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It Application Technology Lead Resume

Hunt Valley, MD


  • Senior SQL Server Database DBA and Developer offering more than 15 years experience providing an enterprise level database skill set.
  • Expert level problem solving and incident management under high stress and tight time constraints with the ability to weigh the risk and communicate it effectively to leadership.
  • Proven track record of managing large projects with highly confidential data through Agile software development as well as traditional waterfall approach.
  • In - depth experience in setup, architecture, implementation and documentation of new and existing systems and technology with large databases.
  • Full understanding of the impact changes have on both internal and external stakeholders, and expert ability in managing their expectations by valuing people, process, and projects.


  • Database Development
  • Database Modeling / Architecture
  • Extensive SQL Diagnostic Troubleshooting
  • Project Management
  • Stress Testing
  • Expert SQL performance tuning
  • Securing and protecting data
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

Systems: SQL Server 2000 - 2016, Windows - All versions including server, limited Linux, Powershell framework

Source Control: Git/Stash (with JIRA), StarTeam, Vault, SourceSafe

SQL Applications / Functionality: Legacy DTS and migrations, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Studio, Profiler, Perfmon, Extended events, Resource Governor, Database Mail, Maintenance Plans Tool, SQL Agent, backups and restores, Log Shipping, Replication, etc.

Related Database Concepts: Generate and read database diagrams, Read and understand network diagrams, ETL using SSIS, data warehousing, Active Directory and its role in security, Protecting data at rest, Networking components (firewalls, routers, bridges, etc) and their role in SQL Server performance and function

SQL Tools: Redgate Toolbelt, Idera Tools including Diagnostic Manager, MS Visio for diagramming, New Relic, SQL Sentry Tools, SSMSBoost, ProcessExplorer

SQL Reporting: Sql Server Reporting Services, Microstrategy versions 7.x, 8.x, 9.x

SQL Related Interfacing languages / formats: Read and understand C# / VB.NET and most OOP, SSH, FTP, XML, JSON, RoboCopy and Task Scheduler, LDAP interfacing with SQL, Some CSS, some Java maintenance / debugging, JavaScript, Limited C/C++ with avr-gcc

Soft Skills: Agile Methodologies via Scrum, Excellent verbal and written communication, train new employees, present complex projects at an audience appropriate level, negotiating software contracts with vendors, mindful of the “Management Triangle”, Six Sigma Techniques, translating business and functional requirements to generate technical specifications, use cases, etc.

SQL On-Call / Ticketing / Development Tracking: JIRA, XMatters, ServiceNow, Maestro, Limited BMC Remedy

Cloud Based SQL Solutions: Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing in these specific areas: Dashboard navigation and general usage, Minimizing cost, reducing SQL Server instance implementation time, instance types and how they impact SQL including General, Compute, Memory, Storage and Accelerated types along with the associated t-shirt sizes


Confidential, Hunt Valley, MD

IT Application Technology Lead


  • Set up, architected, implemented and documented both new and existing databases, schemas and functionality as business and technology needs required
  • Evaluated new technologies and demonstrated proof of concept
  • Acted as “Gate Keeper” to approve all SQL by application developers before being merged
  • Exceeded SLAs and improved uptime each year with less than 5 minutes of unscheduled production downtime per year
  • Provided 24x7x365 on call production support of more than 90+ SQL Server instances
  • Managed incidents, determined RCA, Documented and corrected to mitigate reoccurrence
  • Designed and lead database stress testing program to provide early warnings of inefficient code
  • Mentored and trained junior staff, as well as on-boarded new employees
  • Presented status of people, process and projects to leadership
  • Reduce the need for 40+ hours per week of DevOps time to deploy database code to 90+ sql instances.
  • Full understanding of the build process, identifying limitations and issues of existing system, coordinating with multiple impacted teams
  • Extensive knowledge in a complicated promotional model of development, QA, UAT and production.
  • Met with management, build team and developers for requirements
  • Provided a solution that completely eliminated DevOps, freeing them for more complex tasks
  • Moved from weekly to daily incremental builds as a result of build time reductions
  • Create a dual purpose stand-alone and centralized custom process to automate new server standups and database restores to support 80+ servers both on-premises and cloud based.
  • Complete understanding of entire process to stand up an instance from scratch, including install, server and database properties, all objects, metadata, security, backup, maintenance, instance specific requirements and more
  • Determined needs of users for these servers including application development, database development and QA
  • Developed solution that automated 90% of stand-up work for Amazon EC2 database servers (stand-alone) as well as on-premises database servers (centralized)
  • Reduced turn-around time from one week to less than one day
  • Engineer a new enterprise-wide reporting solution, to reduce the amount of time that existing daily reports take to run in the OLTP system; (occasionally more than a day).
  • Large project management and an excellent understanding of entire business process
  • Ability to gather complex requirements from a large number of stakeholders and arrive at a strong requirements document
  • Reverse engineer thousands of lines of existing undocumented code
  • Document requirements, code entire data processing system, create phased rollout schedule
  • Architected a new database schema, code, report schedule, and run and export mechanism
  • Interfaced with application team to provide a web front end
  • Decreased average file run-times from 15 - 27 hours down to 2 - 11 hours
  • Delivered time sensitive reports 100% on-time and met all SLAs
  • Cancelled hardware / licensing purchases saving in excess of $800,000
  • Provide urgent database performance remediation to production for poor performing web applications a month before “Major Annual Enrollment”.
  • Current performance was 17 “Page loads Per Second (pps)”; a metric used by Confidential .
  • Expectations were 50-55pps.
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Read and understand Java application code and its interface with the database using Ibatis
  • Expert understanding of potential performance issues, concepts, and tools including: reading query plans, wait stats, blocking and locking (including types).
  • Tools such as Profiler, Perfmon, Extended Events, New Relic, etc.
  • Lead 3 Java developers (2 virtual) with the following mantra: reduce database calls, reuse data already available, take advantage of caching when it makes sense, convert dynamic sql calls from the application to stored procedures, and rewrite inefficient stored procedures / functions
  • Increased pps from 17 to 63, exceeding expectations
  • Cancelled urgent pending hardware purchase and licensing, saving more than $1.5 million

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