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Sr. Ssrs/ssis/power Bi Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over 6+years of Experience in Development, Implementation and Reporting in MS SQL Server 2016/ 2014/2012/2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000 with Business Intelligence in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS).
  • Proficient in Creating, Configuring and Fine - tuning SSIS packages, SSRS reports and T-SQL queries using tools like SQL Profiler, Performance Monitor and Database Engine Tuning advisor.
  • Expertise in writing T-SQL queries, dynamic queries, sub-queries and complex joins for generating complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, User-Defined Functions, Views, Constraints (Primary key, Foreign key, Unique key, check key ) and cursors.
  • Expertise in Database Administration operations like Backup, Recovery, Replication and using SQL Profiler and excellent knowledge of DDL and DML in T-SQL.
  • Experience in modeling Transactional Databases and Data Warehouse using tools like Erwin, Oracle Designer, Power Designer and ER/Studio.
  • Solid understanding of Relational Database Systems (RDBMS), Normalization, Multi-Dimensional (Star) and Snowflake logical and physical data modeling using ERWIN data modeler and MSVISIO.
  • Expertise in creating reports such asCascading, Drill through/Drill down Reports, Conditional, Table, Matrix, Charts, Ad-hoc Specialized in using Relational data warehouse and OLAP Cubes for producing Sub Reports.
  • Proficient in OLTP, OLAP and Data warehousing Design concepts.
  • Experience in generating Drill through and Drill down reports with Drop down menu option, sorting the data, defining subtotals in SSRS.
  • Extensive experience in different type of reports including: Tabular forms, Matrix (cross Tab report) form, Conditional, List items, Charts and Sub reports.
  • Worked on Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for accessing data directly from tabular SSAS database.
  • Performed DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) & MDX functions for the creation of calculations and measures in the Tabular Mode & multi-dimensional Cubes.
  • Expert in Relational, Multi-Dimensional (Star) and Snowflake logical modeling.
  • Explore data in a variety of ways and across multiple visualizations using Power BI.
  • Created reports in Power BI preview portal utilizing the SSAS Tabular via Analysis connector.
  • Experience in publishing Power BI Desktop reports created in Report view to the Power BI service.
  • Experience in implementing different types of Replication models like Merge and Transactional.
  • Monitored and Tuned MS SQL Server databases with tools like IndexTuningWizard, SQLProfiler and WindowsPerformanceMonitor for optimal Performance.
  • Experience in creating Power BI Dashboards (Power View, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Maps).
  • Experienced in Agile Methodologies like attending daily Scrums, maintaining User Stories and Burn down Charts, Backlog Grooming and Retrospective.


Database Technologies: SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008,2008R2,2012,2014,2016), MS-Access

Programming Languages: SQL, T-SQL, HTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, C, C++, C#

Business Intelligence Tools: MSBI (SSIS, SSRS & SSAS), MS Power BI.

IDEs /Tools: MS Visual Studio 2012/2008/2005/2000 , SSMS

Other Tools: MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Visio), OLAP, OLTP, Erwin

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/2003 Server/XP/7/8/2008 Server/2012 Server

ETL Tools: Data Transformation Services (DTS) - Export/Import, SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services ( 201 2/2008/2005/2000 ), Microsoft Access 2013, Excel


Sr. SSRS/SSIS/Power BI Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Involved in software development Life cycle (SDLC) and participated in scrum meetings with team.
  • Involved in requirement gathering and design documents for developing the project.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Functions and other SQL queries for application using T-SQL & PL/SQL.
  • Migration and support of application database from SQL Server .
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse and data marts.
  • Generating SSRS reports using drill down, drill through and other functionalities.
  • Communicate to business users on sprint basis for development update and confirmations.
  • Rebuilding / monitoring the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and fine tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.
  • Scheduled jobs to run on daily and weekly basis using SQL Server Agent.
  • Expert Level experience with performing various SSIS data transformation tasks like Look-ups, Fuzzy Look-ups, Conditional Splits and Event Handlers, Error Handlers etc.
  • Worked extensively with debugging, defect tracking and troubleshooting issues.
  • Created different types of reports such as tabular, matrix, sub reports.
  • Designed and implemented parameterized and cascading parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Extended functionality using script task including File system task in SSIS package.
  • Created SSIS packages to load robust data from heterogeneous data sources like Oracle, DB2, Flat files to SQL server.
  • Created packages in SSIS with error handling using Event Handlers.
  • Creating Subscriptions linked Reports and scheduling the reports using Report Manager.
  • Monitoring SSIS/SSRS jobs in all servers QA, UAT and Production.
  • Constructed OLTP and OLAP Databases.
  • Involved in using Team Foundation Server (TFS) to check-in and check-out SSRS reports and SSIS packages.

Environment: SQL Server 2014, 2012, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Profiler, Windows 7, Microsoft Office SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Power BI, Tableau.

Sr. SQL/SSIS/SSRS/SSAS/Power BI Developer

Confidential, Manhattan, Newyork.


  • Worked as a developer in creating complex stored procedures, triggers, functions, indexes, tables, views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications.
  • Involved in gathering requirements, business rules and prepared BI technical specifications.
  • Created Complex Stored Procedures for implementing the business rules, also worked on Joins, CTEs (Common Table Expressions), Pivot and Unpivot tables, Materialized Views, Aggregate Conditions.
  • Created various data models like Flattened, Star schema in SSAS - Tabular model / PowerPivot .
  • Used Joins, correlated and non-correlated sub-queries for complex business queries involving multiple tables from different databases.
  • Extensively worked on views, cursors, CTE's, schemas, permissions and performance issues with client/server database design.
  • Developed SSIS packages using various Transformations such as conditional splits, fuzzy look ups, aggregations and multicasting.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to Data Warehouse databases.
  • Extensively used SSIS transformations such as Lookup, Derived column, Data conversion, Aggregate, Conditional split, SQL task, Merge using SQL Server 2014 SP1.
  • Designed ETL package, with ETL Import/Export wizard for transferring data.
  • Delivered required Power BI report as internet link, embedding in Office Tools.
  • Worked on Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for accessing data directly from tabular SSAS database.
  • Responsible for creating SQL datasets for Power BI and Ad-hoc Reports.
  • Maintained & scheduled various reports in Power BI like Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports.
  • Created Tabular Models as a source to Power BI dashboards and scheduled jobs to refresh it in a timely manner.
  • Elevated existing Power BI Dashboard on a regular basis as per requests from Business.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012/2014, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS 2014), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS 2014), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2014), Power BI, Power Pivot, Windows 2010, MS Excel, SQL Server Profiler.

Sr. SQL Server/SSIS/SSRS/SSAS Developer

Confidential, Richfield, MN.


  • Responsible for ETL operations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Involved for sending and reviewing data from heterogeneous sources like (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data)
  • Created many SSIS packages using Import/Export Wizard. Designed many Packages using SSIS Designer by using Control Flow and Data Flow Tasks with ETL Tool.
  • Developed and deployed SSIS packages for ETL from OLTP and various sources to stage in the data warehouse to perform Aggregate, Audit, Derived Columns, Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Merge Join, Conditional Split, OLE DB Command and more.
  • Performed ETL mappings using MS SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Worked with Parameters and Expressions in SSIS package.
  • Used Control Flow elements like Sequence Container, For- each Loop Container and For Loop Container in SSIS.
  • Used Execute SQL task, Execute Process task, execute packages task, File System task, and Send Mail task in SSIS.
  • Enforced data consistency by adding data viewer to the transformations and created dynamic packages by using variables to store the data into SQL-Warehouse.
  • Generated reports using SSRS that could be used to send information to different Primary Vendors, Clients, and Managers.
  • Extensively used SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 with relational and multidimensional data.
  • Developed reports with charts, matrixes, and sub report. Deployed reports on web server for user viewing.
  • Deploy SSAS OLAP cubes on development and production server for performance analysis.
  • Involved in unit testing against the developed packages and reports.
  • Participated in Databases Architecture and data modeling design.
  • Written complex SQL statements using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries.
  • Analyzing and writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Index & Triggers in SQL.
  • Used Execution plan for Performance Tuning.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008R2, SSIS 2008R2, SSAS 2008R2, SSRS 2008R2, T-SQL, VSS, Windows Sever 2000/2003/2008 , SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, MS Visio, MKS.

Sr. MSBI Developer

Confidential, Boston, MA.


  • Installed and Upgraded from SQL Server 2008 to SQL server 2012 on Various Servers.
  • Migrating Databases from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012.
  • Planned, defined and designed data based on the business requirement. Creating dashboard, scorecards using performance point server according to client requirements.
  • Designed high level ETL/SSIS architecture for overall data transfer from the OLTP to Data warehouse with SSIS and also prepared ETL/SSIS mapping processes and maintained the mapping documents.
  • Created SSIS packages for Dynamic ETL/SSIS flow to validate, extract, transform and load data into database using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Column, Conditional Split, Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) to perform Data Scrubbing, including data validation checks during Staging, before loading the data into the Data warehouse.
  • Performed Incremental load with several Dataflow tasks and Control Flow Tasks using SSIS.
  • Designed logical/physical data models using Erwin tool 8.0.Uses of power pivot.
  • Deployed and scheduled Report subscriptions using SSRS to generate all daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Reports including current status.
  • Responsible for Full Report Cycle including Authoring, Managing, Security and generation of Reports.
  • Reviewed and fine-tuned stored procedures and triggers before production migration.
  • Experienced in creating jobs Alerts, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and Scheduling SSIS Packages using SQL Server Agent job.
  • Implemented various tasks and transformations for data cleansing and performance tuning of packages by using SSIS.
  • Created XML and SQL Server package configuration to make package dynamic using SSIS package Configuration Wizard and deploy packages to production Server.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012/2008, Enterprise Edition, Bamboo, Performance point server, MS SSRS 2012, MS SSIS 2012, T-SQL, VB Script, Windows Server 2007, Erwin 8.0

ETL/ MSBI Developer

Confidential, Boston, MA.


  • Involved in complete SDLC life cycle.
  • Extract, Transform and Load source data into respective target tables to build the required data marts.
  • Understand user requirements and Data Model defined and developed by the business analysts and data architects.
  • Performed DBA tasks like Backup, Restore of tables and Stored Procedures and Refreshing Database on weekly basis.
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications following SQL code standards.
  • Implemented different types of constraints on tables.
  • Designed and applied entity and attributes description and definition for the models.
  • Managed indexes, statistics and tuned queries by using execution plan for optimizing the performance of the databases.
  • Maintained the physical database by monitoring and optimizing performance, data integrity and SQL queries for maximum efficiency using SQL Profiler.
  • Created ETL process using SSIS to transfer data from heterogeneous data sources.
  • Created logging for ETL load at package level and task level to log number of records processed by each package and each task in a package using SSIS.
  • Migrated DTS objects to SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS) environment.
  • Worked on different sources in SSIS (XML, Flat file, Excel, OLEDB Source)
  • Responsible for Deploying, Scheduling Jobs, Alerting and Maintaining SSIS packages.
  • Responsible for gathering business requirements to create business user reports.
  • Developed optimal stored procedures and queries to create data sets for reports.
  • Created SSRS Reports on the top of the cube using some MDX queries.
  • Responsible for scheduling the subscription reports with the subscription report wizard.
  • Migrating COGNOS reports to SSRS.
  • Worked on performance tuning on existing stored procedures and existing reports for the faster processing of reports.
  • Developed SSAS Cubes, partitions, aggregation from scratch with Star Schema.
  • Performed unit and system testing, troubleshooting and bug fixing in Prod and QA environments.

Environment: Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2008/2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, ProClarity/PPS, EDW, ODS Project Name Knowledge Management (KM)

ETL/ Reports Developer

Confidential, Richmond, VA.


  • Designed logical and physical models for staging database and data warehouse using Erwin database modeling tool.
  • Created database projects for staging database and data warehouse in visual studio 2008, to store all related objects at one centralized location.
  • Designed the entire ETL process involving the access, manipulation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of information from both internal and secondary data sources to the business.
  • Created complex ETL (SSIS) packages to pull data from DB2/Oracle, load monthly data from Excel to SQL Server.
  • Used master child SSIS packages for better design and ease of maintenance.
  • Implemented error & failure handling in SSIS packages using event handlers, row redirects, check points and used loggings for monitoring the execution.
  • Optimized packages by avoiding use of non-blocking transformation, executing tasks in parallel and optimizing code at source.
  • Created alerts and mail confirmation of all packages and cube processes in SQL Server Agent to get event messages such as success/failure of package, procedure.
  • Deployed SSIS packages to the production server using XML and SQL Server configurations.
  • Created different kind of reports like parameterized reports, drill down reports, and sub reports to support business needs and involved in report deployment and report security.
  • Developed complex reports like Drill capabilities, Complex freehand SQL queries, Functions, Master Detail, and Cross Tab with multiple breaks.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports using Report Models (.smdl) files and deployed it on Report Manager to create reports on the fly for the people who are less adept with technical skills.
  • Configured deployment of SQL Server Reporting Services to work with deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Integrated mode.
  • Optimized the performance of reports by using various techniques like optimizing data-sets, making use of less number of input parameters along with caching and taking snapshot of reports.
  • Implemented security on reports at Server Level, Report Level and Item Level according to the hierarchy in the organization and business requirement.
  • Administered interface to organize reports and data sources, schedule report execution, delivery and track report history.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, Transact-SQL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SSRS (Reporting Services), Erwin, Windows Server.

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