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Senior Staff Software Engineer Resume

Shakopee, MinnesotA


  • Senior software and test engineer with experience developing and implementing applications that deliver solutions to business needs.
  • Proven history of leveraging both company and client requirements to define development strategies and create high - quality firmware and software tools that align with design objectives.
  • Strong track record of devising testing platforms and scenarios in order to ensure application quality and eliminate bugs prior to deployment.
  • Adept at identifying the root cause of problems and implementing swift resolutions, including handling emergency situations.
  • C, C++, Python, C#, T-SQL, ASP.NET, WCF, Visual Studio, Linux, OS X
  • XML / XSLT, Kernel 2.6, Subversion, JiraSoftware Engineering, Solutions Design, Test Engineering, Requirements Management
  • Application Debugging, Needs Assessment, Firmware Development
  • Software Development Lifecycle, Issue Resolution, Diagnostic Tools, Design Planning
  • Software Specification, Process Improvements, Customer Communications, Driver Development
  • Development targeted FreeRTOS, IAR workbench and compiler ARM processors. Carried out debugging and system testing for the thermostat product that included processors running wireless protocols as well as TouchGFX graphic processor. Bug discovery and tracking used Jira, firmware control used subversion.
  • Development targeted Linux platforms using C, C++, SQL, WinCC-OA, git, and svn.
  • Languages being used include C, C++, C#
  • Using among the following dye sublimation and thermal transfer printing technologies
  • Windows GDI/GDI+ architecture and programming interface
  • CUPS architecture and programming interface for OS X and Linux system
  • Develop and maintain Jenkins databases, Mecurial repositories, autoconfig and automake scripting.
  • Print drivers used Ethernet/USB interface design
  • Implemented software using Linux-based developments, C, C++, Java, x86 assembly, embedded controllers, and Python. Developed and maintained software configuration management systems and implemented operations support functionality including automated backups, testing processes, system security and interoperability testing.
  • Software was written in MFC, Visual C++, Python, Active support, and xml, using multithreading and multitasking. Software practices included continuous integration and code reviews.
  • Provided software modifications and work around solutions. Involved embedded device software using a combination of cellular, wifi and satellite networks as well as windows servers. Software was using python, eclipse and TFS.
  • Ported software from an earlier product. The development utilized the IAR workbench and C. The software also used parts of the MQX rtos. Employed agile methods with continuous integration and regular code reviews. Software control with svn.
  • Provided problem resolution and final line of customer support. The software is written primarily in Visual C++ with boost for the Agent and Java. SQL and scripting languages for the supervisor. A mix of agile/scrum and waterfall methods were used. Automated unit testing, continuous integration and required code reviews were integrated in the software control system using subversion.
  • Software development involved C/C++, stl, multitasking/threading, sockets, modbus, and xml on Comtrol’s new ARM based hardware.
  • The software runs on ARM, Linux and Windows based systems. designed and developed a C#/winforms/WCF based CAN Protocol analyzer/emulator that supports general and proprietary CAN protocols. The emulation capabilities involved multi-tasking emulation of multiple processors’ communication and interaction. Employed MVC patterns.


Confidential, Shakopee, Minnesota

Senior Staff Software Engineer


  • Improved testing methodologies and specifications for timers and error count triggers for Confidential . (self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology) for platform firmware. Created in firmware the data structures controlling Confidential . functionality. Defined specifications, and wrote the base software required for platform firmware test and debug. Implemented software required for firmware regression testing.
  • Developed, enhanced and debugged GNU 2.6 internals and file system required by Confidential proprietary LBA/sector locations as one part my implementing, extending and support of a MVC in wxWidgets based scripting test system.
  • Launched the first Confidential diagnostics tool for Apple's new Intel-based product line by developing a slax Linux-based test/support system capable of running powerful applications with minimal required resources. I added booting support for the Apple’s version of EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface).
  • Developed, extended and debugged Linux based pre-release drivers for PCI express HBAs from vendors including LSI and qlogic. Extensions included support for Confidential proprietary protocols of SAS and SATA drives. These proprietary protocols closely model packet based IP. Driver work were in libata, libsas, and scsi transport sas that provided extensions and enhancements to phy/OOB/link management, and domain discovery and device management.
  • Adapted to the increased popularity of SATA drives on SAS HBAs by developing driver firmware for SAS to SATA bridge devices.
  • Designed a cross-platform firmware debugging and production testing application written in C++ and STL. IBM manufacturing required that the software run on versions of aix, suse linux and windows for multiple different IBM server products' production lines.
  • Designed and developed a MFC GUI which displayed and enable field engineers to configure, test and diagnose Confidential SCSI drives,
  • Enabled Google to modify their proprietary Linux kernel and implement applications despite not having access to the kernel. Drafted documentation outlining modifications, configuration, and source code.
  • Developed firmware for Connor SCSI drive products. This included SCSI front end protocol processing, defect management, drive health monitoring and power management using C, and a proprietary OS running on dual 64HC11/16 processors.
  • Implemented a SCSI diagnostic test suite for Dell initially host based, and then first implemented the algorithm in drive firmware that became resident long self test for sas/scsi drives.

Confidential, Los Gatos, California

Software Engineer


  • Developed SCSI device drivers to fill the gap left by the absence of support from server manufacturers.
  • Conducted on-site support visits to debug drivers on client servers.
  • Created SCSI drivers for IRIX, SUNOS, AIX, and HPUX based systems to support peripherals including optical disk, tape drives, disk drives and autochangers.
  • Built consensus among internal leaders to drive sale of software drivers to targeted software development
  • Gained interest from customer Legato by demonstrating autochanger drivers that could be adapted for use with their Legato Networker automated storage backup product.

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