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Mulesoft Developer Resume

Mayfield Village, OH


  • ~8 years of experience in the IT Industry and more than 3 years of experience in the Integration middleware technology using Mulesoft.
  • 2.5 + years of experience in Java web development
  • 1.5 + years of experience in developing SQL stored procedures
  • Have been exposed and experience in software models like Waterfall and Agile.
  • Development experience in Integration middleware integration with Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle EBS, MySQL DB, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, Active MQ, AWS Bitbucket etc…
  • Have Development of Store procedures and DB Management with Oracle DB
  • Worked on API service resiliency through monitoring, alerting and governance.
  • Hands on experience on Anypoint platform compliance, quality of service and security policies.
  • Have been exposed to Continuous Integration and Deployment (DevOps) processes with Jenkins, Bitbucket, JIRA, Bamboo, GIT etc...
  • Have contributed towards requirement gathering, client KT session management, upskilling client for future maintenance
  • Industry experience in E - commerce, Financial and Banking and Media.
  • Worked on XML, JSON, Flat File and CSV file formats.
  • Exposed to Eclipse, Anypoint Platform, Anypoint Studio, and Toad for Developers, SOAP UI, and Postman


Java 1.8,1.7,15, Mule ESB 3.5,3.9.0 and 3.9.1,4.1, Any Point Studio 6.4.4, Apache maven 3.5.2, Data Weave, RAML, Cloud Hub, Core Java, GIT, SOAPUI, Postman, SOAP and REST Web Services, JSON, WSDL, CSV, MUNIT, MSSQL, Oracle DB, WinSCP, Rally, Splunk, AppDynamics.


Confidential, Mayfield Village, OH

Mulesoft Developer


  • Engaged in all phases of the development life cycle, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment and support.
  • Designed and developed enterprise services using RAML in Mule, REST based APIs, SOAP Web Services and other different mule event processors.
  • Secure and manage APIs using Anypoint Platform policies such as OAuth 2.0, JWT,SAML SLA-Based rate limiting, spike control.
  • Contributed to API service resiliency through the creation of dashboards to monitor and alert designated connections using Splunk, AppDynamics and Anypoint Platform monitors.
  • Configure APIs, proxy endpoints, API portals and API analytics based on technical specifications with MuleSoft API manager.
  • Orchestrating complex use cases involving multiple systems, incorporating error handling and logging
  • Participated in higher level project planning, designing and decision-making meetings with clients and project team members.
  • Created and maintain high level design and low-level design documents meeting client requirements, standards and best practices
  • Exposure to database access protocols such as ODBC, JDBC,SQL and Oracle

Tools: Anypoint Platform, Postman, TFS, Splunk, AppDynamics, Anypoint Studio, Advanced REST Client, Tableau, ESG, SQL

Confidential, Topeka, KS

Mulesoft Developer


  • Contributed to design, development and lead team on the flow development
  • Contributed to the requirement grooming and managing requirements for the Integration scenarios
  • Provided deployments cycles to higher environments until the client team was engaged
  • Provided support post the production deployment until the system was familiarized to the client handover team
  • Used APIkit Router, DB, HTTP, SOAP services with HTTP Poller.
  • Used DataWeave, MEL, Transformers, Content based router using choice, content based filters, etc… components
  • Error handling mechanism common for all the applications
  • Maven based implementation with both local and online repositories
  • Proxy based implementation with token-based authentication.
  • Implemented MUnits for interfaces and enabled the team to implement MUnits

Tools: Postman, Soap UI, Anypoint Studio, Anypoint platform for deployment. TFS, Maven, SFTP, SOAP with Toad for SQL.

Confidential, Plymouth, MN

Mulesoft Developer


  • Design and Implementation of Restful implementation.
  • OAuth based implementation with OAuth provider within Mulesoft.
  • Client Id and Client secret implementation on the API Gateway implementation
  • Connectors and Components used: Oracle DB with connection Pooling, SFTP, API Toolkit router, Logger, Content Based Router, For each, Until Successful, Secure Properties etc…
  • Developed Maven Based integrations managed.
  • Implemented a design to accommodate the scheduled implementation with the poll and watermark
  • API management with client ID and Secret implementation with complete API Documentation
  • Common error handling framework for RESTful API using the API kit router
  • SFTP implementation with scheduled integrations.
  • MUnits for all the flows developed
  • Worked with XML, JSON and CSV file formats

Tools: Postman, Soap UI, Anypoint Studio, Anypoint platform for deployment. Jenkins, GIT, Maven, SFTP, SOAP, Squirrel SQL, Salesforce.

Confidential, Eagan, MN

Java Web Developer


  • Implementation of the Angular JS web application with HTML
  • Agile team exposure
  • Developed multiple screens with backed DB connection with persistence API and spring backend application development.
  • Helped junior resources on the project and guided them on the project
  • MySQL DB and Oracle DB data interactions
  • Implemented SAML Authentication for the User authentication
  • Junits for unit testing with all standards implemented with proper documentation
  • Changes and enhancement implementation during support for the application
  • Have been part of multiple decision making meetings and have contributed to the design and change decision

Tools: Eclipse, Toad for SQL, Soap UI, SVN, HP ALM, SharePoint.

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD

SQL Developer


  • Responsible for all the servers which are running on a SQL platform (SQL Server 2005/ 2008).
  • Setup multiple Nodes (Active/ Passive) in SQL Servers to add the clustering feature.
  • Managed SQL Server databases and Configure failover cluster.
  • Plan and modify SQL Server Permissions in quarterly basis.
  • Create databases and schedule backups (Transaction log backup, Differential backup and Full backup) with Recovery sessions (Simple or Full).
  • Setup and maintain Replication for Production servers to provide high availability and monitor using Replication Monitor.
  • Setup Alerts, Notifications, Jobs, Job steps with automated Response solution schedules.
  • Frequently Monitor Connections, Locks and Database Performance.
  • Created an internal secured website linking to the database that includes updated information about all Target SQL Servers information.

Tools: MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MS-Excel, DTS, Visual Studio 2008, SQL profiler.

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