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Msbi (ssis/ssrs/ssas/dw/sql/tsql/power Bi) Developer Resume

Boston, MA


  • 8+ years of IT experience with database development, Business Intelligence of Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016 in Development, Test and Production Environments on various business domains like Telecom, Health care and insurance, Pharmacy, Financial
  • Extensively experience in MS BI tools like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), PowerBI
  • Extensive experience in creating functions, store procedures, triggers, cursors, views, sub - queries, Indexes, SQL functions, constraints in T-SQL
  • Extensively Experience in creating Tables, indexes, views, sub queries, constraints, joins, Union Operators, SQL performance tuning, aggregate functions in SQL
  • Experience in Troubleshooting and Debugging applications
  • Extensively Experience in creating POWER BI Reports, DAX functions and Dashboards
  • Experience in creating jobs, packages and Experience in migration of Data from OLEDB, OLDB, Excel, Flat file to MS SQL Server Staging area through using DTS and BCP utility in SSIS.
  • Experience in preparing SSIS packages by using various transformations like derived column, look ups, merge join, for each loop, for loop, union all, conditional split, script component.
  • Experience in providing Error handling, logging by using the Event Handler SSIS Packages Experience in performance tuning in SSIS packages by block, row and unblock transformations
  • Expertise in creating alerts, jobs in SQL server mail agent, plus schedule SSIS packages
  • Experience in build and maintain control flow, dataflow task in SSIS using MS Data Tools
  • Experience in Build and maintain cubes and tabular models from the underlying data warehouse
  • Experience in created and maintained Data warehouse and data mining solution
  • Exeperience in SSAS Tabuler Model as well as Multi dimensional models
  • Extensive experience in DWH (Data Ware House), Datamart, Data modelling and developing EDW project
  • Working Experience in Snow Flake, Star Schema, fact tables and Dimensional tables.
  • Extensive knowledge in creating Partitions, calculations, and KPI using SSAS.
  • Expert in power pivot reports, excel, drill through dash boards using OLTP connection
  • Expert in creating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008/2008 R2/2014
  • Good Experience in reports writing using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) as well as creating different kinds of reports like matrix, table and web reporting, chart reports by customizing the URL access
  • Developed drill through, drill down, cascaded, parameterized and sub reports using SSRS
  • Expert in design implementing process for upgrading, deploying, managing, extracting data and archiving for a reporting using SSRS
  • Extensively worked on Report builder and Report Manger in SSRS
  • Good knowledge in creating Ad-Hoc reports, data driven subscription reports by using Report Builder in SSRS
  • Knowledge in cloud based solutions such as Azure, AWS
  • Experience in working with Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, Power point, Visio
  • Experienced working in Agile environment method and Waterfall environment methods
  • Expertise and exposure toward various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


Databases: MS SQL server 2016/2014/2012/2008

Programming Languages: SQL, T- SQL, XHTML, HTML, XML

ETL Tools: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

OLAP/Reporting Tools: SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Power bi

SQL Server Tools: SQL server Management Studio, SQL server profiler, SQL server Query Analyzer

Data Modeling Tools: Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, SQL server management studio(SSMS)

Other Tools: MS Visio, Microsoft Office, MS Excel, MS Access, Microsoft Power point

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.


Confidential, Boston, MA



  • Involved in development phase meetings for Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering.
  • Worked on Agile/SCRUM methodology for iterative and incremental development for insurance department.
  • Studied the data requirements and the impact analysis on the existing schema.
  • Responsible for design, develop and maintain SSIS packages
  • Created and deployed SSIS packages and applied various data transformations and tasks like Sort, Union All, Conditional Split, Slowly Changing Dimension, Multicast, Merge Join, Lookup, Conditional Split, Aggregate, Derived Column, and Data Conversion Transformations, Execute sql task, Execute process task, script task etc
  • Created several SSIS schedule tasks and monitored those tasks regularly.
  • Worked on Performance Tuning and Optimization of SSIS packages.
  • Created the SSRS reports like Matrix, Tabular, chart, subreports, parameterized reports, Adhoc reports, drill down, drill through reports and Dashboards as per the requirements.
  • Created POWER BI reports and published to online Portal
  • Created POWER BI dash Boards and debugging the reports till source level
  • Perform debugging of DAX queries in POWER BI
  • Created and deployed Snow flake Schema (data marts) for OLAP Cube generation.
  • Extensively involved in creating calculated members and KPI’S for the SSAS cubes.
  • Created Store Procedures, Functions and Triggers for retrieval and update of data in the database.
  • Created Joins, tables, Indexes, DML, DDL,TCL, DCL statements and sub quarries using SQL.
  • Improved Performance of the database by Performance tuning and Debugging the sql code
  • Design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation of applications.
  • Working with QA team for testing SQL codes.

Environment: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server 2016, T-SQL, SQL SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), BIDS, Microsoft Visual Studio2017, MS Office, Windows 7, MS Access, SSMS, Powerbi

Confidential, St Louis, MO



  • Analyzed and Gathered user requirements from clients.
  • Wrote data base objects- joins, tables, User-defined functions, triggers, stored procedures, views and indexes using Detailed Design Specifications.
  • Assigned proper Indexes, Fine-tuned queries for better performance.
  • Widely used SSIS to transfer data from different sources like SQL Server, Flat Files, MS Access to be used for generating reports using SSRS.
  • Extensively used different SSIS transformations such as Aggregate, Audit, Derived Column Conditional Split, Import Column, Lookup, Export Column, Merge, Merge Join etc.
  • Created many Variables that were used to pass parameterized values into the package, which makes the package Dynamic.
  • Scheduling the Jobs and SSIS packages.
  • Wrote the queries for the drill down reports, adding and identifying the report parameters.
  • Actively involved as Business Data Analysis in gathering Business requirements and reporting of large volumes of Healthcare data using SSIS (ETL) and SSRS (Data Visualization
  • Created visualizations with drill down, drill through features in Power BI.
  • Built and published customized interactive dashboards utilizing Excel Power BI.
  • Published Power BI desktop models to Power BI service to create highly informative dashboards and to get quick insights.
  • Created T-SQL functions, stored procedures, cursors, triggers and views other statements for various applications, implemented business logic and maintained referential integrity.
  • Created and deployed Star Schema (data marts) and snowflake schema for OLAP Cube generation.
  • Extensively involved in optimizing performance and Debugging of SQL code.
  • Coordinate with the team that responds to all system problems to reduce or eliminate production problems by analyzing production usage information and using that information to design a better architecture.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2016, SQL Server Integration Services, MS SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Visual Studio, T-SQL, SQL, XML, SSMS, Powerbi




  • Actively collaborate with users, Team leads, and technical managers to fully understand the requirements of the system
  • Created several SSIS Packages to extract data from heterogeneous sources (like Flat File, Excel, and OLEDB) to SQL-Server
  • Implemented several Transformation, Logging, Package Configurations and other SSIS features while creating SSIS Packages
  • Creating various ETL jobs to load data in to DB from various sources on Daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Perform Troubleshooting and Debugging SSIS Packages
  • Worked as a Designer and developer matrix and tabular reports with drill down and drill through report using SSRS.
  • Worked on performance tuning of long running SSRS reports by creating cached reports and other techniques.
  • Deployed reports into the report manager using Report Builder and by uploading the rdl file into report manager and connecting it to Data Source
  • Created POWER BI reports and dashboards and uploaded to Share point
  • Worked with POWER BI DAX functions
  • Created the reports in the form of Table, Matrix and chart using SQL server reporting service
  • Created and deployed snowflake schema for OLAP Cube generation.
  • Implemented Analysis services project, responsible for defining and identifying data source views and data source. Created cubes plus defined the dimensions
  • Developed complex T-SQL code such as Stored Procedures, functions, triggers, Indexes and views for the application
  • Wrote various kinds of DDL and DML statements.
  • Did Performance tuning of long running Stored Procedures and sql queries
  • Worked on Unit testing for SSRS Reports, SSIS Packages and T-SQL Scripts.

Environment: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services ( SSAS ), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), T-SQL, SQL, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), BIDS, MS Excel, Access, SSMS, PowerBI




  • Understand and document the technical requirements
  • Script SQL statements to extract data from the SQL Server for data cleanup.
  • Created new database objects like Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Indexes and Views using T-SQL in Development and Production environment for SQL Server.
  • Developed, monitored, scheduled and executed SSIS package by using MS BIDS and SQL Server Agent.
  • Created Variables to pass parameterized values into the package, to makes the package Dynamic.
  • Extensively used SSIS to implement the Slowly Changing Transformation, to maintain Historical Data in Data warehouse.
  • Worked on automating SSIS jobs using SQL Server Job Agent.
  • Developed, deployed, and monitored SSIS Packages.
  • Worked on Event Handlers to do Event handling on error Confidential the package and task level on error, on warning and configured it using send email task and script task
  • Created Sub-Reports, Drilldown-Reports, Dynamic sorting, Parameterized Reports, Matrix reports, Charts based on Business requirements in SSRS.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports and modified them by using SSRS and MS Report Builder.
  • Deployed SSRS reports to the reporting server and assisted in troubleshooting deployment problems.
  • Experience in identifying dimensions and Involved in building Facts and Dimension tables.
  • Created and deployed cubes in Star and Snowflake schema.
  • Extensively involved in working with dimensions, measures, generating KPI
  • Created snowflake schema for OLAP Cube generation.
  • Worked closely with developers, end users and Administrators in designing and creating databases and other objects.

Environment: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services ( SSAS ), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, SQL, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), BIDS, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows 7, MS Office, MS Access, SSMS




  • Responsible for generating requirement specifications and daily reports
  • Developed Complex SQL queries using various joins and developed various dynamic SQL's thorough out the projects. Tuning long-running SQL Queries, Procedures and Functions using SQL Profiler, SQL analyzer, Index tuning wizard.
  • Developed complex T-SQL queries, stored procedures and database objects.
  • Experience in data warehousing concepts Developing SSIS Packages to Load Data from various sources
  • Deploying, Monitoring, and Scheduling SSIS Package
  • Using precedent constraints and checkpoints in a control-flow
  • Developing child packages and master/parent for deployment
  • Performance and Optimization tuning for SSIS packages
  • Generating drill-through, drill-down and parameterized reports
  • Configuration of report manager, report server in SSRS
  • Scheduling and Deploying Reports utilizing SSRS to generate the all daily, weekly, monthly as well as quarterly Reports.
  • Implemented Analysis services project, responsible for defining and identifying data source views and data source. Created cubes plus defined the dimensions
  • Generated snowflake schemas for Cube generation.
  • Performed development support, document reviews, test plan, integration of the system.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, Windows 2007 Server, SQL, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS

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