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Sr. Analyst Programmer Resume

Colorado Springs, CO


Over twelve years of experience in design and development of various business applications including data warehouse, Client server environment with strong background in Pega, Oracle, Sybase, C, Pro*C, C++, Java, Python, Perl and Shell Programming Ab Initio, Autosys.Over 2 years of experience in design and development of Business Rules Engine (BRE) and Business Process Management (BPM) applications using Pega PRPC.


Software: Jenkins, MongoDB, NoSQL, Mediationzone, RBM Netcracker, Ab Initio ETL, EME, Unix, C, Pro*C, C++, Shell programming, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server 7, Autosys, Syncsort, Enterprise manager, Toad, EDI, Elementary idea of Lex/Yacc, Pvcs, Clearcase, HTML, JavaScript, Pascal, FORTRAN, C++, Java, Visual basic, Perl, Apache and object oriented analysis and design, TCP/IP and networking concepts, Vantive.

Hardware: Pentium PCs, HP - UX 9000, Sun sparc, Unisys 2200/400


Sr. Analyst Programmer



  • Working on PEGA PRPRC v7.1, performed Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance of BPM and Business Rules Engine (BRE)application using the PEGA Rules.
  • Process Commander (PRPC) tool.
  • Developed technical specifications to support the functional requirements.
  • Implemented the technical requirements.
  • Creating the Business Process Flows and Flow actions in Pega PRPC.
  • Experience in creating Agents, data tables and database tables.
  • Experience in Activity and Activity methods.
  • Wrote shell script to automate the process in production.
  • Determined causes and recommended and implemented solutions for improved processes.
  • Managed on - shore off-shore developers.

Development Tools: Linux, shell script, Python, PEGA PRPRC v6.3, Oracle

Sr. Analyst



  • Worked for Confidential 's financial planning system application called PACE, Where the application ran on AIX Unix and, Oracle RPAS, PL/SQL, shell script, Teradata, C++ and stored procedures, I was involved in development, automation and maintenance of the application in production environment.
  • Setup the deployment process in Jenkins using power shell and unix shell scripting.
  • I was also involved in monitoring, planning, managing, and migration and deployment of application and granting privilege to RETEK/RPAS application etc.

Development Tools: AIX UNIX, PowerShell, Subversion, C++, Toad, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Ksh, sed, awk, KSH, Perl

Senior Developer



  • Online Delivery System (ODS) is the Hogan application that processes monetary transactions from the delivery channels.
  • Delivery channels such as IVRU, T2 and SVT use ODS to access Hogan and other SOR/PAS data.
  • Worked as developer with Confidential advisors division in PL/SQL, Where we maintain the operational datastore, Worked on loading security into database coming from different source, some incremental and some of them full load.
  • Also worked on conversion for the merger of Confidential and Confidential, using stored procedure, triggers, and functions and tuning of application also involved in loading the data into caliper system (A check free application).
  • As well as supporting application in production on a rotation basis.
  • Written module to convert EBCDIC file into ASCII format and process it from CFD server.
  • Change some of the existing module of Ab Initio to adjust the data mapping and workflow, heavy coding of UNIX and Perl script.
  • Working on day to day verification in production and oracle backend maintenance and support of application.

Development Tools: Sun Solaris UNIX, C++, Perl, Toad, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g

Senior Developer

Confidential, Duluth, GA


  • Worked as in Lottery implementation and support center 24/7.
  • Development modules to implement the conversion of data using C/C++ and shell programming,
  • Written report in Oracle report writer and Pro*C to show the sales and commission figures Also writing triggers, creating view and materialized views, partitioning of tables etc Written several Shell scripts and support in production on a rotation basis.
  • Written batch C/C++ jobs which are running to process data from different database on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Creation of Database links and synonyms.
  • Administration of AIX Unix box and maintenance of Database with the help of system administrator and DBA.
  • Used various C string functions to strings and for text file operation.
  • Supporting and troubleshooting the system for any production failure and fixing it instantly or priority basis.

Development Tools: Unix AIX, C, C++, Pro*C, PVCS, Oracle Developer, Oracle Report, Toad, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Oracle 10g, Ksh, sed, awk, etc.

Senior Developer/Analyst


  • Working on Datawarehouse debit for their processing of debit transaction where the clearing and authorization data are stored.
  • Designing and development of Merchant Data System.
  • Design & Development of Debit Commerce Intelligence Data Augmentation.
  • Supporting the batch job as well.
  • Coding in C, Unix shell, PL/SQL, Syncsort for MDS 7.3 and 8.1.
  • Also working extensively in Oracle for tuning and designing database, writing stored procs.
  • Supporting production jobs 24/7 on a rotation basis.

Development Tools: AIX Unix, PVCS, Connect:Direct, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Oracle 10g, Toad, Mercury, Ksh, sed, awk, Syncsort

Application developer/Analyst



  • Co-ordinating project activity with offshore - Development as well as enhancement of programs based upon the user request or production problem.
  • Writing C module using unix and oracle for the billing system which is sharing data with other systems.
  • System Analysis - Problem research/resolution, performance improvement.
  • Co-ordinating with DBA for any issue with database and assisting and suggesting changes with them.
  • Running adhoc SQL queries, report, adhoc changes through script.
  • Modification of any existing script, review and promotion of script and program.
  • Impelemented C program on VMS operating system after development and modification.
  • Creating implementation plans and managing implementations.
  • Working on a 24*7 production issues rotation wise, Like immediate resolution of any production problem.

Development Tools: C, Sybase, Vantive, CVS, Unix, Java, PL/SQL, Ab Initio, OpenVMS version 8.1

Application developer



  • Study the existing system interface to identify the various sources of data and their usage.
  • Interact with the person in charge and users of different business sections to enquire about exact user requirements.
  • Interact with the different support groups to implement the change request.
  • Feasibility study of introducing workflow system. Data analysis, Design.
  • Development using Ab Initio, SQL and shell programming.
  • Unit, Integration and System Testing

Development Tools: Ab Initio, EME, Unix, Ksh, sed, awk, SQL Server, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Shell programming

Software Engineer

Confidential, Plano, TX


  • Worked as technical lead from requirement gathering, Analysis, design to development of ETL projects.
  • Defining implementation procedure as well as Tuning application and guiding the subordinates in optimizing the system and network resources along with design and modification of data warehouse, Automating according to production requirement and meeting client's deadline and expectation.
  • Confidential the moment working on bringing the data from different databases and tables from SQL Server and Oracle to Unix Central Staging Area environment in flat file format which is being used as input to different abinitio applications.
  • After the data is arrived in Central Staging Area, different Abinitio graphs were developed to feed these data according to the business requirement of the loan criteria to find out how all kinds of loans are doing in terms of payments and updated status are loaded into Oracle database along with other information.
  • There are various source and criteria for it.

Development Tools: SQL Server, Oracle 9i, Sybase, Shell programming, Ab Initio, EME, Unix, Ksh, sed, awk, SQL

Application Developer

Confidential, Colorado Springs, CO


  • I was responsible for delivering and managing in production environment and meeting their schedule.
  • Thorough knowledge of Ab Initio components including complex components like Normalize, Scan, Rollup etc.
  • Responsible for the design and development of the applications that support Confidential 's Mass Markets Data Warehouse.
  • Worked extensively with Ab Initio (an ETL tool) to code business rules for populating the warehouse Helped in migration of application and data in test and development environment.
  • Involved with the design and development of the lead management application using Ab Initio, Perl, Ksh and Oracle database.
  • This application will deliver consumer/small business telemarketing and direct mail leads to
  • MCl's call centers.
  • A similar system already exists but the new system is designed to be far more efficient and expected to cut the time/cost of lead delivery to about a third of the old system.

Development Tools: Shell programming, Ab Initio, EME, Oracle 9i, Autosys, Unix, Perl, Ksh, sed, awk, SQL/ PL/SQL

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