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Sr Database And Etl Developer Resume

San Mateo, CaliforniA


Database Development and Web Applications


15+ years of experience developing database applications, server and client side. Good in performance tuning of complex queries and implementation of indexing strategies. Experience in Data Modeling, Database design and well versed with best Redshift, Postgres and Oracle practices. Designed scaling strategies using table partitioning, database partitioning and data sharding strategies across multiple servers for Postgres and Oracle. Comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Have done limited coding in Java and Python. Git/Jira/RTC


  • Redshift, PostgreSQL, ETL, MySQL, AWS, Airflow
  • PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle, Oracle Web Application Server, SQL*Loader
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, JSP, J2EE, XML, Tomcat, Python
  • UNIX/Linux - based systems, Github


Sr Database and ETL Developer

Confidential, San Mateo, California


  • Created AWS Data Pipelines to load data into Snowflake based data warehouse.
  • Configured Kinesis firehose for streaming log data into S3 buckets.
  • Implemented data validation and cloning strategies.
  • Implemented data generating queries for use in Tableau.
  • Developed lambda functions for data event processing.

Environment: Snowflake, Python, Github, AWS administration.

Sr Database Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Reconciling production log data with site transactional data.
  • Populating decision support warehouse for use by data scientists and data analysts.
  • Supporting and designing ETL processes within AWS to bring data from MySQL, Postgres and MS SQL into Redshift warehouse, supporting development and management teams with custom data extractions requests.

Environment: Airflow, Python, Github, Redshift administration.

Advisory Software engineer

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Working on converting Confidential software platform from MS SQL Server to Postgres
  • Redesigning stored procedures, sql statements and other database elements to take advantage of PG superior features
  • Implementing multitenancy and sharding support using PG schemas to insure product scalability across cluster of servers as well as allowing multiple clients share single product installation.

Database Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Working with PostgreSQL/PG-PSQL/PL-SQL performing data transformation and load.
  • Converted multiple years of un-structured/semi-structured xml patent data into postgres data warehouse.
  • Implemented complicated ranking and data de-duplication logic along with procedures to support continues updates from incoming streams of data.
  • Collaborated with app developers on schema layout.

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