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Gis Manager - Database Administrator Resume

Platte City, MissourI


Solution oriented - problem solver who enjoys assisting others and acknowledges the accomplishments of my coworkers.. I quickly adapt to new applications and enjoy challenging projects. I understand title and right-of-way issues, read and interpret codes, regulations, plans, plats, deeds, and surveys. I have successfully negotiated purchase/lease agreements.


  • ESRI’s ArcMap, ArcSDE, and ArcGIS Online - 8 years of progressive and diverse experience
  • Geographic analysis
  • Data integration, conversion and quality assurance
  • SQL Database Administration - programming skills: SQL, python, Visual Basic
  • Mapping and digitization of all data types,
  • Image rectification and processing ArcGIS, ERDAS
  • Image classification ArcGIS, ERDA, ENVI
  • GPS data integration
  • Advanced Microsoft Office User - Network + Certification


Confidential, Platte City, Missouri

GIS Manager - Database Administrator


  • Implemented processes to ensure data quality, and address errors in geographic datasets and relational tables
  • Quality controlled CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) database conversion process
  • Coordinated processes and data integration between departments and other government entities.
  • Hired, trained and manage two GIS Technicians
  • Developed field application for the collection of structure details and photos
  • Respond to all data requests and created custom queries for the public, taxing districts, and contractors
  • Implemented versioned editing environment to support interdepartmental workflows, Update CAMA and SDE SQL servers form 2008 R2 to 2012
  • Implemented CAMA database backup routine
  • Managed Aerial Imagery and LiDAR acquisition, loaded data to server and made available to workstation countywide.
  • Analyzed elevation, ground cover, and soil data sets countywide in order to provide a base layer for agricultural land appraisal
  • Summarized data for State Tax Commission Reports and QA procedures for data transfer between departments

Confidential, Elkins, West Virginia

GIS Analyst/Programmer


  • Collected, processed and distributed geographic datasets and maps for use by division staff for projects including: web based recreational tool, interagency coordination tool, elk management plan, breeding bird atlas, wetland model validation, and many other daily operations.
  • Coordinated between partner agencies on GIS projects and gathered required information or data as needed to provide timely completion of projects.
  • Automated workflows to facilitate processing of large datasets and repetitive tasks..
  • Attended professional meetings as DNR representative.

Confidential, Elkins, West Virginia

Adjunct Professor


  • Taught introductory level GIS class.
  • Prepared lesson plans.
  • Developed lab exercises to enforce class materials and encourage the use of GIS

Confidential, Topeka, Kansas

GIS Analyst Internship


  • Researched structures and sites for inclusion in SDE database, entered information into excel worksheets and imported data into geodatabase layers.
  • Compared existing geodatabase information with current database tables, pdf documents and online information from varying databases for inclusion and accuracy.
  • Joined data spatially and by attributes to facilitate efficient data transfer, used model builder to process numerous data layers, and formatted existing data using basic VB and python programming functions.

Confidential, Lawrence, Kansas

Student Hourly, Department of Geology


  • Derived maps and visual imagery for presentation and interpretation, for a research project in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.
  • GIS environment facilitated mapping of ground features using an array of data sources, LiDAR, IFSAR, Orthoimagery, Corona and other conventional aerial photography, SPOT and Landsat imagery, U.S. Geological Survey geology mapping, and Soviet-era topographic maps.
  • Selected appropriate frames and datasets from online repositories, downloaded, imported, and preprocessed all datasets as appropriate to facilitate their use
  • Provided 2D and 3D maps and imagery for presentations, culminating in the publication of the presentation with the Geological Society of America (October 2011)

Confidential, Lansing, Kansas

Contract Worker


  • Installed ArcMap application, and created ArcMap geodatabase (flood plain).
  • Produced flood plain maps, both digitally and printed formats, from Confidential vector data. Digitized additional lot lines as needed to supplement existing county parcel map. Linked documents, flood certification and elevation certificates, to ArcMap and corresponding lots.
  • Provided documentation of installation, and wrote manuals covering basic spatial analyst functions and maintenance of the flood data.
  • Provided support and training to Engineering Technician related to the use of the ArcGIS application and data.

­ Confidential, Lansing, Kansas

Code Enforcement Officer


  • Determined compliance with city codes and explained ordinance requirements to concerned citizens, contractors, council members, and supervisors.
  • Tactfully encouraged compliance from city residence and business owners, while establishing positive community relations.
  • Provided documentation for prosecution and testimony in court.
  • Prepared ordinances and presented them to the City Council for approval.
  • Researched right-of-ways, Completely reorganized file system for maps.
  • Provided technical support for the Public Works Department, installed a wireless network and operating systems/applications on desktop computers. Researched, purchased, and installed virus software and implemented server backup procedures for the department.
  • Wrote Confidential Grant application which provided reimbursements of approximately $30,000 for personnel-hours, equipment, and supply costs related to a severe ice storm.


Confidential, Kansas

Senior Sales Associate


  • Entered property details and imported image files into a central database for access by other brokers and consumers via the internet.
  • Researched zoning regulations, utility access, deeds, etc. as needed and reported the findings back to client and broker.
  • Maintained small network server, and network connectivity support for a commercial real estate office.
  • Served as chair on the Government Affairs/RPAC and Program/Members Services Committees for the Leavenworth Board of Realtors
  • Consistent multi-million annual sales

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