined functions.
  • Improved on the formulas which were broken and too complex.

Confidential, Folsom, CA

Senior VB Programmer


  • Worked primarily in Confidential ’s IT scheduling department to convert existing VB6/Access applications into VB.NET 2003.
  • Modified engineering workbench spreadsheet using Excel VBA.
  • Created databases using Access and SQL.
  • Provided ad hoc reports using Crystal Reports.

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