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Machine Learning Programmer Resume


  • 5+ Years of professional experience in Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of various applications .
  • Proficient in Python programming and SQL for Data Analysis.
  • Experienced with using Jupyter Notebook,Python Pandas for Data Analysis and Visualization .
  • Experienced using Machine Learning algorithms like Linear Regression , Random Forest and SVM for predictive data modeling to deliver insights and implement action - oriented solutions to complex business problems.
  • Experiences with SQL DB2.
  • Experience using basic UNIX commands and Powershell.
  • Knowledge of NLP .
  • Good Confidential using libraries for technical development like BeautifulSoup , Pandas dataframe , Numpy , Matplotlib , Scikit-Learn and MySQL
  • Familiar with NLTK
  • Advanced experience with MS Excel and Outlook
  • Experience with Version Control , ideally GIT .


Languages: Python, SQL

Markup Languages: HTML, JSON, XML.

Scripting: Java Script, Shell scripting

Frameworks: Django

Version Control Tools: GIT.

Programming Methodologies: Waterfall and Agile(Kanban Board).

Databases: DB2, MySQL

IDE Tools: PyCharm

Bug Reporting Tools: JIRA

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix

Algorithm: Machine Learning Algorithms



Machine Learning Programmer


  • Performed analysis of and feature selection of several hundred variables using Python Pandas and Numpy libraries.
  • Developed Machine Learning model to predict the job performance of thousands of candidates.
  • Used python libraries scikitlearn and math for standardizing, categorizing, cross validating and creating machine learning models.
  • Used Random Forest Regressor algorithm for prediction of job performance.
  • Successfully achieved the desired MSE.

Environment: Python, Machine Learning algorithms, Jupyter Notebook, Feature Selection


Senior Software Engineer


  • Performed extraction and analysis of existing data using SQL.
  • Developed application to provide reimbursement of medical claims after successful verification.
  • Attended story grooming session, sprint plan meetings, daily standup meetings, and reviewed user stories in Agile Environment.
  • Actively participated with the team to discuss technical or design ideas during project development process.
  • Created test cases, perform defect analysis and worked on defect/work orders. Confirmed data accuracy after introducing new system.
  • Manage error tracking.
  • Tested system functions to ensure that customer’s business and functional requirements are met.

Environment: COBOL, DB2, SQL,JCL,VSAM,Z/OS


CICS System Programmer


  • Performed the tasks of CICS System Programmer.
  • Prepared change documents for pre-implementation, implementation and post- implementation plans.
  • Performed major work tasks such as installs, upgrades, maintenances to CICS and associated sub-products. Assisted with SMP/E procedure.
  • Ensured compatibility of ISV products with CICS by checking applied PTF’s. Built multiple CICS regions & completed all the checkouts.
  • Performed root cause analysis for major incidents and identified resolution.
  • Performed monitoring and checkouts during Disaster Recovery.



Mainframe Application Programmer


  • Involved in full project life cycle involving Requirement Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Implementation phases.
  • Preparing the technical design documents and carrying out walkthrough meeting with the IT & Business managers.
  • Extracted and analyzed the data using complex sql queries.
  • Used Data Warehousing tool Ab initio for data extraction, data cleansing, data validation and data transformation.
  • Worked with Ab initio Components like Partition-by-key, Partition-by-expression, Join, Dedup Sorted, Denormalize, Normalize, Reformat, Filter-by-Expression, Rollup, Concatenate, Gather, Interleave and Merge.

Environment: .AbInitio, COBOL, DB2, SQL,JCL,CICS, VSAM, UNIX,, Z/OS


Helpdesk Coordinator


  • Technical support & troubleshooting for existing application.

Environment: Mainframe, UNIX


Technical Support Associate


  • Technical support & troubleshooting for existing application.

Environment: .Windows, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Services.

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