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Sql Server Dba/bi Resume

Raleigh, NC

An enthusiastic and innovative MS SQL Server database developer/administrator with over 8 years'solid working experience in SQL Server Database/Data Warehouse Development and Database Administrationin various industries.
Working experience and outstanding knowledge of database administration and developing in SQL 2000/2005/2008 servers, including:
Designing database, constructing tables, views, triggers, indexes, stored procedures, user defined functions, constraints, and data integrity and maintaining system security including managing user logins, granting access roles and creating services account;
Performing administrative tasks: Database backup/restore, index defragmentation/ reorganization /rebuild, SQL Server Agent jobs implement and maintenance, Monitor and resolve locks and deadlocks, data partition, SQL Server email setup, security management, data integration and synchronization;
Proficient in high availability SQL Server database solutions, including replication, mirroring, log shipping and SQL Server clustering;
SQL Server Performance monitoring and trouble-shooting, server-level, database-level and object-level security design, database capacity planning;
Data conversion and cleansing, database storage and database upgrades planning;
Installing, configuring and managing SQL 2000/2005/2008 servers, migrating existing applications to SQL 2005/2008. Transferring/Rewriting DTS packages to SSIS packages;
Expertise in a variety of SQL Server tools such as SQL Management Studio, Query Analyzer, SQL Server Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, SQL Server Agent.
Experienced in following Business Intelligence areas:
MS BI stack including Integration Services(SSIS), Reporting Services(SSRS), Analysis Services(SSAS);
Data warehousing and analysis skills: ETL tools, OLTP, OLAP (MOLAP, HOLAP, and ROLAP), Data Mining, MDX, Transactional and Multi-Dimensional modeling skills (star schema and snowflake schema).
OLAP Cube designing and construction, SQL Reports development, and SSIS package development;
Designing business models using UML diagrams - Use Case, Sequence, Activity, Class, Collaboration diagrams in MS Visio.
Working knowledge and experiences of software development life cycle (SDLC) and project methodologies, as well as tools and techniques within each phase(e.g., requirement elicitation, data dictionaries, data diagram, ERD, programming languages, technical platforms, standards and procedures).
Solid background in Finance, banking and marketing services field.
Exceptional troubleshooting and problem solving and sound decision making capabilities, recognized by alternative solutions, and confident, accurate, decision-making coupled with excellent communication and interpersonal skills


SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
Database/Data Warehouse Design
Performance Tuning and Trouble-Shooting
Data Cleansing and Data Conversion
SQL Server Profiler/Tuning Advisor/Server Agent
Log Shipping/Mirroring/Replication/Clustering

Installation, Upgrade, & Migration
Store Procedure/User-defined function
Erwin R7.2/ER Studio/ UML /MS Visio
Database security maintenance

Professional Experience

BI Developer/DBA - Contract 03/2010 - 05/2011
Confidential, Richmond VA

Confidential, is a Virginia State Institution, which administers a defined benefit plan, a group life insurance plan, a deferred compensation plan and a cash match plan for Virginia\'s public sector employees, as well as an optional retirement plan for selected employees and the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program for state employees, located in Richmond, Virginia, USA. In this long-term modernization project, databases and data warehouse have been designed based on the business requirement. Stored procedures and ETL tools are applied to extract/ load/convert data from legacy system to newly designed databases. Data profiling and data cleansing is also the key process in the whole project.

Defined the business scope of data warehouse project with business users and the application and data warehouse development team and initiated capacity and compatibility planning;
Designed and validated the logical data model that provides a different representation of the requirements;
Developed and validated source target mappings and transformation logic required to support information requirements;
Developed new ETL processes to populate the Data Warehouse, and process cubes. Tuned and optimized these SSIS packages;
Initiated cube design projects, dimension definition and MDX execution in business oriented environment;
Defined and designed calculation, aggregation function, KPI , perspectives with the BI development team;
Extracted data from data warehouse using BI reporting tools and delivered easy-to-consume personalized reports to the end users;
Identified and analyzed critical issues as well as data quality problems and creatively resolved the issues;
Prepared and maintained project plans, cost estimates and status reporting for completing projects.
Perform database administrative work including but not limited to:
Backup/restore database and transaction log;
Defragment/ reorganize /rebuild cluster/noncluster index;
Setup /maintain SQL Server Agent jobs for database management as well as SSIS package execution;
Monitor the status of all databases and servers including CPU, memory, I/O, space Management, block, and dead lock.
Tuned performance, optimized databases, managed system securities, tracked logs and issues

SQL Server DBA /Developer/ BI Architect 01/2006 - 02/2010
Confidential, La Mirada CA

Confidential, is a NASDAQ listed company based in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company was founded in 1991 and pioneered self-service coin counting machines to provide consumers with convenient and innovative means to convert coins into cash.
Data from different sources are being loaded to the Data Warehouse on a daily basis to refresh the Analysis and Reporting Solutions. SQL Server jobs are scheduled to run the ETL packages and to process the cubes. Share point dashboards containing SSRS, KPI lists, Excel sheet PDF files were created to demonstrate key metrics in the money transferring process. ProClarity and Excel are also being used to analyze the data by decision makers. As the application DBA, my main task is to maintain all the jobs, ETL packages, Cubes, SQL Server Reports, databases on the production and development servers. I also developed SQL Server Reports, KPI lists for the dashboard and SSIS packages to load table for reporting solutions.

Perform normal day-to-day DBA activities, including backup, restore, performance tuning, security management, capacity planning, standards development and enforcement;
Maintained SQL Jobs which refresh Data Warehouse, process cubes, and backup databases;
Managed the production, development, and test database including access controlling, high availability;
Designed OLAP cubes to meet laboratory requirements and allow users to perform fast queries;
Developed and optimized indexes, complex views, constraints, triggers, and stored procedures for large MS SQL Server database;
Tuned performance, optimized databases, managed system securities, tracked logs and issues;
Created SSIS packages with which data sources such as Excel, Access, Flat files, and XML were loaded daily in order to create and maintain a centralized data warehouse. Made the package dynamic so it fit the environment;
Modified and tuned SSIS packages, and changed cube designs to accommodate business changes;
Developed new ETL processes to populate the Data Warehouse, and process cubes. Tuned and optimized these SSIS packages;
Monitored the status of all databases and servers including CPU, memory, I/O, space Management, block, and dead lock;
Scheduled and monitored maintenance activities of SQL Server 2005/2008 to meet business requirements activities including database consistency check, data backup & restore strategy, index defragmentation;
Design and create SSRS for Compliance department based on Anti-Laundry Compliance Policies.

SQL Server Developer/DBA 07/2003 - 12/2005
Confidential, China

Fuling Golf Club Corporation is a private golf management company founded in Chongqing, China in 1997, operating over 50 facilities in China. These facilities include, public and private golf courses, country clubs, and practice centers. My responsibilities involved in the usage, accuracy, efficiency, security, maintenance, administration, and development of all enterprise databases in production, development, and test environment, including hardware configuration, software installation, database optimization, performance monitoring and tuning, database maintenance, backup/recovery, data consistence check, security administration, and data cleanse. Furthermore, responsible to design and implement enterprise databases including tables, relationship, stored procedures, views, user-defined functions, triggers, complex queries, and the indexes for mission-critical business applications. Also responsible to monitor and tune large databases for performance and availability, modify database structures, develop database backup/recovery procedures, provide support and guidance to operational models, as well as model like Fixed-Income Securities and forecast database and platform resource utilization.

Maintained day to day operating procedures for SQL Server databases;
Monitored and tuned databases to meet the performance and availability requirements of online systems and multiple applications;
Designed database cluster to handle more than one million OLTP transactions;
Provided support to business operational models;
Modeled and forecasted database and platform resource utilization to meet user needs and respond to anticipate technological innovations;
Created and developed the stored procedures, triggers, views, and user defined functions to handle complex business rules, activity log, and error log;
Created logical and physical database design, data structures, and implemented large databases using Erwin;
Developed and optimized indexes, complex views, constraints, triggers, and stored procedures for large MS SQL Server database;
Developed and created data dictionary, tables, views, indexes, and functions advanced queries for databases by using Query Analyzer and SQL Server Enterprise Manager;
Generated database SQL scripts and deployed databases including installation and configuration;
Developed and implemented maintenance procedures;
Devised, developed and implemented disaster recovery and archiving procedures;
Planned and coordinated database security measures;
Worked closely with IT project managers, programmers, and testers to achieve optimal reliability of operation database;

Managed the production, development, and test databases including access controlling, performance monitoring and tuning, capacity planning, SQL Server clustering, database security configuration, and database continuity;
Created alerts, notifications, and emails for system errors, insufficient resources, fatal database errors, hardware errors, and security breach;
Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring, optimizing SQL Server and T-SQL statement from developers and testers.

M.S., Management of Information System
B.S., Management of Information System

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