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Senior Data Analyst Resume

Fort Worth, TX


  • Senior Tableau Developer with 7 1/2 years of Data warehousing experience with Business Intelligence Tableau 2018.3.6, 9.0/8.3/8.2/8.1/8.0 , OBIEE, Microsoft SQL Server, OLTP and OLAP.
  • Excellent knowledge in RDBMS concepts and constructs along with Database Objects creation such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Functions, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Very good experience in Error Handling, Execution Recovery and Performance Enhancement of Talend DI Jobs.
  • Good knowledge on Data Quality Assessment & Data Cleaner Tool, Data Model Creation, Data Warehouse (Design, Implementation & Support)
  • Participated in Tableau 2018.3.6,9.0 Beta program, both in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that include duties like providing documentation on design, testing and migration from development to production.
  • Involved in creating Dashboards as needed using Tableau Desktop and published to Tableau Server.
  • Worked extensively with Advance analysis Actions, Calculations, Parameters, Background images, Maps, Trend Lines, Statistics, and Log Axes. Groups, hierarchies, Sets to create detail level summary report and Dashboard using Tableau’s Advanced Capabilities.
  • Created various Tableau Reports that includes Charts, Filters, Scorecards, Drilldown and Drill - Through, Cascade, Parameterized reports that involved conditional formatting
  • Extensively used Tabadmin and Tabcmd commands in creating backups and restoring backups of Tableau repository.
  • Involved in installation of Tableau desktop 2018.3.6,8.2, Tableau server Application software
  • Involved in creating dashboards and reports in Tableau 2018.3.6, 8.1/8.2/8.3/9.0. Created report schedules, incremental refreshes for data sources on Tableau server.
  • Creating users, groups, projects, Data connections, and settings as a Tableau administrator.
  • Extensively worked on Tableau Administrator and Tableau Server
  • Proficient in designing techniques like Snowflake schemas, Star schema, fact and dimension tables, logical and physical modeling.
  • The ability to analyze truly big data at interactive speeds using Teradata
  • Extensively worked on Talend Designer Components - Data Quality (DQ), Data Integration (DI) and Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Extensive experience in extraction, transformation and loading of data directly from different Heterogeneous source systems like Flat Files, Excel, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server
  • Experience in Configuring Interactive Dashboards with Drill-Down capabilities using Filters and Dashboard prompts


Reporting Tools: Tableau 2018.3.6, 9.0 8.3 8.2 8.1 , Business Objects 5.x/4.1, Crystal ReportsCognos

ETL Tools: IBM Info sphere DataStage, Informatica, SSIS

Databases: Teradata, Oracle, DB2 UDB, MS-SQL Server, Sybase

Front End Tools: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Visible Analyst, Lotus Notes

Document Management: Visual Source Safe 6.0, Share point

Methodologies: Logical/Physical/Dimensional, Star/Snow flake Schema, ETL, OLAP, SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, Iterative

Data Modeling Tools: Power Designer, ERwin, ER Studio, MS Visio

Languages: C, C++, .NET, SQL, PL/SQL and Java

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000, UNIX (HP UX, Solaris 2.7/8, AIX), AS/400, OS/390

Web Applications: HTML, Perl, XML and JavaScript


Senior Data Analyst

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX


  • Gathering user requirements, analyzing, designing and efforts estimations
  • Building executive, adhoc, and custom dashboards and publishing to Tableau server.
  • Testing, Monitoring performances, cleaning unused dashboards
  • Conducting kick off meetings, status calls, walk thru sessions and trainings to business users
  • Created best practices, publishing checklists and repository backups etc.,
  • Conducting performance tuning, applying user and data source level securities upon need
  • Conducting POC for tableau server setup for non-existing tableau applications
  • Creating projects, sites, groups, users, scheduling reports and extract refresh in Tableau as needed
  • Executed and tested required queries and reports before publishing.
  • Actively involved in testing new/upgraded features like new Visualizations, Forecasting, Data Blending, Parallelized Dashboard, Hyperlink Objects, Color-coded tabs etc. in Tableau 2018.3.6 Desktop/Server.
  • Developed Views and interactive Dashboards using Parameters, Filters, Actions, Bar/Pie/Funnel/Bullet/Dual Axis charts, Area/Geo/Heat maps, scatter plots etc., in Tableau 2018.3.6,8.1 Desktop
  • Created schedules, Tasks, Groups, Users, Permissions and Subscriptions on Tableau server.
  • Effectively used data blending, groups, sets, calculated fields, and aggregated fields and spotlighting to compare and analyze data in different perspectives.
  • Experience in creating sets, joins, hierarchies, global filters, quick filters, context filters, table calculations, calculated measures.
  • Extensively involved in developing the java code using HTML,JSP for the front end screen development.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 2018.3.6,9.0/8.3, Tableau Server 2018.3.6,9.0, Oracle, SQL Server 2008 R2, MS Excel.

Senior Tableau Developer

Confidential, Plano, TX


  • Participated in the daily stand up SCRUM agile meetings as part of AGILE process for reporting the day-to-day developments of the work done.
  • Created action filters, parameters and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets in Tableau.
  • Building, publishing customized interactive reports and dashboards, report scheduling using Tableau server.
  • Effectively used data blending feature in tableau.
  • Defined best practices for Tableau report development.
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau.
  • Executed and tested required queries and reports before publishing.
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
  • Created side by side bars, Scatter Plots, Stacked Bars, Heat Maps, Bump charts,Filled Maps and Symbol Maps according to deliverable specifications.
  • Provided support for Tableau developed objects and understand tool administration.
  • Worked in Tableau environment to create dashboards like weekly, monthly, daily reports using tableau desktop & publish them to server.
  • Created Custom Hierarchies to meet the Business requirement in Tableau.
  • Created Workbooks and dashboards for analyzing statistical billing data using Tableau 8.2/8.1.
  • Blended data from multiple data-sets by using linking feature in Tableau Desktop

Environment: Tableau 8.2/8.1, Tableau Server, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Windows 7, Custom SQL.

Tableau Developer

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Effectively interacted with Business Analysts and Data Modelers and defined Mapping documents and Design process for various Sources and Targets
  • Gathered data from various data sources regarding electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations and provided analytical reporting using statistical modeling and Predictive analysis
  • Implemented Tableau BI Dashboard reporting solution for different groups in the organizations like CARB,EPA and RRT
  • Converted MatLab Reports to Tableau Reports and defined best practices for Tableau report development.
  • Developed meatadata models in Tableau
  • Worked on Performance Tuning of the Workbook and improved the performance of the report running for 15 min to 90 seconds execution time.
  • Effectively used data blending feature in tableau to get data from Sql Server & MS Excel
  • Converted WEBI Reports to Tableau Dashboards for Advanced Visualizations
  • Customized the Geo maps to use custom shapes and converted latitude/longitude sets to City/state using Reverse Geocoding utility.
  • Created out of the box charts for complex end user Requirements. Converted Heat map to Funnel chart, Pie chart to a donut chart, Bar chart to a waterfall chart and many others.
  • Created TDE’s using Hadoop as the datasource and using Hive and Impala connectors.
  • Improved the Performance of data extracts created from Hadoop using contexts and Action filters instead of quick filters
  • Executed and tested required queries and data before publishing Dashboard
  • Created action filters, parameters and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets in Tableau.
  • Publishing customized interactive reports and dashboards, report scheduling using Tableau server.
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau.
  • Extensive experience in Tableau Administration Tool, Tableau Interactive Dashboards, Tableau suite.
  • Wrote Custom SQL to fulfill user Requirements and used Parameters in custom SQL for the Dynamic prompts as requested by the end users.
  • Worked in Tableau environment to create dashboards like weekly, monthly, daily reports using tableau desktop & publish them to server.
  • Created Workbooks and dashboards for analyzing statistical billing data using Tableau 8.2

Environment: Tableau Desktop 8.1, 8.0, Tableau server / Administrator, tabcmd, SQL developer, Hadoop, Hive, SQL Server 2008

Tableau Developer

Confidential, VA


  • Gather and analyze the business requirements and then translate them to technical specifications.
  • Created different views in workbook to visually analyze data.
  • Created extracts, published data sources to tableau server, refreshed extract in Tableau server from Tableau Desktop.
  • Used different Mark types and Mark properties in views to provide better insights into large data sets.
  • Created External filter, internal filter and Context filter to improve performance.
  • Used Data Blending, groups, combine fields, calculated fields, and aggregated fields and spotlighting to compare and analyze data in different perspectives.
  • Used dimension on Page shelf for a detailed analysis of the view by members of the dimension.
  • Created parameters and quick filters. Created sets to display top products based on their sale.
  • Created Actions in Worksheets and Dashboards for interactivity and to compare data against different views.
  • Created Dashboards with interactive views, trends and drill downs.
  • Published Workbooks and Dashboards to the Tableau server.
  • Combined visualizations into Interactive Dashboards and publish them to the web.
  • Created groups and users in Tableau server.
  • Used commands in Tabcmd and Tabadmin utility tool.
  • Migrated Workbooks and Dashboards from Tableau 7 to Tableau 8.
  • Implemented new features in Tableau 8 to the existing Workbooks and Dashboards.
  • Created extensive documentation on the design, development, implementation, daily loads and process flow of the mappings and provided Knowledge Transfer to the end users.

Environment: Tableau 7, Tableau 7 Desktop, Tableau server, Oracle 11i, Informatica 8.x, SQL, SQL*Plus, TOAD, Windows 2003/ XP, UNIX.

Tableau Developer

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Involved in various stages like development, system Analysis, design, and creating stored Procedures.
  • Involved with SSIS for sending and reviewing data from heterogeneous sources like (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data).
  • Created database objects like tables, views, indexes, stored-procedures, triggers and cursors.
  • Created various DDL/DML triggers in SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • Creating, maintaining the users, roles and granting privileges and Rebuilding indexes on various tables.
  • Wrote SQL stored procedures to implement business logic and Optimized the performance of queries with modifications in T-SQL queries.
  • Writing queries to generate reports for analysis of data using SQL Server Reporting Services Planned and modified the permission issues in the server.
  • Designed a report on the monitoring of SQL Server Performance. This report gives a detail report to the management on the Performance of the server.
  • Database testing, maintaining the data and writing the procedures.
  • Fine tuning the Database Settings as well as the Server Settings.
  • Created Sub-Reports, Drilldown-Reports, Summary reports, and Cross Tab reports.
  • Configured Mail Profile for sending automatic mails to the respective people when a job is failed or succeed. Maintaining SQL Script for creation of Database Objects.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2008 Enterprise, Server 2004, SQL Server 2008 R2, InfoPath, Access, Agile, Share Point Portal Server 2007, IIS 6.0, XML, ETL, Microsoft Visio 2003, MS Visual Studio 2008, C#, ASP.Net 3.5, VB.Net.

SQL Developer



  • Interacted with the Business Users and Supervisors to gather business requirements.
  • Converted the User Requirements into Business Requirements Document, Functional and Technical Requirements Documents.
  • Created Business Process Models from the requirement specifications.
  • Worked on developing Tables, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Queries, and Macros using MS SQL Server 2005, and MS Access databases.
  • Involved in Partitioning tables that have bulk inserts, deletes and updates to improve the performance.
  • Extracted data from xml and flat files using SSIS.
  • Generated parameterized/Drilldown, Drill through & Cascaded reports using SSRS.
  • Created, maintained, modified, and optimized SQL Server databases, database security and auditing.
  • Designed, programmed, deployed and tested the requested Reports.
  • Designed ER diagrams (Physical and Logical using Erwin) and mapping the data into database objects.
  • Developed Data Flow Diagrams, illustrating the flow of data from the legacy systems into the Application database Tables, along with checkpoints for testing verification.
  • Evaluated database performance and performed maintenance duties such as tuning, backup, restoration.
  • Analyzed long running queries and tuned the complex queries to optimize application and system performance.
  • Developed user test cases and validated test results during user acceptance testing.
  • Assisted in test planning and execution. Created test plan for User Acceptance Testing.
  • Implemented a well-planned Backup and Restoration strategy that protects databases against data loss due to damage caused by a variety of failures.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Erwin, MS Access, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SSRS Import & Export Data, SQL Reporting Services, XML.

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