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Msbi/tableau Developer Resume

Scottsdale, AZ


  • Professional with about 7 years of experience working with MS SQL and SSIS to provide highly effective solutions utilizing MS SQL Server 2016/2012/2008.
  • Highly competent in providing solutions to clients in domains such as Finance and Healthcare.
  • Gained end-to-end experience in designing and deploying data visualizations using Tableau.


  • Database: MS-SQL Server 2016/2012/2008/ R2
  • T: SQL Programming, Dynamic SQL
  • Data Modeling: ER-Win Integration Services (SSIS) Analysis Services (SSAS, OLAP Cubes) Reporting Services (SSRS, Report Builder)
  • Development Tools: BIDS, SSDT, SSMS
  • Source Control: Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Microsoft Azure: Azure SQL Database (PaaS)
  • SDLC: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and Spiral
  • Collaboration Tools: SharePoint 2013/2010


Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

MSBI/Tableau Developer


  • Collaborated with the business analysts for requirements gathering, business analysis and documented the same.
  • Created multiple DBOs such as tables, views, UDFs, and stored procedures to enforce business constraints and rules.
  • Created SQL scripts for procedures utilizing error handling techniques including try-catch and other error functions.
  • Incorporated to design various views to restrict access to data in a table on few columns for security reasons.
  • Created various stored procedures for dealing with Data Profiling, database backup and handling the index fragmentation.
  • Designed clustered and non-clustered indexes on tables ensuring the efficiency in optimizing the performance of slow running queries.
  • Performed tuning and optimizing T-SQL queries to utilize execution plans and profiler in SQL Server 2016.
  • Implemented SSIS packages with multiple transformations such as derived column, data conversion, lookup etc.
  • Utilized breakpoints along with watch windows in SSIS packages to debug a package.
  • Added check points to the package for executing a package from last point of failure, to minimize re-execution time.
  • Parameterized various properties in packages to configure upon deployment to other environments.
  • Optimized SSIS packages at data flow level with buffer management and fast load options and control flow level by using proper tasks.
  • Worked on POC for Tableau and Power BI to choose the best migration tool.
  • Prepared dashboards using calculations and parameters in Tableau.
  • Created interactive dashboards using parameters, actions and various data visualizations using Tableau Desktop.
  • Connected Tableau online to publish dashboard to a central location for portal integration.
  • Utilized TFS and SharePoint for deployment and source control and version control.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

BI/Report Developer


  • Organized JAD and JRD sessions to analyze business needs and provide time tested solutions.
  • Maintained database integrity by implementing constraints such as primary key, foreign key and check.
  • Identified latest records from a dataset using CTEs and ranking functions.
  • Automated stored procedure execution with SQL job agent.
  • Optimized various stored procedures by execution plan analysis, table partitions, and proper indexing strategies.
  • Wrote complex SQL code with multiple JOINs, sub queries and set operators.
  • Implemented user defined integrity to authenticate the transactions by implementing various triggers.
  • Implemented error handing techniques such as Try Catch blocks, Raiserror functions and other error handling system functions to create robust T-SQL code.
  • Created SSIS packages for loading dimensions of the data mart efficiently.
  • Implemented SCD type 2 and SCD type 3 with complex SSIS packages.
  • Deployed SSIS packages to SSISDB catalog and configured properties of packages using package parameters.
  • Implemented custom logging in packages using execute SQL task and script task.
  • Managed SSIS package versions utilizing Team Foundation Server.
  • Built complex formulas in Tableau for various business calculations.
  • Designed and implemented near-real-time monitoring dashboards for Tableau Server and Visualization users.
  • Tested the data connections that brought the data from the database to the Tableau dashboards in order to develop the reports.
Technical Environment: SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008R2, SSIS, BIDS/SSDT, SSMS, SharePoint, Tableau

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Business Intelligence Developer


  • Analyzed business requirement documents and outlined technical specifications.
  • Converted complex business logic into SQL stored procedures and achieved required functionality.
  • Implemented try-catch blocks within the SQL code for handling runtime errors.
  • Developed stored procedures to handle SCD type 2 in the data mart with better performance.
  • Identified slowly executing queries and procedures by reviewing their execution plans.
  • Implemented multiple isolation levels with lock mechanisms to avoid deadlocks.
  • Developed SSIS packages with proper error handling mechanisms at data flow and control flow levels.
  • Optimized SSIS package with options such as parallel execution, buffer management etc.
  • Deployed SSIS packages to file system as well as to MSDB as needed by the team.
  • Configured properties of SSIS packages utilizing package configurations.
  • Generated aggregated calculated field in the Tableau Desktop.
  • Created data connections and published on Tableau Server for usage with operational/monitoring dashboards.
  • Formulated rich dashboards using Tableau Dashboard and prepared user stories to create compelling dashboards to deliver actionable insights.
  • Worked on Team Foundation Server (TFS) to coordinate with the development team on the deliverables.

Technical Environment: SQL Server 2008R2, BIDS, BIDS, SSIS, SSRS, Report Builder, Erwin, Tableau

Confidential, Bedford, TX

SQL/ETL Developer


  • Documented the business requirements of various database objects for future.
  • Worked with the business analysts in understanding the requirements of the client.
  • Generated T-SQL scripts for creating tables and relationships based on ER-Diagram.
  • Created SQL scripts with control flow constructs to implement business logic and for better performance.
  • Optimized stored procedures utilized within SSIS Packages to improve ETL performance and for better handling of the business logic outside the package.
  • Designed queries using various temporary objects such as temporary tables, table variable according to the need.
  • Developed SSIS packages to import data from multiple Excel files and resolved issues with Excel.
  • Managed loggings within SSIS packages for handling errors with packages and identify bottlenecks in performance.
  • Managed development changes for the BI solution with TFS.

Technical Environment: SQL Server 2008/R2, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, BIDS, Excel, SQL Server Upgrade Advisor


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SQL Developer


  • Identified frequently used scripts and created views or stored procedures as per requirements.
  • Developed user-defined functions to improve the functionality of T-SQL code.
  • Designed scalar user-defined functions to handle data issues in string fields.
  • Created stored procedures to implement complex business logic for the front-end applications as needed by front-end team.
  • Improved performance of SQL scripts and procedures using various methods.
  • Collaborated with TFS (Team Foundation Server) to work with cross-functional team environments including on-shore and off-shore.

Technical Environment: SQL Server 2008/R2, SSMS, TSQL, ER-Win.

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