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Teradata Developer/etl Developer Resume

Buffalo Grove, IL


  • Around 8+Years of IT experience with expertise in Data Warehouse Process involved in Analysis, Design, Development of various business applications, different platforms using InformaticaPowercenter 9.5.1/8.6, PowerExchange 9.5/9.1, Oracle 11g,10g.9i, Teradata12/13/14, Sybase,DB2.
  • Strong Experience in developing Sessions/tasks, Worklets, Workflows using Workflow Manager Tools - Task Developer, Workflow &Worklet Designer.
  • Experience in using the Informatica command line utilities like pmcmd to execute workflows in non-windows environments
  • Expertise in optimizing the session performance by eliminating performance bottlenecks by optimizing target, source, mapping, transformations, session, grid deployment and optimize the system
  • Expertise in tuning the throughput of source and targets not only relational source and targets but also flat files and XMLs
  • Worked with Teradata 12 utilities like BTEQ, Fast Load, Multi Load and Query man and Have experience on implementing business rules in BTEQ scripts.
  • Extensive experience in fine tuning the session by using pushdown optimization, increasing DTM buffer memory and error tracing
  • Involved in generating Mload and Tpump scripts to load the data into Teradata tables.
  • Expertise in creating databases, users, tables, triggers, macros, views, stored procedures, functions, Packages, joins and hash indexes in Teradata database.
  • Extensively worked with Teradata utilities like BTEQ, Fast Export, Fast Load, Multi Load to export and load data to/from different source systems including flat files.
  • Expertise in Database Design, Entity-Relationship Modeling, Dimensional data modeling, Star schema modeling, Snowflake modeling with Ralph Kimball methodologies, Data Normalization. Experience working with Rapid SQL, SQL Developer and TOAD.
  • Experienced in integrating various data sources/targets like Oracle, Teradata, SQL Servers, B2B, DB2, Fixed Width delimited Flat Files & XML Files.
  • Knowledge about the Facets, EDI and ITS.
  • Experience on both Unix and Windows platforms. Extensive experience in creating UNIX Shell Scripts.
  • Experience in scheduling informatica jobs using external job schedulerslikeIBM Tivoli Workload SchedulerandAutosys
  • Experience in performance tuning of Informatica Sources, Targets, Mappings and Sessions.
  • Highly proficient in processing tasks, scheduling sessions, import/export repositories, manage users, groups, associated privileges and folders.
  • Experienced in interacting with Business users in analyzing the Business process requirements and transforming them into documents, designing, and rolling out the deliverables.
  • Good understanding of Project Life Cycle and gathering requirements for ETLDevelopment.
  • Strong experience in coding using SQL, PL/SQL Procedures/Functions, Triggers and Packages.Extensive experience working with Mainframe datasets.
  • Experienced with coordinating cross-functional teams, project management and presenting technical ideas to diverse groups.
  • Good Analytical, Strong Interpersonal and Excellent communication skills.
  • Self-motivated, able to set effective priorities to achieve immediate and long-term goals and meet operational deadlines.


Teradata Developer/ETL Developer

Confidential - Buffalo Grove, IL


  • Handled multiple Project Under this client.
  • Designing & documenting the functional specs and preparing the technical design.
  • Used Teradata utilities fastload, multiload, tpump to load data
  • Wrote BTEQ scripts to transform data
  • Wrote Fastexport scripts to export data
  • Wrote, tested and implemented Teradata Fastload, Multiload and Bteq scripts, DML and DDL.
  • Constructed Korn shell driver routines (write, test and implement UNIX scripts)
  • Wrote views based on user and/or reporting requirements.
  • Wrote Teradata Macros and used various Teradata analytic functions.
  • Involved in migration projects to migrate data from data warehouses on Oracle/DB2 and migrated those to Teradata.
  • Good knowledge on Teradata Manager, TDWM, PMON, DBQL, SQL assistant and BTEQ.
  • Developing several complex mappings in Informatica a variety of PowerCenter transformations, Mapping Parameters, Mapping Variables, Mapplets& Parameter files in Mapping Designer using both the Informatica PowerCenter and IDQ.
  • Migration of code between the Environments and maintaining the code backups.
  • Expertise in Performance Tuning by identifying the bottlenecks at sources, targets, PowerCenter transformations and sessions using techniques like Explain plans, Oracle hints, re-designing the mappings. Creating Checklists for Coding, Testing and Release for a smooth, better & error free project flow.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCenter 9.1/9.6, PowerExchange 9.1/9.6, DB2 UDB, Informatica Data Quality 9.1, Oracle 11g, TOAD, Teradata 12/13/14, Teradata SQL Assistant, SQL Developer, Putty, TWS Tivoli Job scheduler, Sun Solaris Unix and Windows Enterprise 2000

Teradata Developer/ETL Developer

Confidential - Buffalo Grove, IL


  • Worked extensively in full System Development Life Cycle like participating in requirement gathering, business analysis, user meeting.
  • Interacted with functional teams and users for finalizing the data models and reporting structures.
  • Worked closely with Facets 4.48, 4.51, 4.81and different EDI transaction file like837,834, 835, 270, 271 to understand the source structure and the source data pattern.
  • Involved in analyzing different modules of facets system and EDI interfaces to understand the source system and source data and worked closely with the Business Analyst, Data Modeler and Database Architect during the design and development of ETL technical specification document.
  • Used Informatica PowerCenter as an ETL to extract data from source like MS SQL Server, Flat files, Oracle, DB2 and Teradata and loaded to target.
  • Extensively worked with the various client component of Informatica like Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplets Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor.
  • Extensively used different transformations like Lookup, Joiner, Aggregator, Filter, Sorter, Expression, Update Strategy, Source Qualifier, Rank, Router to create several mapping and mapplets.
  • Implemented extracting, cleansing, transformation, integration and loading into Data marts using Informatica.
  • Implemented Slowly Changing Dimension phenomenon Type - 1, Type-2 using Informatica ETL mapping.
  • Created mapplets and reusable session for the performance tuning.
  • Implemented error-processing strategy to reprocess the error data and manage notification of error data to corresponding business team.
  • Worked with Informatica workflow monitor in running and debugging its components and monitoring the resulting executable version
  • Involved in fine-tuning of sources, targets, mappings and sessions for performance optimization.
  • Extensively used complex SQL queries to unit test the system and to test the existing project also used to validate the data in data warehouse.
  • Extensively used SQL and PL/SQL tuning techniques to improve the performance.
  • Daily monitoring of the mappings that ran the day before and fixing the issues
  • Involved in unit, system and end-to-end testing of the design. Worked with DBA and Reporting team to generate Materialized View of the data warehouse.
  • Worked on call for production support.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1, Facets 4.48, 4.51, 4.81, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, flat files, DB2, Teradata, Erwin R7, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, Shell Scripting, Micro Strategy 8.0, Unix System.

Teradata Developer

Confidential - Deerfield, IL


  • Used Informatica Power Center 9.1 for extraction, transformation and load (ETL) of data in the data warehouse and Implemented performance tuning logic on targets, sources, mappings, sessions to provide efficiency and performance. Used Teradata utilities fastload, multiload, tpumpto load data and wrote BTEQ scripts to transform data and Fastexport scripts to export data. Documented to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes and corrections.WeSupported the application as well.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCenter 9.1, PowerExchange9.1, Teradata12, Teradata 5500, SQL Assistant 12.0, Business Objects, Hyperion, BTEQ, FastLoad, FastExport, Multiload, Korn Shells, MS Visio, Data Mover.

ETL Analyst

Confidential - St. Louis, MO


  • Monitoring the ETL jobs, generating tickets and fixing the bugs in HP ALM. Used Tivoli Enterprise Scheduler for running the shell scripts, performing actions, event tasks, scheduling the workflows and dynamically updating the parameter file.
  • Worked with XML targets and tuned them. Solved various performance issues while working with XML targets and identifying the bottlenecks and tuning them accordingly Created and maintained the shell scripts and parameter files in UNIX for the proper execution of Informatica workflows in different environments.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6/9.1, PowerExchange8.6/9.1, DB2 UDB, Informatica Data Quality 9.1, Oracle 11g, TOAD, Teradata R12/R13, Teradata SQL Assistant, SQL Developer, UNIX and Tivoli Job Schedule.


ETL TOOLS: PowerCenter9.5.1/8.6,PowerExchange9.5/9.1Facets 4.48, 4.51, 4.81, Datastage and CDC

DATAMODELLING/ MODELLING TOOL :Star-Schema Modeling, Snowflake Modeling, MS Visio and Erwin

DATABASE EXPERIENCE: DB2,Sybase, Oracle 11g/10g/9i Teradata 12.0/13.0/14.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008 ACCESS

LANGUAGES: C, C++,JavaScript, UNIX Scripting, PL/SQL, Unix Shell scripting

TERADATA TOOLS & UTILITIES SQL: Assistant, BTEQ, Index Wizard, View point

LOAD & EXPORT: FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, BTEQ, OLE load, Oracle SQL Loader

SCHEDULER: AutoSys, Maestro


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