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Software Developer, ProgrammeR


  • Seeking data analyst or software developer jobIdeal job
  • difficult, technical, creative problem solving, fast learning


  • Python 3.7, SQL, computer science, Excel, Autodesk Inventor (like SolidWorks), G code, AutoCad, Arduino, some Fusion 360
  • visualization, analysis, cleaning, structures and algorithms, machine learning, web scraping, JSON
  • Linux, C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Django



Software developer/programmer


  • wrote Python and VBA for quality control
  • Automate ~40 hours/week of manual work, greatly improve detection of defects on life critical parts
  • Clean CMM data, read PDF/Word/Excel, calculate, write/format Excel
  • Update times for jobs entered in a priority sheet
  • data analysis and problem solving to produce precise life critical parts +/ - 0.0005 inch, inspection, running 3-4 axis mills, helped set up aerospace part

Confidential, Lowell, MA

Business Owner


  • Manufacturing and selling alcohol stoves
  • Part time construction, painting, felling trees
  • Construction, making picture frames

Confidential, Essex, MA

Business Owner


  • bank dataset Github Google
  • Jupyter Notebooks sql (sqlite3) database read/write (r/w) sql r/w csv pandas numpy
  • binary classified visualization Github Google bject oriented programming (OOP) class instance method (regular method) instance variable namedtuple inheritance subclass machine learning (artificial intelligence): classification with scikit-learn (sklearn)
  • KNN on breast cancer Github Google k-nearest neighbors stratified k-fold cross-validation statistics, data analysis, data science
  • Somerville police trust Github Google logistic regression train/test split cancer plots Github Google statistics data visualization matplotlib higher order function pandas bank2 Github Google data cleaning pandas dataframe optimization matplotlib web scraping Github Google regular expressions web scraping html parsing html requests
  • BeautifulSoup
  • ISS Github Google json class method decorator coolant3 Github g code r/w txt
  • CMM measurements flowchart searching and sorting for files r/w Excel (xlsx, xls)
  • penpyxl xlrd shutil s defaultdict pyinstaller data cleaning and sorting
  • Word to Excel converter data alignment
  • conditional timestamps
  • Worksheet Change subroutine
  • Detect a change event in the intersection of cell ranges. timestamp
  • cylinder drilling robot stepper motor solenoid limit switch

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