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Senior Software Systems Engineer (python, Go, Sql, Gcp) Resume

Morrisville, NC


  • 4+ years of experience as a Software Engineer, proficient in coding in multiple programming languages like Python, Go, SQL, JavaScript and C/C++
  • Experience in Design, Development and Implementation of REST APIs using Flask Framework and development and deployment of Cloud Applications using microservices architecture on platforms like GCP and AWS
  • Experience with multiples Databases like Postgres, Ignite (SQL) and Firestore(NoSQL)
  • Worked on web technologies like XML, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS and AngularJS 1
  • Familiarity with Agile development and tracking tools like Git and Jira
  • Experience with Linux based Network Operating Systems and using its Command Line configurations
  • Hands - on experience with industry-standard IDEs like PyCharm, Sublime and Visual Studio Code
  • Experience with GCP computing services like AppEngine and Cloud Functions
  • Working knowledge of load balancing and reverse proxying using Nginx
  • Experience in using AMQP and RabbitMQ for Pub/Sub operations
  • Experience in developing code with Test Driven architecture
  • Strong knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms, Object Oriented Analysis and software design patterns.


Programming Languages: Python, Go, SQL, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Java

Tools: Postman, Jira, GitHub, Nginx, RabbitMQ, Android Development Tools, Proteus, Eagle, MATLAB

Databases: Postgres, Ignite, Firestore (GCP), MongoDB

Protocols: SPI, UART, I2C, TCP/IP, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Technologies: REST, RESTCONF, XML, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, NodeJS, AngularJS 1

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android

Development IDE: PyCharm, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, Eclipse


Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Senior Software Systems Engineer (Python, Go, SQL, GCP)


SaaS-NG Applications:

  • Developed a flexible interface for Postgres, Ignite (SQL) and Firestore (NoSQL) by implementing a Database abstraction layer.
  • Architected an Orchestration layer to communicate with multiple south bound interfaces.
  • Implemented different south bound interfaces using REST, RESTCONF, GraphQL
  • Structured code to be unit testable using Go interfaces and documented code coverage using codecov.
  • Implemented Search functionality using Google Cloud Platform’s App Engine.
  • Deployed applications using Docker container.

Manager of Managers Application:

  • Adopted to Agile methodology to deliver APIs on a 2-week sprint basis and track progress using Git and Jira.
  • Implemented Filtering and Pagination for different endpoints.
  • Implemented User Authentication using JWT


Software Systems Engineer (Python, Go, JavaScript, REST, Networking)


SaaS-NG Applications:

  • Architected cloud applications based on microservice architecture, structuring code into Business Logic, Orchestration and Data Access layers.
  • Established inter-service communication between applications using Nginx over HTTP.
  • Prototyped RabbitMQ, GCP Pub/Sub to determine effective cloud deployment technologies

Extreme Switching RESTCONF:

  • Designed RESTCONF (RFC 8040) APIs, using Flask framework in Python
  • Modelled APIs to conform to OpenConfig, a vendor-neutral data model.
  • Developed YANG to Python REST API code generator, that could be used for different Network Operating Systems.
  • Implemented APIs on EXOS, a network OS, for configuring and managing Interfaces, VLANs, LLDP, AAA and PoE
  • Developed Swagger Documentation for the REST APIs

Universal Port Manager (UPM):

  • Engineered an embedded application to schedule jobs based on triggers like Time of the day, Log events and Port Up/Down events.
  • Developed a client library for easy access to interact with the APIs
  • Developed an interactive CLI to enable users to provide configuration input
  • Developed a simple GUI to configure the application running on a switch.

Extreme Analytics REST API:

  • Designed a schema-based framework that acts as a translation layer, linking shell calls and embedded network operations to a RESTful interface.
  • Established a link between Analytics Engine and Switches using REST APIs.
  • Implemented features to monitor Network quality, manage traffic congestion, detect and fix problems in the network.
  • Built APIs to store client metadata and add support for embedded devices.
  • Developed tests using Postman and performed validation of data for APIs.

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Embedded Hardware Development Intern (Python, C, AWS, Arduino, I2C, Wi-Fi)


Back MetriX:

  • Designed a wearable device prototype, starting with Block Diagram design, selecting components, modules and estimating average power consumption.
  • Established link between a 9 DOF IMU and ZigBee wireless dongle and transfer data to a computer through USB.
  • Developed a script to periodically upload data to the cloud using AWS IoT SDK through on-board Wi-Fi
  • Created a simple GUI using Python Tkinter to generate a live streaming plot using matplotlib libraries.

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