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Talend Developer Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • Around 7+ years of Experience in ETL, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence applications design, development and Maintenance of Integration Services using Talend and Informatica using Oracle DB and SQL Server.
  • 4+ years of Experience in ETL tools for Designing Data warehouse, Business Intelligence, Analytics, ETL Process, Data Mining, Data Mapping, Data conversion, Data Migration using Talend Data Integration, Informatica Power Center, SSIS.
  • 3 years of work experience of in SQL Server, PL/SQL retrieving data from databases using T - SQL, Import data from other filesystems.
  • Created mappings using Lookup, Aggregator, Joiner, Expression, Filter, Normalizer and De-Normalizer, Maps Transformations. Developed reusable Transformation and Joblets.
  • Experience in Interacting with Business users to analyze the business process and transforming requirements into screens, performing ETL, documenting and rolling out the deliverables.
  • Demonstrated expertise utilizing ETL tools: Talend Data Integration, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Developed slowly changing dimension (SCD) mappings using Type-I, Type-II, and Type-III methods.
  • Hands-on experience with integration processes for the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and extensive knowledge of various Performance Tuning Techniques on Sources, Targets using Talend Mappings, Jobs.
  • Strong knowledge of ETL Maintenance, ETL Auditing and Reporting, Data Mapping, Exception Handling, and integration of multiple sources in an enterprise environment.
  • Expertise in Extract Transform Load (ETL) and Data Transformation Services (DTS)
  • Expertise in Extraction, Transformation, loading data from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access, Excel, Flat Files and XML using Informatica and Talend
  • Well versed in normalization/de-normalization techniques for optimum performance in relational and dimensional database environments and building Referential Integrity Constraints.
  • Expert in all areas of SQL Server development including tables, user functions, views, indexes, Stored procedures, functions, triggers, clustering, T-SQL, relational database models, data dictionaries, and data integrity, Data warehousing concepts, OLTP & OLAP.
  • Hands on experience in MS SQL Server databases with tools like Index Tuning Wizard, SQL Profiler, and Windows Performance Monitor for optimal Performance.
  • Great Expertise in creating and managing Event Handlers, Package Configurations, Logging, System and User-defined Variables for SSIS Packages.
  • Expertise on Exception Handling Mappings for Data Quality, Data Cleansing and Data Validation.


Talend Developer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Involved in data analysis and handling the ad-hoc requests by interacting with business analysts, clients and customers and resolve the issues as part of production support
  • Created ETL/ Talend jobs both design and code to process data to target databases
  • Created Talend jobs to load data into various Oracle tables. Utilized Oracle stored procedures and wrote few Java codes to capture globalmap variables and use them in the job
  • Created Talend jobs to copy the files from one server to another and utilized Talend FTP components
  • On-Call/Production Support provided during day-time and off-hours
  • Acknowledge the tickets and Fixing the issues within the SLA
  • Generating the reports required to state as per the requirement and submitting it to the states within the deadlines
  • Involved in the development of Talend Jobs and preparation of design documents, technical specification documents
  • Work on the incidents and able to provide the temporary solutions. So, that there won't be any impact to the business
  • Processe business requests in ad-hoc of loading data in to production database using Talend Jobs
  • Extract the data from the flat files and other RDBMS databases into staging area and populated onto Data warehouse

Environment: Talend 6.0, SSIS, SQL Server 2012, XML files, DB2 database, PL/SQL, Unix, Remedy ticketing tool, AQT, BRIO tool.

ETL/ Talend Developer

Confidential, Providence, RI


  • Created ETL/ Talend jobs both design and code to process data to target databases
  • Created Talend jobs to load data into various Oracle tables. Utilized Oracle stored procedures and wrote few Java codes to capture globalmap variables and use them in the job
  • Created Talend jobs to copy the files from one server to another and utilized Talend FTP components
  • Created Implicit, local and global Context variables in the job
  • Responsible for creating fact, lookup, dimension, staging tables and other database objects like views, stored procedure, function, indexes and constraints
  • Developed complex Talend ETL jobs to migrate the data from flat files to database
  • Implemented custom Error handling in Talend jobs and worked on different methods of logging
  • Followed the organization defined Naming conventions for naming the Flat file structure, Talend Jobs and daily batches for executing the Talend Jobs
  • Wrote complex SQL queries to inject data from various sources and integrated it with Talend
  • Worked on Context variables and defined contexts for database connections, file paths for easily migrating to different environments in a project
  • Implemented Error handling in Talend to validate the data Integrity and data completeness for the data from the Flat File
  • Created Unix Scripts and run them using tSystem for reading the Data from flat files and archiving the Flat files at the specified server
  • Tuned sources, targets and jobs to improve the performance
  • Monitor; troubleshoot batches and jobs for weekly and monthly extracts from various data sources across all platforms to the target database
  • Provided the Production Support by running the jobs and fixing the bugs
  • Created mapping documents to outline data flow from sources to targets
  • Extracted the data from the flat files and other RDBMS databases into staging area and populated onto Data warehouse
  • Maintained stored definitions, transformation rules and targets definitions

Environment: Talend 5.x, XML files, DB2, Oracle 11g, SQL server 2008, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts

ETL Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Interacted with Onsite team for gathering requirements
  • Developed standards for ETL framework for the ease of reusing similar logic across the board
  • Analyse requirements, create design and deliver documented solutions that adhere to prescribed Agile development methodology and tools
  • Developed mappings to extract data from different sources like DB2, XML files are loaded into Data Mart
  • Created complex mappings by using different transformations like Filter, Router, lookups, Stored procedure, Joiner, Update Strategy, Expressions and Aggregator transformations to pipeline data to Data Mart
  • Involved in designing Logical/Physical Data Models, reverse engineering for the entire subject across the schema
  • Creating Talend Development Standards. This document describes the general guidelines for Talend developers, the naming conventions to be used in the Transformations and also development and production environment structures
  • Troubleshoot database, Joblets, mappings, source, and target to find out the bottlenecks and improved the performance
  • Involved rigorously in Data Cleansing and Data Validation to validate the corrupted data
  • Migrated Talend mappings/ Joblets from Development to Test and to production environment.

Environment: Talend 5.x, XML files, DB2, Oracle 10/11g, Oracle Applications, SQL server 2008, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts.

ETL Developer



  • Loaded data from Source systems and sent to JMS queue for loading in to Target systems using XML Generator and Parser Transformations
  • Worked with Informatica Designer, Repository Manager, Repository Server, Workflow Manager/Server Manager and Workflow Monitor
  • Reviewed the design and requirements documents with architects and business analysts to finalize the design
  • Used mapplets for use in mappings thereby saving valuable design time and effort
  • Created Logical objects in Informatica Developer tool and exported them to Informatica Power Center 9.1 and used them in PC mappings
  • Built common rules in analyst tools for analyst to use in mapping specifications and profiling on tables
  • Created Pre/Post session to save the last generated numbers for SK's
  • Used Informatica workflow manager, monitor and log files to detect errors
  • Used SQL Override in Sorter, Filter & in Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Employed Normal Join, Full Outer Join, Detail Outer Join and master Outer Join in the Joiner Transformation
  • Extensively worked on various re-usable tasks, workflows, Worklets, mapplets, and re-usable transformations
  • Worked on Slowly Changing Dimension Type2
  • Developed workflow sequences to control the execution sequence of various jobs and to email support personnel
  • Involved in unit testing and documenting the jobs and work flows
  • Set Standards for Naming Conventions and Best Practices for Informatica Mapping Development
  • Used database objects like Sequence generators and Stored Procedures for accomplishing the Complex logical situations
  • Created various UNIX shell scripts for Job automation of data loads
  • Worked on all phases of SDLC from requirement, design, and development and testing.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle 11g/10g, DB2, SCD type2, XML files, SQL Server, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, Windows7

MS SQL Server Developer



  • Experience in support and management of databases, systems, applications and Application Development
  • Experience in Implementation of Production Environment Hardware requirements and application support
  • Worked extensively on installation, upgrade and configuration of MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server 2000 databases/ servers
  • Implementation of Point in time Backup and recovery plans of all databases and maintain documentation. Schedule the Administrative Tasks (like database integrity checks and maintenance plans)
  • Extensive exposure to creation of databases, objects, stored procedures, triggers, security, DTS (i.e. Import and Export), BCP, Transact-SQL, and SQL Server Agent and SQL Server profiler
  • Experience in planning and implementing the Replication of MS SQL Server 2000 Databases and databases Backup recovery strategy
  • Implemented disaster recovery for SQL Server Production Database as Fail-Over or Standby servers. Used Log Shipping Technique for warm backup solution for MS SQL Server databases
  • Very good experience in the maintaining production servers, monitoring performance issues, trouble shooting and solving production issues

Environment: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SQL Server 2000, Enterprise Manager, Management Studio, SQL Profiler, SQL Query Analyzer.

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