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Developer, Pl/sql & Etl Development Resume


  • Thorough understanding of DBMS concepts, proficiency in using SQL, Indexes, Views, Cursors Stored, Oracle PL/SQL, Procedures, Constraints, Functions, Triggers and Scheduler Jobs.
  • Combined school work experience in Quality Assurance, Software & System Applications testing for 2+ years.
  • Established standards, measures for reporting and wrote stored procedures for reporting & ETL.
  • Used Relational data models concepts of ER diagram considering data normalization, functional dependencies and Referential integrity constraints in software design and development.
  • Expertise in developing highly scalable, flexible, interactive, maintainable Client - Server applications with technologies such as Java, HTML, PHP, ASP, .NET, C#, XML, AJAX and JavaScript .
  • Implemented projects in network protocol simulation for stress/load testing.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with ability to handle multiple projects to meet deadlines.


Application and Platform: Toad for Oracle, Apex Rapid Application Development for Oracle, ASP.NET, Microsoft BI (SSIS, SSRS), ODI, Power BI, Xcode, OpenGL, Google App Engine, RESTful, SOAP, MySQL Workbench, Eclipse, Tomcat, JUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Office, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012

Languages & System: SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, TSQL, PHP, JSP, JavaScript, HTTP, AJAX, XML, XSLT, HTML/CSS, Java, J2EE, Python, PowerShell, Perl, C, C++, Objective C, C#, PDP 11, ADA, Windows (Vista, 7, 8, Server 2012), Linux, Mac OS X



Developer, PL/SQL & ETL Development


  • Development of database system using Oracle PL/SQL for In - house software.
  • Integrating business logic in database level infrastructure, provide API’s to applications.
  • Worked with Data Warehousing SDLC and architecture of ETL, reporting and BI tools.
  • Oracle Data Integrator to map and transform data for normalized data from various sources.
  • Use coding standards in PL/SQL to initiate or enhance execution by performance tuning.
  • Create automated SSIS data transformation and SSRS reports for business.
  • Worked with Confidential systems such as CWB, COMA, OMS, Binstock and Vending.
  • Create data sources for Power BI visual reporting development.
  • Build backend infrastructure from specifications, analyze to integrate tests, debug, and document for enhancement of existing or a new system.
  • Use Toad application extensively to build company’s database systems proprietary to Oracle.
  • Rapid Application Development utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL in Apex provided by Oracle.


Quality Assurance Tester


  • Worked in Repairs and Maintenance of laptops.
  • Certified as Confidential CST for warranty repairs.
  • Performed Diagnostic tests and Performance Testing on laptops for troubleshooting.
  • Worked on Unit testing and Functional testing for system support applications and scripts.
  • Trained other technicians for quality testing and hardware replacement issues, as assigned.


Software Tester & POS Database Admin


  • Managed the synchronization process of Confidential stores data and the corporate database.
  • Created database tablespaces for new stores or got rid of closing stores or reconfigure relocated stores.
  • Wrote scripts for backups of all store’s critical data to save, organize and manage data for corporate use.
  • Refined the logical design so that it can be translated into a specific data model.
  • Controlled system access permissions and privileges according to tier structure of an employee.
  • Tested proper functioning of legacy application against developing upgrade and checked for coding errors written in C++ for Warehouse Management System operations of the Company.
  • Utilized Putty, a SSH in UNIX environment for connecting to repositories in Unit Testing the programs.
  • Certified Confidential CST (Continuous Service Training) for warranty repairs on Confidential Computers.
  • Proper establishment and maintenance of Windows Servers for creating Roles and Features.

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