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Sql Server Database Administrator Resume

Westminster, CO


To obtain a permanent position as a Sr. Database Administrator in a challenging, growth oriented environment leveraging over 25+ years of DBA support experience. Preferred locations: Boulder, Denver, Broomfield, Westminster. Colorado Springs Databases supported: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 UDB (Windows and Unix)


Mainframe: IBM ES9000, 3090, 3084, 4341, 370/165

Mid Range: HP 9000 series, Sun Solaris, Sequent 750, RS - 6000, Datapoint 6600

Micro: IBM PC compatible 486/66, Macintosh II CI

Development Languages and Tools: BMC, CA/Platinum, ERWIN, SAS, Lotus Notes, MS Word, INSIGHT, TMON/DB2, Omegamon/DB2, FILEAID, Internet Information Server (IIS), COBOL II. Natural, SQLPLUS, QMF, IEF/Composer, Oracle Enterprise Manager, DB2 Control Center


Confidential, Westminster CO

SQL Server Database Administrator

  • SQL Server DBA Support for production and test environments, with focus on the Sharepoint migration to the 2013 release including upgrade activities.
  • Backup and recovery, third party performance tools implementation (SCOM, PRTG). SSRS parameter tuning and problem diagnosis, issue resolution with MS.
  • Optimizing BI applications, windows environments and SSAS database components. Presently support SQL 2012 (both failover clusters and Always On implementations), SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2014 enterprise instances. Developed powershell scripts to manage availability groups during maintenance windows and detect after hour failover situations.
  • Provide T - SQL tuning recommendations, index optimization/fill factor analysis and environmental health checks.
  • Support approximately 30 production instances of SQL Server.
  • Extensive use of the robocopy utility to support optimize detach/attach migrations.
  • Also involved in implementing SQL audit procedures as part of the change management process, managing DDL and DML changes. Routinely maintain environment documentation and formulate detailed project action plans for operational support initiatives.

Confidential, Downtown Denver, CO

SQL Server Database Administrator

  • Providing SQL Server DBA support during a major in house software implementation and revision 3 years in the planning.
  • Duties include SQL 2012 always on, SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2005 support for petroleum well maintenance databases and accounting applications in a Hyper-V environment. Recently installed first SQL 2014 and 2012 instances, provided service pack updates to multiple instances.
  • DBA support for a new SAP implementation. Responsible for recommending and onboarding the Solarwinds’ Database Performance Analyzer product.
  • Frequent troubleshooting SQL performance issues, identify blocking issues, provide test environment refresh support and backup, recovery and disaster recovery planning, managing SQL maintenance jobs in Active Batch environment, providing Sharepoint DBA support, SQL instance tuning, occasional software release assistance upon request, implementing SQL audit specs to track database changes, on call support, addressing issues from SCOM alerts, SQL security support, index optimization and tuning, performing SQL health checks, reviewing extended events, and general best practice and automation implementation for the SQL Server Always On infrastructure.

Confidential , Denver CO

SQL Server DBA

  • Responsible for the day to day operations of all production SQL server clustered instances and physical database servers. Supporting SQL Server releases, 2005,2008, 2008R2 and 2012 enterprise edition, release upgrades, database migrations, new feature rollout, database capacity planning, on call troubleshooting, and problem coordination with Microsoft. Implemented windows clusters using the SQL 2012 Always On features, and developed scripts to handle failover and monitoring issues. Stabilized the backup and recover processing, using a combination of SQL and Red Gate utilities.
  • Provide SSIS job support and package management, support vendor app. Installations, merge replication support and troubleshooting, service pack rollouts, best practice implementation for high availability goals. Assist developers with T-SQL review and general performance monitoring.
  • Assist in collection of SQL Licensing info. for true-up review.
  • Develop powershell scripts to aid in space monitoring and general DBA duties. Analyzed database workload using SQL profiler.
  • Coordinated alarm settings in the EG monitoring product, Implemented monthly maintenance, and resolution of all SQL related problem tickets (Service Manager).
  • Managed SQL Server installations and instance and server decommissioning activities. Participating in the migration of physical DB servers to virtual machines.
  • Developed T-SQL scripts to provide management database space usage information by application for charge back purposes.

Confidential , Boulder CO

Database Administrator DB2 UDB and SQL Server

  • Planned and implemented the initial offering of a combination of environments that support database applications running on SQL Server 2008 R2 with Windows 2003 and 2008 including installation and support of SQL Server clustered and stand alone instances; as well as DB2 UDB 9.5 and 9.7 instances with AIX 6.1, and Linux RHEL 5.6 operating systems.
  • In addition to installation activities, set up a re-constructable 4,000 table db2 database based replication process; standard backup scripting, recovery and reorganization operations, SQL Server and DB2 cluster fail over testing; SQL Server maintenance plans and SSIS jobs for vendor software installations that perform security tracking; troubleshooting database performance, lock contention issues, space management, backup and tuning maintenance plans, recovery validation, offsite DR data archiving, tape management and responding to availability incidents; along with the establishment of database KPI metric reports.

Confidential , Denver CO

Database Administrator

  • Short term contract supplying SQL Server 2005 DBA support with a primary activity of implementing and standardizing hundreds of SQL Server 2005 full, differential and transaction log backup SSIS jobs and maintenance plans for multiple DEV and QA environments with embedded VB scripts that help manage local and off site backup retention.
  • Research issues with job failures, analyze space considerations, report on current recovery settings, develop scripts to audit backup strategy and database standards, monitor clustering status, and perform daily database health checking and weekly code reviews.

Confidential, Denver

Database Administrator

  • Worked on issues and operational implications related to the version upgrade of DB2 z/OS version 7 to version 8; and later from compatibility mode to new function mode within V8.
  • Also supported internal SQL Server ticketing database, but providing backup support, handled database refresh requests, and routine database health checking.

Confidential, Boulder, CO

Database Administration

  • Worked on the Viewpointe contract supporting DB2/UDB/AIX databases, (up to 19 terabytes in size), that interfaced primarily with IBM’s on demand software and utilizing TSM for backup management.
  • The position consisted of managing backup and recovery procedures, database reorganizations, space management, on call support change maintenance, along with other troubleshooting activities.
  • Heavy emphasis placed on pro-active health checks and exception monitoring and tuning.
  • This project has both EE and EEE DB2 database architectures, and involves progressing critical database issues with IBM support in Toronto, data conversion, and DB2 version upgrade support.

Confidential, Colorado Springs

Oracle DBA

  • Managing lab/testing Oracle instances and databases; developing procedures and migrating databases from Oracle 7.3.4 to version 8.1.6.
  • Set up a new point release environment, involving numerous new instances. Providing backup and recovery support using SQL Backtrack.
  • Developed monitoring scripts to monitor and manage space and performance and project future storage requirements. Tested new release features for Oracle 8i.
  • Currently responsible for supporting 13 lab instances; and providing periodic on call production support. Involved in numerous index performance and SQL tuning initiatives.
  • Other Oracle tools used include Enterprise Manager 2.2, SQLNET, SQLPLUS, and DBA Studio. Also provide some limited support for two SQL Server applications.


  • Providing database administration, database design consultation, performance monitoring, DB2 sub-system tuning and application analysis support for a variety of high transaction rate CICS and distributed telecommunications applications.
  • Extensive use of both Platinum and BMC database utilities. Other activities include: new DB2 release testing; SQL analysis and tuning; and analysis of data replication tools and SQL gateway products.
  • Developed and maintained an html based reporting system that tracks database calls and growth.
  • Presently serving as the production DB2 DBA for the Avantel Corporation, a joint telecommunications partner with Confidential based in Mexico.
  • Involved in high availability database reorganization procedures that minimize client impacts.
  • Frequent activities include database recovery, troubleshooting and on call support in a high availability environment. Currently at DB2 version 5 and we are migrating to DB2 version 6.

Confidential, Rockville, Md

Case Tool Consultant

  • Part of a team of specialists supporting multiple client server application development projects which utilized the Information Engineering Facility (IEF), full lifecycle case tool.
  • Tasks included development of installation procedures to enable OS/2 to Windows "cross generation" of IEF applications; new release testing of IEF; data model management, and migration, Central Encyclopedia infrastructure report development using Oracle and MS Access; resolving tool problems and fixes with the vendor, Texas Instruments; schedule management of the internal tech. support help desk; and developing testing plans for the IEF 5.3 major release known as Composer.

Confidential, Rosslyn, Va.

Database Administrator

  • Provided DB2 DBA support for the Walker general ledger and accounts payable packages. Activities included; converting standard IBM DB2 database utilities to Platinum utilities to improve performance and database availability; design review support for Walker product upgrades; preparing formal database optimization recommendations; monitoring database performance using TMON for DB2; providing on call support for database recoveries during failed application cycles and implementing database disaster recovery procedures. Also functioned as the Confidential task leader for consultants in the database area.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA.

DB2 Database Administrator/ Case Tool Support

  • Primary responsibility of providing DBA and data modeling support for a major three year re-engineering project, that saw 90 downstream systems managing Confidential customer data, be consolidated into an enterprise wide model, using the case tool IEF.
  • Also provided production DBA on call support for existing legacy applications, and the IEF Central Encyclopedia.
  • Promoted a dasd downsizing project to provide savings in the major DB2 subsystem, along with providing IMS/DC sysgen support for DB2 applications.

Confidential, Arlington, Va.

DB2 Database Administrator

  • Extensive use of IBM database utilities, to reorganize, analyze and recover both applications, and DB2 catalog tablespaces.
  • Worked extensively with database tools such as QMF and Platinum database analyzer.
  • Implemented DB2/Insight as the performance monitor of choice at Confidential .
  • Extensive on call support for both DB2 and ADABAS databases. Supported numerous java based applications, JDBC and SQLJ.

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