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Manager, Database Technology Resume

Reno, NV


  • 30 years of DB2 database architecture and administration on AIX, RHEL, SLES, Solaris, Windows, and z/OS platforms. Confidential Certified DB2 for LUW Administration.
  • 19 years of DB2 for LUW distributed architecture, administration, and production support of V11, V10, V9.7, V9.5, and V9.1 ESE, SQL Replication, HADR, DPF distributed systems - V8.2 and V8.1 ESE, WSE, and ESE DPF on AIX utilizing HADR/HACMP and VCS clusters, RS/6000 64 and 32 bit clusters - V8.1 ESE Sun/Solaris VCS clusters, V7.2 EEE on a sixteen-partition SP2 - V7.2 & V7.1 EE on Solaris 7, 8 - UDB V7.1 & V6.1 EE on RS/6000 clusters, Windows Server, XP / NT 4.0 Intel clusters - V6.1 & V5.2 EE on NT 4.0 Intel clusters - EMC Symmetrix - ESS - FastT - DSx SAN storage systems - VCS - EMC BCVs - Quest Foglight / Spotlight - BMC SmartDBA - Embarcadero.
  • DB2 LUW V11, V10.5, V9.7, and V5.2 - V9.5 on AIX BCUs utilizing Table and Hash partitioning, SQL Replication, MDCs, MQTs, Temporal Tables, BLU Adaptive Compression as well as the DB2 utilities suite including db2dvisor, db2expln, db2pd; performed partitioning and index analysis; assisted Datastage and Informatica analysts with ETL, Staging, and load SQL; supporting Business Objects and Microstrategy BI analysts with tuning complex SQL report queries; many, many years of DB2 installation, configuration, and tuning.
  • 27 years of SQL, DDL, DML, SPL, PL/SQL ( DB2 LUW; DB2 z/OS, Oracle, Xdb, and INFORMIX-SQL ) including SQL SPL stored procedures, triggers, and UDF's. 6 months each of IDMS & IMS.
  • 19 years of AIX, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX KSH and BASH scripting, AWK/SED, Perl, cron; server monitoring via shell scripts, DB2TOP, DSMTOP, NMON, TOPAS.
  • 10 years of z/OS database development and administration using Platinum for DB2 including RC/Query, RC/Update, RC/Migrator, Database Analyzer, Plan Analyzer, and Platinum Utilities; BMC Catalog and Change Managers, Mastermind Suite, and BMC Utilities; DB2 Utilities; FileAid for DB2, Insight, and Omegamon for DB2.
  • 5 years of Logical, Physical, and Dimensional Modeling using Toad Data Modeler, Erwin V3-V7, and Embarcadero's ER/Studio.
  • 10 years of DB2 COBOL/CICS design and development on z/OS, including several years with CA-Realia Cobol & MicroFocus COBOL with CICS option and xDB.
  • 1 year of Oracle 9i, 8i SQLPlus, PL/SQL PL/SQL Developer, SQL Explorer; physical database creation and support; SQL functions, triggers, and stored procedures. Converted two Oracle V8 Systems DB2 V7 & V8.


DBMS: DB2 LUW V11.1, V10.5, V9.7, V9.1 ESE DPF - V8.2 ESE, V8.2 Workgroup Edition, V8.1 ESE - V7.2 EEE - V7.2 EE - V6.2 EE, V5.2 EE - DB2 z/OS V2.3 thru V5 - Oracle 9i, 8i - IDMS - IMS - Informix - System 2000 - Total.

Utilities/DBA Tools: DB2 Data Studio - Confidential Data Server - Toad for DB2 - Quest Central for DB2 - Quest Foglight and Spotlight - Embarcadero DBArtisan - BMC’s SmartDBA - Platinum RC Suite - BMC Catalog Mgr., Alter, Load, Unload, & Reorg Plus - Insight - Optimizer - SQL Explain - Omegamon for DB2 - QMF - Intertest - Xpediter/TSO - Xpediter/CICS – Syncsort – DFSort - JESMaster IOF – SDF – Comparex – FileAid - AbendAid.

Modeling Tools: Toad Data Modeler, ERWin V3 to 7.1; ER/Studio; Visio; Power Designer.

OS: Suse Linux, AIX 6, 5, and 4; Solaris 7 & 8; RHEL Linux 4, 5, 6 & 7; and Suse SLES 6; MVS XA/ESA; MVS; MVT; VS1; VS2; DEC VAX & RSX; Primos; Data General Eclipse and AOS; NT/2000/XPPro;

Version Control and Management/EAM: Helix ALM/Core; ClearCase & ClearQuest; PVCS Version Manager/Tracker; SCLM; MS Source Safe; Star Team, Maximo; Panvalet; BMC Remedy; Manage Now; MKS

Project Management: MS Project; Project WorkBench; Semantic Timeline.


Manager, Database Technology

Confidential, Reno, NV


  • NV State Operations and Database Technology representative with oversight for the NVKIDS project to modernize the existing z/OS DB2/CICS legacy system to DB2 V11.1 AESE Suse Linux VM’s on Dell VxRail hardware with Replication and HADR.
  • Used Helix Core/ALM CM & Tracking, exposure to Solarwinds PSA/Ticketing & Monitoring.
  • Performed POC’s of V11.1 features BLU column organized, data skipping, compression, InfoSphere CDC, MQ, cloud implementation of DB2 V11.1 using AWS/AWS Marketplace S3, EBS, and DB2 V11.1 EC2 Linux VMs.


Confidential, Nashville, TN


  • Install, configure, monitor, upgrade and maintain DB2 in production and test environments.
  • Deployment and real time production troubleshooting; backup & recovery; replication support.
  • Provide 24x7 on call support for production environment on rotation and need basis.
  • Diagnose and address database performance issues using performance monitors, snapshot data, database constructs, various tuning aids including explain, db2advisor, db2top utility.
  • Planned and implemented strategies and procedures for physical disaster/recovery and contingency planning. \Interact with Storage and Systems administrators on Linix/Unix/VM operating systems issues related to databases.
  • Create database maintenance and automation scripts.
  • Configure and maintain Database High availability using HADR and log shipping.
  • Troubleshoot database production problems and database connectivity issues.
  • Planned and implemented strategies and procedures for physical disaster/recovery and contingency planning.
  • Established mechanisms for replicating production databases including SQL replication, Log-Shipping, and HADR.
  • Utilized Jira w/Scrum & Kanban


Confidential, Poughkeepsie, NY


  • Production DBA in the steady-state support of DB2/UDB DBA V9x, V8x, & V7x including dedicated LUW support to Confidential and their Worldwide Web Portal and corporate databases.
  • One of two Confidential team members in support of 125+ DB2 prod, QA, Dev, and DR databases on 30 VCS clustered and standalone servers running AIX 5.2 5.3, 5L, 6.1 RedHat 3, 4, & 5, and Solaris 8, & 9.
  • Performed system, instance, and database monitoring and tuning, production implementation, fixpack and remediation upgrades, database conversions, and AIX, Linux and Solaris administration.
  • Utilized Maximo.
  • Performed Korn and Bash shell scripting.
  • Provided Level-3 support for DB2 as well as level-1 support for Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server.
Manager, Database Technology

Confidential, Armonk, NY


  • One of two team members in support of 125+ DB2 prod, QA, Dev, and DR databases on 30 VCS clustered and standalone servers running AIX, RedHat 3, 4, & 5, & Solaris 8, & 9.
  • Performed system, instance, and database monitoring and tuning, production implementation, fixpack and remediation upgrades, database conversions, and AIX, Linux, and Solaris administration (as needed) and Korn and Bash shell scripting.
  • Provided Level-3 on-call support for DB2 as well as level-1 support for Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server databases.
Manager, Database Technology

Confidential, Roanoke, VA


  • Responsible for all database physical design and construction, DB2 installation and configuration, ETL, data staging schema, and BO SQL, data loads and retrieval.
  • Utilized Erwin for physical database design and DDL generation; designed DB2 configuration; responsible for SQL and environment performance tuning using native DB2 monitors, snapshots. advisor, explain; created and wrote stored procedures and UDFs to assist in Datastage ETL; wrote abundant shell scripting.

Confidential, Sterling Forest, NY



  • utilizing SQL replication, HACMP / HADR clustering and failover, DB2 utilities, snapshot & event monitors, and extensive AIX shell scripting of database monitoring and utility scripts.
  • Provided Level-3 DB2 and SQL performance tuning and Level-2 SQL replication support.

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Manager, Database Administration, Datatrax Services


  • Install, configure, monitor, upgrade and maintain the entire DB2 infrastructure.
  • Complex SQL tuning of SQL reports produced by the Microstrategy V7, V8 products using common table expressions, global temporary tables, large-volume data retrieval, stored procedures, triggers, check constraints, and user defined functions, MQTs & MDC’s.
  • Capacity planning of FastT and DS400 SAN Storage Management of raw and file system SMS and DMS containers. Worked closely with AIX System Administrators with capacity planning.
  • Worked closely with Java and Microstrategy development teams. Worked with Project Managers to review user requirements and size DB efforts.
  • DB2 utilities suite including explain, dynexpl, db2advis, db2pd, db2dart, inspect, load w/cursor/pipes.
  • Tivoli Storage Manager for backups, restore, and archive logging.
  • Erwin 3.2-7.1 logical and physical modeling, reverse engineering, and database DDL generation and maintenance.
  • Extensive UNIX (Linux, AIX 4-5, Solaris 8-9) including vi, sed, awk, ed, and Bash & Korn Shell scripting; good working knowledge of Suse Linux 2.4, 2.6 and Redhat 4 and 5.
  • Created DB availability and tablespace usage monitoring shell scripts utilizing email and text-message notification.
  • Prepared written technical documentation of policies, procedures, and design and architectural considerations for database development and support guidelines.
  • Supported 4 dev / test instances, applying weekly DB delta fixes and upgrades.
  • Modified extensive Korn shell scripting to support UDB. Installation, database creation, and monitoring.
  • Converted, modified, and tuned database mining SQL
Manager, Database Technology

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Installed and configured UDB EE V7.2 on Solaris 8 SunFire clusters for a national health group physician’s portal. Responsible for all UDB activities including client / server installation and configuration, database creation, and performance tuning.
  • Supported multiple environments.
  • Worked with Unix administrators to successfully implement Veritas VCS HA cluster failover and disaster recovery utilizing EMC Symmetrix.
  • Produced Korn shell scripts for db monitoring and to automate installation and db creation.
  • Mentored UDB DBA staff.

Database Administrator

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Responsible for physical design and implementation of Data warehouse / Data Mart structures.
  • Worked with and supported 25 developers and data architects in the design, creation, and support of the Corporate Warehouse and Data Marts.
  • Performed complex SQL review and optimization;
  • Supported and maintained development and test instances, databases, partitioning and co-location, and security on SP2 using UDB V7.1, and V7.2 EEE utilizing DBArtisan, AIX, and Korn shell scripts.
  • System utilized ETL technology (Optiload) and Executive Information System technology (Microstrategy).
  • UDB DBA supporting EE V7.1 on multiple NT 4.0 Intel and Sun Solaris 5.8 platforms with Java staff of 20+.
  • Responsible for database design, architecture, and all UDB database administration tasks including installation, configuration, and user group authentication, authorization, and privileges on all NT and Solaris platforms; performed regular backup/restore, Import/Export, Load, Reorg utilities.
  • Performed Oracle 8i database migration to UDB. Extensive UDB command usage, Control and Command Centers; Visual Explain.
  • Design and creation of database objects (table, index, table space, view, bufferpool, constraints, RI, packages); complex database objects (SQL procedures, triggers and UDFs). Produced DASD configuration using VERITAS. Performed event monitoring and snapshots (collecting information, analyzed state of applications).
  • The environment utilized Weblogic, Java, and a UDB DB Server Portal. Produced performance modeling.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Database Architect and Administrator


  • Performed installation, configuration, database modeling and construction.
  • Used Control Center, system command level, CAE, import/export, backup/restore, database migration.
  • Runstats, Reorgchks, and Reorgs. Supported development team of 12, providing SQL assistance, triggers, and stored procedures.
  • Utilized WebSphere Commerce Suite, WCS, ERWin and Embarcadero ER/Studio modeling tools.
  • Database Administrator and Architect for customization and implementation of a B2B commerce exchange using Websphere Commerce Suite (WCS) Market Place Edition (MPE) under AIX on RS/6000 F80s, B50s.
  • Maintained 14 NT and 3 AIX development platforms.
  • Reverse-engineered WCS and MPE into ERWin and ER/Studio dictionaries, DDL.
  • Performed design of physical data storage, access, and security administration.
  • Performed on/off-line backup and recovery, exports/imports.
  • Configured database parameters.
  • Assisted in writing optimum SQL, performed explains, developed triggers and SQL stored procedures.
  • Performed Runstats, Reorgs.
  • Utilized Event Monitors and Snapshots.

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