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Data Reporting Analyst Resume

Dallas, TexaS


I'm an experienced Data Analyst committed to using advanced programming skills and working knowledge of SQL and relational databases to extract and transform rich multidimensional datasets into creative business insights that positively drive decision making. I'm currently seeking a Data Analyst role with possible project management responsibilities.


  • Project Management
  • Database Design and Management
  • Java|C#|SQL|Oracle|MatLab
  • Proficiency in MS Excel|Access
  • SharePoint|Google Analytics|OBIEE
  • Report analysis and metrics
  • Website and Portal monitoring
  • UX Documentation and architecture
  • Agile Development|Waterfall HTML5|CSS|JS|PHP|VB.Net jQuery


Data Reporting Analyst

Confidential, Dallas, Texas


  • Partnered directly with account management team from beginning to end of their data projects through understanding of their context and goals by finding and collecting the data needed to achieve their business needs and helping them visualize it via use dynamic dashboards and charts tell a story with the collected data.
  • I liaise with analysts and research management to understand their requirements, ensuring strategic business objectives are met and to coordinate usability and user - acceptance testing.
  • Gather and develop business requirements while working with IT counterparts to ensure these requirements are delivered successfully and on schedule.
  • Develop and support the SQL Server BI environment by creating tables, indexed views, functions, stored procedures, writing statements and updating complex T-SQL queries.
  • Develop SAS queries based upon documented business requirements to transform customer data and to create health risk metrics.
  • Worked with Confidential to support BI related data extraction, transformation and load of data functions.
  • Designed weekly ah-hoc reports using SSRS with a prime focus on data discovery and trend analysis in reporting the impact of our implemented Health Fitness programs to their population and fiscal benefits.
  • Analyzed development efforts to ensure timely deliverables, reporting issues and risk to team members as early as they are detected and work to resolve them.
  • Provided support to current and future business needs by designing, examining and updating report structure for clients around the country.
  • Work closely with QA teams developing procedures to ensure accuracy of data projects and written reports.
  • Performed system testing and data validation, report creation, data extracts and personnel training.

Sr. Funding Analyst

Confidential, Arlington, TX


  • Supported the Project Management team in the planning, tracking, analysis and reporting on projects of varying contract types, complexity and projecting levels of risk to the company.
  • Worked closely with business intelligence and tech team to define, automate and validate the extraction of new metrics from various data sources for use in future analysis and report.
  • Optimized dealer campaign performance by troubleshooting issues and proposing improvements that showed immediate financial impacts.
  • Designed weekly, monthly and other periodic reports and analysis for the Finance, Legal and Credit Departments in Excel, SQL and Tableau.
  • Developed insightful presentations to summarize aggregate sales data to facilitate sales campaigns and decision making for senior management.
  • Assist in researching and analyzing data to prepare reports for managers, researchers and compiled the data into databases and spreadsheets.
  • Provided support and analysis for monthly quarterly and annual customer rebate tracking and accruals.

IT Tutor

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Lectured students on how to develop, integrate and maintain new and existing HTML/CSS/JavaScript applications.
  • Contributed to report and manuscript preparations and was lead in creating sophisticated PowerPoint presentations.
  • Conducted advanced data analysis with supervision from post-doc and senior researchers.
  • Supervised, interacted and motivated students during lab hours while they worked with system software and equipment.
  • Provided appropriate academic coaching to students according to the college's policy and directives from professors.

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