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Technical Lead Resume


A Software Engineer, with strong analytical skills and 8 years of experience in Analysis, design, development, support and maintenance of software applications andspecialized in solving data problems.


  • Microsoft SQL server
  • AWS S3 and AML
  • Data Modelling
  • Data warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Problem Solving and Critical thinking
  • SQL server Integration services(SSIS)
  • SQL server Data tools
  • C#
  • Java
  • GIT
  • Target Process (Agile)
  • Tableau, Mongo DB
  • SPSS
  • R


Technical Lead



  • Gathered requirements, groomed user stories and analyzed data to create solutions to business problems for two different projects concurrently
  • Created algorithms and work - flow charts to guide the development team in implementing user stories efficiently.
  • Modelled database to help implementing the planned maintenance of all CAT equipments and guided team members in developing the database (SQL Azure, SQL server hosted in AWS)
  • Prepared Proof of concepts using NoSQL database such as Mongo DB and creating dashboards using Tableau.
  • Subject matter expert and trained junior members of our team in the application and database development which ensured a smoother project delivery.
  • Implemented improvements in design solutions that streamlined data flow processes and release engineering processes.
  • Documenting high level and low-level application designs which connects the business needs with the technical implementation.
  • Developed a dashboard that analyzes attributes such as profit, sales and revenue by geography etc. including highlights and story boards using Tableau.

Lead Engineer



  • Lead Data Integration effort for billing and payments system (OLAP and OLTP)
  • Created conceptual and logical data models for new enterprise data warehouse using conformed multidimensional star schema based on bus matrix
  • Client facing role as an onsite application Lead (Glasgow, UK)
  • Worked in Migrating/Consolidating legacy applications and creating a centralized database
  • Developed SSIS packages for consolidating, integrating and transforming the data files from various data sources with different formats (such as FTP, XFB, Excel, Flat file)
  • Created reports using SSRS/Crystal Reports that are useful for business users to analyze data such as the payment methods and dates of customers, thereby enabling the users to determine the follow up of those customers for payment dues.

Software Engineer



  • Created Complex queries, stored procedures, cursors, indexes and triggers.
  • Optimized the long running queries and fine-tuned the performance of database by identifying deadlocks, blocking transactions using SQL profiler and tuning advisor.
  • Created MS SQL scripts and jobs to automate the scripts.
  • Developed Web services using C# for different modules in the application.
  • Prepared the storage/Memory requirements forecast for production servers by calculating the growth of the application
  • Handled incident management activities such as identifying the issue, analyzing the root cause and ensuring that issues are resolved within the stipulated Service Level Agreements
  • Carried out Change Management activities such as creating a Change Record, following up with the approval from change approval board, closing the change record on time.
  • Prepared System Appreciation documents to understand the applications and Run books that help to support the application
  • Handled disaster recovery and deployments in production web server and database servers.

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