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Sqa Analyst/test Engineer Resume

Rancho Cordova, CA


  • Sixteen years of software test analyst, test lead and development engineering experience in Windows, Windows WEB based and UNIX environments.
  • Thorough understanding of the SQA role in the SDLC including waterfall and agile/scrum approaches.
  • Thorough experience in the software test design process including experience with Mercury Interactive Tools, RUP, Rational Test Tools and Product Studio.
  • Extensive project management responsibilities in an SQA Analyst/SQA Test Lead role.
  • Daily use of Microsoft Project Web Access to track project hours and milestones using Gant Charts.
  • Strong SQL skills utilized in testing software applications, reports and databases.
  • Knowledge of database structure, architecture and extensive use of ERDs.
  • Structured test design, test risk analysis, test case creation, test case execution, regression, systems integration testing, stress testing, performance testing, ad hoc and usability software testing experience.
  • Extensive analysis and documentation of project issues and defects throughout the defect resolution process.
  • Development of automated test suites utilizing Visual Test and Visual Basic programming in a data driven environment and test automation using Rational Robot and Mercury Interactive tools.
  • Experience working in an ISO 9001 certified environment.
  • Extensive mechanical design experience and knowledge of metrology equipment.
  • Implementation of statistical process control methods.
  • Extensive QA experience in both the software and hardware engineering fields.

Tools: TOAD, SQL Query Analyzer, PUTTY, RUP documentation templates, Rational Robot, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Test Manager, Rational ClearCase, Web Runner, Load Runner, Microsoft Visual Test Suite, Mercury Interactive tools, SVU Subversion, Microsoft Office, Product Studio, Bug Tracker, Bug Trapper, Bounds Checker, Virus Scan, XML Script Tools, DOS and XML Batch Files, MS Word Macros.
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, LINUX, MacOS X.
Databases: SQL7.0/2000, MS Access, Oracle 10G.
Hardware: Intel Pentium based Machines, AMD, IBM AS 400, Macintosh
Programming Languages: SQL, C#, JAVA Script, Visual Basic, Visual Test
Web Technologies: HTML, XML, ASP, VB Script, JAVA Script
Networking: TCP/IP

Professional Experience

Confidential, 01/2010 - 04/2010
XML/Web Analysis Training

Intensive web training classes which included the following topics:

  • Web Page structure and formatting.
  • Page headers.
  • Web Page structure and formatting.
  • Enumerations and web controls.
  • Generating web pages through XML input scripting.
  • XML inputs through web data entry UIs.
  • XML request validation.
  • XML response validation.
  • Hidden tags.
  • Derived values generated through XML inputs.
  • Analysis of server logs.

Confidential, 11/2005 - 12/2009
SQA Analyst/Test Engineer
Implementation of new functionality and defect fixes to cyclic upgrades to an array of existing applications within the Global Solutions Integration group. Applications responsibility constituted Emissions Testing, Reporting, Auditing and Analyzer Integration applications for the Massachusetts, Georgia and North Carolina Emissions Testing programs, Point of Sale, Internet Sales, Sales Catalog, WMU Management and Admin applications for the New York Fish and Game project, Department of Homeland Security web based internet order tracking application and associated reports. Testing programs involved upgrades to existing Power Builder Windows and Web based applications and conversion of existing Power Builder applications to Web based applications. Please note that this assignment was initiated as a contract through TEKSystems (Technisource) for approximately one year and as a direct hire by MCI/VerizonBusiness for approximately three years.
Responsibilities included:

  • The joint development of business requirements for each application.
  • Tracking daily progress of individual projects using Microsoft Project Web Access tools.
  • Project management within the SQA role for each assigned project.
  • Creation of test plans including test risk analysis that describe what will be tested.
  • Building test cases that detail the test steps, cross referencing test cases to requirements to demonstrate full testing coverage.
  • Executing test cases, regression testing, creation and execution of test drivers, reporting defects, and documentation of test results.
  • Performing analysis of problem reports, participating in project status/planning meetings, and preparing user acceptance test plans.
  • Creation of SQL scripts for back-end validation of databases, applications and reports testing using the TOAD application interface to the Oracle database.
  • Data privacy and security testing of applications and databases.
  • Proficient use of Rational Testing Tools including: Rational Robot, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Test Manager in addition to SVN Subversion. Recent experience with RRAFS automation framework.

Confidential, 10/2005 - 11/2005
QA Test Engineer Consultant

Very short term contract with Mid to Senior level QA responsibilities for testing specific pieces of an HR CAM team internal survey application to solicit manager feedback within the Intel corporation. The survey application required participant authentication, several email notifications, completion of a manager's questionnaire and tracking of survey participation. Responsibilities included: Analysis of application requirements based on written and verbal communication by the customer. Identification of UI components and database components to be tested. Preparation of test cases and SQL scripts based on customer requirements. Execution of test cases and SQL scripts. Coordination of testing with prime vendor, Perseus, Intel HR, Project Technical Lead and Intel SQA. Familiarity with ASP, .NET applications and SQL database skills.

Confidential,01/2005 - 08/2005
Knowledge Based Expert - QA Lead Consultant
Chosen by the Excell test team (see previous assignment for details) to lead the Microsoft test team as a Knowledge Based Expert with direct responsibility over one local tester in Redmond and six offshore testers (India). Implementation of testing strategies for new version of RoleGuide, an internal Microsoft WEB based .NET application.

  • Provided extensive guidance, organization, product knowledge and product/test requirements for entire test team.
  • Project management within the SQA role for each stage of this project.
  • Training offshore testers in application knowledge and requirements, developing test strategies and resolution of conflicts within the testing group.
  • Initial responsibilities at Microsoft included test verification and regression on then current version of product - QFE bug fixes, SP-1, SP-2, SP-3 bug fixes and live site smoke tests of product.
  • Development of software test requirements/test procedures for new RoleGuide software version, including extensive development and documentation of test cases in Product Studio.
  • Extensive black box UI testing of new application and associated administrative tool. Integration testing of new application database structure and associated data into new application.
  • Integration testing of new learning opportunities external database information and its integration with new application and ability of new application to transfer data correctly to/from this new external database.
  • Worked closely with chief product architect performing back-end testing, debugging and bug fix verification using SQL queries in numerous database tables.
  • Performance and load testing at the end of test cycles.
  • Verification and bugging of reported issues from the RoleGuide production site.
  • Assignment continuous through Beta Release and SP-1 of new product version.

Confidential, 09/2004 - 01/2005
QA Engineer Consultant
Employed directly by Microsoft contractor (Excell Data) to test an internal Microsoft application, RoleGuide on a cyclic basis. Application is a highly complex WEB based application used internally by Microsoft employees for self evaluation, evaluation by managers, scheduling learning opportunities and career enhancement within the Microsoft Corporation. Our team was responsible for the development and testing of successive versions of this application and the associated administrative tool.

  • My responsibilities include the development of test cases for BVT, UAT and Full test passes, preparation of automated test scripts using Mercury Interactive tools and Web Runner (an internal M/S scenario recording tool) and running those test passes using a combination of manual and automated testing.
  • Database related testing and debugging using SQL queries.
  • Responsibilities also include Adhoc testing of the application/administrative tool, reporting test results and the reporting, tracking and resolving of defects.

Confidential, 11/2001 - 07/2004
Software Developer/Tester
Design, development and testing of VB applications to provide office support for various business applications including product sales, customer support, and monitoring of product inventory in the wood products manufacturing and sales industry.

  • Design and development included conceptualizing of application requirements, creation of an application and test design process, development of a master database for all business applications, application development and product testing/final release.
  • Responsibilities also included assistance in developing various MSWord macros for office use. I had also been attending school at Bellevue Community College.

Confidential, 03/2001 - 08/2001
Software Test Engineer Consultant
Testing the client-server proxy for the voice synthesis engine in a telephony-based email reader service, and the prompt engine for playing back pre recorded prompts.

  • Responsibilities included setting up servers, installing and configuring server software, running automated tests, analyzing results, entering bugs and adapting existing tests as needed to improve test coverage. Experience with Windows NT and client-server architecture, debugging, understanding of C++, COM programming concepts and DOS batch files.

Confidential, 02/1994 - 01/2001
Software Test Engineer
Software test design requirements/specifications for C++ windows application developed to run CNC video measurement equipment in an ISO 9001 certified QA environment. GUI testing for lens scaling/offset, video image (frame grabber), video tool overlays on stored video images, editing and running video tools, feature measurement/feature geometry, learning, editing and running part programs in customized Basic language.

  • Developed test cases and tested geometry engine through the GUI, part programming interface and the API. Responsible for software test design/testing of touch probe enhancement to edge detection technology. Automated testing techniques for video tools using Visual Basic and Visual Test scripts.
  • RUP experience included SQA Robot, Test Manager and RUP documentation suite.
  • Experience with HTML, Access database design, SQL Server, Bug Trapper and Bounds Checker and Mercury Interactive tools.

Confidential, 05/1990 - 11/1993
QA Engineer
R & D engineer to provide QA support to emerging technologies and design/develop advanced measurement equipment.

  • Served as team leader in development of process control and capability verification procedures for an automated fuselage panel assembly cell.
  • Provided R & D support for laser based CMM and Photogrammetry.
  • Assisted design team in wing panel tool redesign and mechanical/metallurgical testing of fasteners.

Confidential, 01/1986 - 05/1990
Senior QA Engineer
QA engineer assigned to implement World Class Quality concepts into a PC board manufacturing process. Implementation of SPC concepts and tools in automated and manual punch press, board conveyance and silk screening, chemical baths, UV curing and seal-brite operations.

  • Developed specialized tools to measure process parameters and performed R & R studies on measurement equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Confidential, 05/1980 - 01/1986
Various Positions
Quality Assurance Engineer - Components (11/1983 - 01/1986)

  • Assigned to components manufacturing, including PC boards and integrated high voltage transformers.
  • Implemented process checks and prepared detailed inspection manuals for QA personnel. Implemented SPC in PC board manufacturing area.
  • Performed gage R & R studies, process defect analysis, new materials evaluation, product test & reliability studies.
  • Time-study and Methods Development Engineer (05/1980 - 11/1983)
  • Responsible for establishing direct labor rates using motion/time analysis (Work Factor) and indirect labor work efficiency through work sampling techniques.
  • Process and manufacturing engineering duties included layout of work stations, assembly lines, process specifications and tool design.

Confidential, 08/1971 - 05/1980
Various Positions
Equipment Development Engineer (10/1975 - 05/1980)

  • Developed equipment for automation of coil component manufacturing.
  • Designed mechanical components, pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical for new equipment.
  • Designed tooling for coil winding and staking equipment.
  • Process Development Engineer (08/1971 - 10/1975)
  • Responsible for layout and processing of electronic component assembly operations.
  • Detailed processing of line operations, line balancing, specification of tools and equipment layout.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Professional Engineers Exam - Passed Part I (EIT)
Continuing Education
Statistics 301 (IUPUI)
Work Factor Training (RCA CEE)
Fortran IV with WATFIV (RCA CEE)
Design of Experiments (RCA Princeton)
Principles of Metallurgy, MET 411 (University of Washington)
Strength of Materials CE 323 (Seattle University)
Programming Fundamentals in Visual Basic (Bellevue Community College)
Visual Basic 4.0 Level I (Bellevue Community College)
Fundamentals in Database Design (Bellevue Community College)
Access Database Programming (Bellevue Community College)
Visual Basic 5.0 Level II (Bellevue Community College)

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