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Sql/bi Developer Resume

Scottsdale, AZ


  • Over 7 years of experience in SQL Development, BI Development (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) involving the Design, Development & Support of MS SQL Server 2008/2008R2/2012 in production, staging and development environments. Experience within multiple industries such as finance, mortgage, and healthcare.


Database: MS - SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/Azure SQL

T-SQL: Programming, Dynamic SQL

Data Modeling: Erwin

BI Tools: Power BI, Power Pivot, Tableau

Integration Services: (SSIS)

Analysis Services: (SSAS, OLAP Cubes)

Reporting Services: (SSRS, Report Builder)

Development Tools: BIDS, SSDT, SSMS

Source Control: Team Foundation Server (TFS)

SharePoint: 2013/2010, PerformancePoint Services

Microsoft Azure: Cloud Services (PaaS & IaaS)

PowerShell: Azure SQL Database (PaaS)

Azure Storages: (Blobs, Tables, Queues)

Backup/Recovery: Azure Data Factory Azure Data Warehouse

SDLC: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and Spiral

Programming Language: C#.Net, ASP.Net with MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

SQL/BI Developer

Technical Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, TSQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Erwin, SQL Profiler, Power BI, Azure, Excel, Tableau, Share Point


  • Collaborated in creation/modification/ review of functional requirement specifications and supporting documents during data modeling phase utilizing Agile methodology.
  • Implemented bottom up approach for dimension modeling during the DWH modeling.
  • Collaborated with business analyst and SMEs during the conceptual and logical modeling.
  • Wrote and redesigned stored procedures for existing OLTP and target DataMart during the data profiling and cleansing phase in staging and prestaging area.
  • Created complex stored procedures with proper error handling, transactions and performance tuning features.
  • Redesigned indexes to speed up query performance and utilized database engine tuning advisor for further suggestions.
  • Created Triggers to enforce user defined integrity as per the business logic.
  • Managed (enable/ disable/ fragmentation) Indexes during DataMart incremental load from staging area.
  • Wrote various TSQL scripts utilizing stored procedures, views, Temp objects (Temp table, Table variables, CTE, and UDFs) per business needs.
  • Created new and simplified existing SSIS packages for their performance tuning utilizing master-child environment, checkpoint, avoiding blocking transformation, containers, expressions, custom logging, and event handlers
  • Implemented Project deployment model utilizing parameter and integration service catalog mapping with different environments.
  • Designed SSAS cubes and created attribute relationships for optimal MDX query performance of Hierarchies and fact dimensions
  • Designed drill through, drill down, linked, sub reports and parameterized reports utilizing SSRS.
  • Designed various graphical dashboards with map, slicer, bar chart, line/area chart and various filter utilizing Power BI.
  • Wrote various calculated measures and columns per business logic for the reports utilizing Power BI.
  • Scheduled the automatic data refresh from data source utilizing Power BI Gateway.
  • Optimized reports by optimizing the embedded queries, or optimized the stored procedures that generate them.
  • Formatted the reports by applying parameters, assigned parameter defaults and data types and extended reports.
  • Collaborated with Team foundation server for source control and version control within the team.

Confidential, Los Angeles area, CA

SQL/BI Developer

Technical Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, TSQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Erwin, SQL Profiler, Excel, Tableau, Share Point


  • Designed logical and physical model of the database utilizing Erwin.
  • Created complex SQL Stored Procedures, triggers and user defined functions to manage incoming data as well as to support existing applications.
  • Supported advanced efficient data retrieval and manipulation by creating indexed view with triggers.
  • Successfully implemented indexes on tables and views for optimum performance tuning.
  • Implemented error handling on existing queries and stored procedures to enhance debugging.
  • Supported some business specific relationships, and advance constraints by embedding triggers on tables.
  • Executed test cases that were used for validating the converted system.
  • Wrote, revised, and verified test cases that were used for future testing of the software, ensuring that future releases maintained the same level of quality, and ensuring quality consistency.
  • Created jobs and alters to execute SSIS packages automatically as well for reporting services.
  • Created different roles and users for reporting services; created jobs for subscriptions to deliver reports to higher authorities.
  • Interacted with business users and managers and gathered the database needs of the various business groups for reporting purposes.
  • Redesigned various reports, chart reports (line and column), parameterized reports for performance analysis.

Confidential, Plantation, FL

SQL/Report Developer

Technical Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, Erwin, TSQL, SSDT (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), Tableau, TFS


  • Interpreted technical and function specifications based on the project requirements in JRD meetings.
  • Developed/modified T-SQL queries utilizing stored procedures, function, CTE, Indexes and views.
  • Developed queries on the data mart for reporting needs.
  • Implemented master-child package environment to manage large ETL projects.
  • Organized and tuned the SSIS packages utilizing event handlers, loggings, and row redirect to resolve errors.
  • Optimized SSIS packages utilizing parallelisms, fast load options, buffer sizes, and checkpoints.
  • Incorporated package configurations such as XML files and environment variables to improve compatibility.
  • Created SSAS cubes with multiple fact measures groups, and multiple dimension hierarchies.
  • Generated Tableau dashboards with forecast and reference lines.
  • Generated tableau dashboards with combination charts for clear understanding.
  • Generated dashboards with groups and sets to handle views more efficiently.
  • Designed ad-hoc SSRS reports in the test environment for data validation utilizing SSRS.

Confidential, New Bedford, MA

SQL Developer

Technical Environment: MS SQL Server 2008/2008 R2, Erwin, TSQL, BIDS (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), TFS


  • Designed ETL mappings documents for newly introduced services for DataMart between sources, staging, and targets with star schema.
  • Converted existing sql scripts into stored procedures to make efficient and implemented with compile option to avoid parameter sniffing situation.
  • Developed and optimized T-SQL code, including database scripts, triggers and stored procedures for multiple applications.
  • Developed Microsoft SQL Server SSIS packages to implement ETL requirements.
  • Developed, enforced and maintained database standards per business requirements.
  • Created SSIS packages utilizing various task and transformations, optimized existing packages utilizing checkpoint, custom logging and event handlers.
  • Defined the referenced relationships with the measure groups and fact tables at data source view level.
  • Created measures groups, aggregation, named set, named calculation, KPIs and multiple dimension hierarchies for existing and newly created SSAS cube.
  • Implemented report delivery utilizing report subscription such as data driven and standard through email and windows folder.
  • Collaborated in report generation utilized SSRS and Excel services and deployed them on report server.

Confidential, Emeryville, CA

Database Developer

Technical Environment: SQL Server 2008/2008 R2, BIDS, SSIS, SSRS, TSQL, Erwin


  • Analysed business and user needs with business analyst, documentation of requirements, and translated into system and functional requirement specifications.
  • Collaborated with team lead in providing product training to internal IT/dev/QA teams.
  • Wrote different sql scripts to implement the business logic utilizing joins, sub queries, stored procedures and UDFs.
  • Modified existing SSIS packages utilizing checkpoint, logging, breakpoint, and error handling options.
  • Designed and modified dataset for reports utilized MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Developed complex reports such as drill capabilities, master detail, and cross tab.

Confidential, Franklin, TN

BI Developer

Technical Environment: SQL Server 2008, BIDS, TSQL, Erwin


  • Created various SQL scripts for existing OLTP system.
  • Developed processes to manage database DDL & DML changes.
  • Reviewed database changes requested by development and operational staff.
  • Provided support in resolving database issues in production environment.
  • Collaborated with QA testers and cross-functional teams to build robust database changes.
  • Identified and determined solutions to obstacles during the major release or patch deployments.
  • Participated in the research and evaluation of new/additional software tools to assist database development.

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