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Sr Bi And Dw Consultant Resume

Richmond, VA


  • I am an experienced IT consultant. Specific areas of expertise including system requirements collection, architecture, analysis, design, implementation, testing, maintenance and enhancements in varied platforms with special emphasis on DW and ERP using MSBI, Data Visualizations Tools and Microsoft Dynamics AX Technologies.
  • SME in Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2014/2012 R2/2008R2/2008/2005 suite of products including SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.
  • Actively involved in analysis, design, development and implementation of large - scale applications, resolving the defects and coordinating the requirements with team.
  • Worked directly with Business users to understand the requirements to create new system requirements and technical specification documents using Microsoft Visio 2008/2010 for new projects.
  • SME in developing SSIS Packages to ETL/ELT data into the large data warehouse from heterogeneous databases such as Oracle DB, MS Access, Netezza, Excel, Flat files etc.
  • SME in designing, creating, processing of cubes using SSAS and creating different types of reports and dashboards using SSRS from OLAP cubes using MDX, DAX and T-SQL.
  • Profound knowledge about the Relational Database concepts and experienced in designing and deploying relational database.
  • SME in data visualization tools - Power BI and Tableau.
  • Expert in using Voltage APIs in SSIS to encrypt and SSRS to decrypt PII and PCI data.
  • Extensive experience in creating database objects like stored procedures, user defined functions, tables, views and triggers
  • Expert in Performance Tuning, Handling Indexes, and Query Optimization.
  • Worked on development/staging/production environments and used Team foundation server/visual source safe for version controls and communication’s well as defining Actions, translations and perspectives.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills, extremely reliable, quick learner and have strong ability to work independently as well as a part of a team.


Operating System: Win 7, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 R2


Databases: MS SQL Server, Netezza, Oracle, MS Access, My SQL

Utilities and Tools: SQL Server Management Studio, Visual studio, SQL server Data Tool Power BI, Sharepoint, Tableau, Tortoise SVN, TFS, Secure Assist, App Dynamics, Soap UI, Toad, Microsoft Dynamic AX, Voltage, ProClarity


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Sr BI and DW Consultant


  • Work closely with business analysts and end-users to understand, capture, document, and analyze requirements to develop and deploy complex data solutions.
  • Migrated SQL Server ETL and Reports from SQL 2012 to SQL 2016.
  • Designed data warehouse and Data marts, created ETL processes using SSIS, also created Dashboards and Reports using SSRS and Power BI designer for corporate strategy, operations and finance teams to provide real time reporting.
  • Analyze source data in order to Develop and build SSIS packages using Microsoft SQL server data tool (SSDT)
  • Actively involved in the code review for SQL, ETL and SSRS before deploying the code in QA environment.
  • Perform analysis and testing of SSIS packages and reports for accuracy and performance
  • Worked on Implementation and scheduling of SSIS packages and reports subscription
  • Maintenance and support of SSIS packages, SSRS reports and DB built in production
  • Responds to ad hoc requests for end users in a timely manner, continuously seeking efficiencies in the way work gets processed
  • Optimized TSQL queries to improve end user experience for reporting and reduce DW and DataMart load time.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2016/2012, SSRS 2012/2016, SSIS 2016/2012, Power BI, AS 400, Power Pivot, TFS, C# and .Net

Confidential, Marietta, GA

Sr BI Consultant


  • Worked with business team and stake holders during this assignment to enhance business and IT collaboration by providing over 2,000 employees with self-service data access. Now, the entire company shares a common set of goals, metrics and KPIs for reporting.
  • To enhance the user experience, created and implemented automation ETL-ELT processes for large volume databases which has size of 10 TBs and more. Created about 80+ new reports. Also enhanced existing reporting and automation processes using SSIS and Pentaho (PDI), SSRS for more than 200 reports and 50+ SSIS packages.
  • Wrote a SQL code for more than 100 database objects like SQL stored procedures, Triggers, Functions, Views using TSQL to support reporting, ETL process and database performance and maintenance in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Oracle 11g.
  • Improved operational efficiency as processing time for nightly refreshes decreased from 8 hours to 2 hours, facilitating hourly intraday metric reporting.
  • Added new reporting features to the Confidential Internal reporting website, which allowed users to pull reports, analyse business processes and critical operational data in the form of different types of reports such as parameterized reports, drilldown reports, drill-thru reports, and sub-reports in different formats such as Tabular, Matrix and Charts etc. for business users.
  • Created advanced features in SSRS using expressions, java and vb .net codes which are not readily available in SSRS.
  • Created report subscriptions so that business users will receive reports via E-mails or on shared drive using Windows File Sharing in different formats such as PDF, Excel and Word etc.
  • Optimized TSQL queries for reporting and data load processes.
  • Adhere to department, organization and industry guidelines, standards, policies and procedures.
  • Promote the company culture by approaching each day with team-oriented and can-do attitude
  • Used TFS as a repository to store packages, reports.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2016/2008R2/2008, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2016, Oracle 11g, SSIS 2016/2008R2, Power Pivot, TFS, Pentaho, C# and .Net, Google Big Query, AWS, GCP, Domo

Confidential, Marietta, GA

Microsoft SQL Server & BI Consultant


  • Responsible for the development and architecture of the BI environment, its design, documentation, performance, availability, and success, including ETL, data warehouse/data marts, and end user applications for conversion analytics and reporting.
  • Worked with business team, stake holders and offshore team during this assignment for reporting, ETL processes implementation and enhancement of existing processes.
  • Developed TSQL Codes to support DBs migrations using SQL and successfully executed server migration plan to migrate FD internal CDAR web applications from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012 R2 including Five large databases and BI components like SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.
  • Designed and implemented new processes for all the incoming and outgoing data feed and reporting as a part of migration project.
  • One of the first team in first data to successfully implement voltage encryption and I wrote a script task in SSIS and created custom dll using C# to decrypt those data using SSRS by using voltage APIs for SQL Server 2012 R2.
  • Designed and Implemented process to report PII and PCI data access statistics into Splunk using SSRS and SSIS for one of the largest database which has a size of 10TB within client organization.
  • Created and Implemented many automation processes to handle and process millions of rows and provide reporting using SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, C# and .Net which were done manually by users in past, to enhance user experience.
  • Added new features and tools to First data MDB-CDAR website, which allowed users to pull reports, analyze business processes and gives them an ability to load huge data files with size of GBs (excel files with dynamic columns and flat files) into sql databases.
  • Created lots of complex SQL stored procedures, Functions, Views, Indexes in Microsoft SQL database over the period of 5 years to generate more than 400+ SSRS and Ad-hoc reports.
  • Designed and implemented the data warehouse using star schema also created repeatable ETL processes to load dimension and fact tables based on the business requirements.
  • Wrote a SQL store procedures to implement data warehouse Partitioning in OLAP data warehouse system using sliding window technique for huge tables with millions of rows to maintain data in partitions and to provide manageability and performance benefits.
  • Designed and created aggregations, partitions, calculated members, named set, advanced KPI’S for SSAS cubes using MDX and DAX; used them to create dashboards and reports via SSRS, Power BI, Tableau and Excel.
  • Used Power Query, Power Pivot and Power view from power BI add-ins for excel and Power BI Desktop to create dashboards for end users.
  • Created and deployed rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop-down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau for one of the client partner to provide them Revenue Impact Analysis, Forecasting and Pricing Opportunity Analysis. Created Schedules and Extracted the data into Tableau Data Engine to support those dashboards.
  • Promote the company culture by approaching each day with team-oriented and can-do attitude
  • Optimized TSQL queries for reporting and data load processes.
  • Used Tortoise SVN as a repository to store packages, reports and database objects like Store procedures, functions etc.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012R2/2008R2/2008, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2012R2/2008R2/2008, SSIS 2012R2/2008R2/2008/2005, SSAS 2012R2/2008R2/2008/2005, Power Pivot, Tableau, Tortoise SVN, C# and .Net, Netezza, Power BI, Splunk

Confidential, Hagerstown, MD

Microsoft SQL Server & BI Consultant


  • Worked as team lead for offshore team during this assignment.
  • Designed and developed OLAP data warehouse system to support enterprise level reporting.
  • Created ETL processes using SSIS to load the data into OLAP data warehouse system.
  • Implemented advanced logging to support debugging and enhancement of ETL processes.
  • Created ETL processes to pick up data files for monthly and daily load from the shared folders, process them, validate data in those files before loading into SQL database tables and send an email to users with data load statistics.
  • Implemented data warehouse Partitioning in OLAP data warehouse system to provide manageability and performance benefits.
  • Implemented process using sliding window technique to maintain data in partitions.
  • Optimized TSQL queries for reporting and data load processes.
  • Created SQL Data dictionary to provide detail information about database objects using SSRS.
  • Created Report Catalog report using SSRS to provide detail information about all the SSRS reports in existing environment.
  • Created different types of reports such as parameterized reports, drilldown reports, drill through reports, sub-reports in different formats such as Tabular, Matrix and Charts etc. for end users using TSQL and MDX datasets.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008R2/2008, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2008R2/2008, SSIS 2008R2/2008/2005, SSAS 2008R2/2008/2005, PowerPivot, TortoiseSVN

Confidential, Roswell, GA

Microsoft SQL Server & BI Consultant


  • Closely interacted with end user to gather business requirements.
  • Designed interfaces for UIF which company’s internal application to transfer and transform data between DAX (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) AP, AR, GL modules and different legacy systems like CaseTrax, FMS, and BMS etc.
  • Responsible for Full Report Cycle including Authoring, Managing, Security and Generation of Reports.
  • Generated different types of Reports such as Tabular, Matrix, and Charts.
  • Experienced in defining Query for generating drill down reports in SSRS 2008/2005.
  • Created stored procedures and user-defined functions for different Reports.
  • Deployed and configured the reports in the Report Server.
  • Created Subscription of Reports in different formats such as PDF and Excel to be executed automatically on weekly or monthly basis.
  • Created complex correlated sub queries to generate reports.
  • Prepared documentation on the data mapping and relationships between tables.
  • Created On demand (Pull) and Event Based delivery (Push) of reports per the requirement.
  • Expert in Performance Tuning, Handling Indexes, and Query Optimization.
  • Tuned the database for optimum performance.
  • Created groups, roles, users and assigning access privileges to users.
  • Configured and Automated Maintenance plans.
  • Secured reports by creating Service Accounts and Security Groups and configuring in the Report Server.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008, T-SQL, SSIS 2005/2008, Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Microsoft SQL Server & BI Consultant


  • Moved all the objects from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.As part of that i had converted the most critical DTS packages into SSIS packages.
  • Solved the bugs which assigned to me and push every code on the staging for the code review.
  • Code review with DBAs and made the necessary changes per the KU Standards. After approval deployed code in a production.
  • Created the SSIS packages for cubes which load the Dimension tables, Fact tables and process the cube.
  • Created SSIS packages to clean and load data to data warehouse.
  • Created package to transfer data between OLTP and OLAP databases.
  • Created SSIS Packages using Pivot Transformation, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term extraction, Aggregate, Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task, Execute Package Task etc to generate underlying data for the reports and to export cleaned data from Excel Spreadsheets, Text file, MS Access and CSV files to data warehouse.
  • Scheduled Cube Processing from Staging Database Tables using SQL Server Agent
  • Create store procedure to log all the events on the success and failure on flat file as well as in Error Log table.
  • Used TFS once you put your project on TFS any of the member of the team can see your work. TFS provides a source control repository, called Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC).which relied on a file-based storage mechanism, Team Foundation source control stores all code, as well as a record of all changes and current check-outs in a SQL Server database.
  • Designed a cube per BRD. BRD were created by our BA team.
  • As a part of a cube design, created TRD and after approval of TRD, I had to start working on development of cube which has multiple fact measure groups, and multiple dimension hierarchies per BRD.
  • Created calculated fields with MDX cube to meet additional measures needs that are calculated from existing measures.
  • After finishing the development of the cube, put in a code review using TFS.
  • There Business users do the UAT and once they approved UAT, DBA deploy cube on Production.
  • On the frontend used ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 to browse the cube and to check the outcome of the cube.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, SSIS 2005, SSAS 2005, Visual SourceSafe, Win2003 Advanced Server, ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3, Team Foundation Server, MS Access

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