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Lawrenceville, GeorgiA

Senior-level AIX Expert and information technology specialist with over 10 years of on-the-job AIX Administration, 16 years of on-the-job overall UNIX (varies) administration, having 23 years of diverse experience in computer related technology in industry. Proficient in UNIX operating system, hardware, software, programming, networking, architecting solutions, systems administration, tuning and development. Leadership position experience used to optimize productivity and profitability by identifying improvement opportunities and implementing corrective actions. Proven ability to lead, manage, design, plan and implement IT business solutions that support new applications, processes, and complete lines of business. Known for detailed documentation and ability to create and train others. Consistently recognized for as unique and creative perspectives on problem determination and resolution.


O/S: AIX 3.x-4.x, HP-UX 9, Linux (Debian , Mandrake 4, RedHat 3-9, Slackware 2-4, SuSE 6-11, Yellow Dog 1), DG/UX 4.11, SCO UNIX (1,2,3)/OpenDesktop 2.0, A/UX, Solaris, Xenix, Minex, Windows 1/2/3/95/98/NT/2K/XP/XP Pro/Vista, 2K/2003/2008 Server/advanced, CPM, DOS, AmigaOS

Dell 6650/2650 Blades. IBM RS/6000 Series C-10, F-30, P-300/320 P-500/520/530/550, P-730/750, 7017-S80, 7043-140/240, J, Z-900, SP2- 9076 (604 High, Wide, Thin Nodes, TB3 Switch) Workstations and Servers, HP 80, HP Apollo, HP9000 K220, K260 Servers, Data General AViiON 88K, Sun Sparc Station, DEC VAX, IBM 3590 Tape Drive, IBM 7337 DLT, 7227 8MM Libraries, IBM 7133-010 and IBM 7133-020 SSA drives, IBM 7135 and 7137 RAID, AT&T, Apple II/E/MacIntosh/ IMAC, IBM PC/500/700MP. Adaptec SCSI 160/2340/2390

Apache 1/2/, WebSphere 3.x, ADSM/TSM 1/3/4, Veritas Netbackup, Novaback BU, Colorado BU, MSBU, HACMP 4.x, GPFS 2.x, IBM PSSP 2.x , NIM, Softdist, Oracle 5/6/7/8, MySQL 4/5, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, Dbase, MS Access, Filepro, Lnyx, Telnet, DNS, TP, HTTP, NFS, NNTP, RFS, SSH, SMTP, SNMP, CP/IP, Big Brother 1/2, MS Excel 1/2/3/4/5/2003, Word 3/4/5/6/2003, Project, Visio, WordPerfect, Lotus Domino Notes, Kerberos, HP OpenView Dev. Sys., Service Desk. IBM OS/2 Dev Sys. C/C++ Zorteh/MS/GNU, Visual Studio 5/6, Perl 3/4/5, PHP4,
Bourne/Korn Shell, Exceed PC/X, VMWare, Primavera,

UNIX Systems Administration, UNIX Systems Distaster Planning/Recovery, UNIX OS Performance Tuning, UNIX Hardware Installation and Configuration, UNIX Software Installation, UNIX Shell Scripting (Korn, Bourne, C Shell) Perl, UNIX Programming (C/C++), HTML, HP RPN, BASIC GW/MS/HP, Visual Basic 4/5/6/.Net 1/2, System Analysis and Design, Technical Documentation and Training, Project Leadership. Contract development and negotiation. Multiple database technologies relational – topological

AIX 5L Ent Tech Support, Basic Ops, Admin Support, Install, Backup, Recover, Performance Tuning, Problem Determination, HACMP. SP/2 Overview/Plan/Implement, PD (IBM Education). HACMP for AIX internal IBM OJT, IBM SP/2 Administration OJT, Lotus Notes v. R5 Plan/Install/Config IBM OJT. Oracle 7/8 Admin Rayonier OJT, SAP R3 Admin Rayonier OJT, Novell Netware CCG OJT, Lantastic CCG OJT, InfoCAD 6 GIS (Cad Concepts), Cedra Civil Modeling (The Cedra Corp), MS Windows 3 Programming (Microsoft), C Language (Skill Dynamics)


  • Certificate, RS/6000 SP Problem Determination,
  • Certificate, RS/6000 SP Overview, Planning and Installation,
  • Certificate, C Language Programming, Skill Dynamics
  • Certificate, AIX V3 Workstation Implementation,
  • Certificate, AIX V3 for Users,
  • Certificate, Tactical Airlift Maintenance Specialist Course,
  • Certificate, Flight Line Aircraft Maintenance Specialist Course,
  • Course, Diagnostic testing,


Consultant (Colbert Consulting Services), 12/2008 –Current
Confidential,Lawrenceville, Georgia
Developing small business services, Penguin Computing 140 Blade Dual Xeon, VA Linux Blade. Asus I7 Quad.
Build Windows Server 2003, SQLServer2007. openSUSE 11.1. VMWare 6.5, Oracle 11g.
Working with Primavera, MSSQL, MySQL, Visual Studio 2005, Office 2003, Apache to integrate business data.
Designing in-house training programs, conducting systems and software test.
Services for Budget Transfer Printing & Bindery, Stn Mtn, GA.

Consultant (Colbert Consulting Services), 08/2008 –11/2008
Confidential,Marietta, Georgia
Installed, Configured, Dell 6650 & 2650 Blade servers.
Migrated existing applications and data from 4 servers to 2 blades.
Configured new blade severs for disaster recovery, updated systems docs, served through Apache.

Consultant (Colbert Consulting Services), 10/2005 –11/2006
Confidential,Marietta, Georgia
Installed, Configured, Designed MySQL 5 DB and PHP4 interfaces through Apache.
Installed, Configured, Designed both SuSE 10 Linux, Windows 2000 Advanced servers, including IIS and Apache, FTP intranet resources.
Built WinXP Pro server to managing new imaging system. Assisted imaging system vendor in configuring their internal system to be compatible with local security.
Built various PC workstations utilizing existing hardware. Installed, Configured and tested applications which communicate with handheld devices using MS active sync and blue-tooth technologies.
Modified existing Win2K application/file/domain controller servers to increase system/network performance.
Assisted streaming security video server vendor in providing services to owner through security of bastion host and firewall supporting security policy.
Monitored network traffic using packet level tools on SuSE Linux server. Documented problems and developed methods to increase performance while maintaining security.
Installed and configured CAD workstations (XP Pro, Autodesk) to reduce network latency and increase workstation stability.
Created and modified Disaster Recovery plan and methods. Changed twice over time of contract due to management directional changes and cost.
Created Computer Administration manual. Documented Hardware, Software, Networking, Application, Configuration and daily working notes.
Troubleshoot Printer and Plotting devices..

C.W.T. Participant/Developer/Programmer, 02/2005 – 06/2005
Confidential,Kansas City, Missouri

  • Created MS Access database, tables, forms, reports. Wrote Visual Basic functions for worksite evaluation of Veteran Administration Participants.
  • Installed CAT5 network cabling in compensated work therapy building.
  • Provided computer assistance to other Veterans in hospital.
  • Created documentation related to how a computer can assist Veterans in hospital and placed information on web server (intranet) for compensated work therapy program.
  • Worked with Veteran Administration personnel in planning the development of website for public access to services provided by compensated work therapy program.

Consultant (Colbert Consulting Services), 12/2004 -02/2005
Confidential,Kansas City, Missouri

  • Built, installed, configured, SuSE 6.3 & 9 Servers, included MySQL 4, Apache 1.3. (Original build while at Veteran Industries 8/2004, continued administrative consulting through Veteran Industries 6/2005)
  • Trained String Technologies owner in basic systems administration task.
  • Installed, configured and trained Van Ivory Productions owner and other technical support personnel on two Windows 2K Servers and workstations, including basic TCP/IP networking and routing for Class C to A/B.
  • Created various proposals for expansion of technology of computer services Van Ivory Productions could utilize to sell products and provide services on the internet.
  • Created business documents for R & R Construction including mission statement, bid proposal, cost estimate, time sheet, customer database, equipment database.
  • Trained R & R Construction owner on using computer and applications for managing business using computer applications moving away from paper form.
  • Trained R & R Construction personnel in field to office methods of project design and estimated, time and materials.
  • Built and repaired PC computers.

C.W.T. Participant/Developer/Programmer, 08/2004 – 12/2004
Confidential,Kansas City, Missouri

  • Created MS Access database, tables, forms, reports. Wrote Visual Basic functions for Material Safety Data Sheets eliminating the manual paper version of managing the required public available information. Trained Veteran Administration personnel in end user and administration of database. MSDS Information is government required of all industry to protect workers in disasters scenarios. Database model included writing SQL statements, form design, report design, tables including object store container models.
  • Created Apache web server on Windows 2000 system which included Veteran help pages, such as links to external web resources, resume construction basics/how to, internal Veteran Administration resources. Tested Veteran Administration intranet availability of C.W.T. Apache server access to remote sites which house Veterans in V.A. hospital programs.
  • Trained other Veterans in computer use, Internet use, email use, job searching and procedures to prevent getting computer viruses.
  • Documented Management, Usage and procedure of Apache web server and database developed.

Consultant, 01/2002 – 09/2002
Confidential,Eldorado, Kansas

  • Wrote bid proposal for programming contract, Provided presentation of bid proposal, negotiated contract.
  • Created complete application for Wichita, Kansas firm (Under non-disclosure) w/ MS JET4 model DB. Wrote in VB 4.5 and 5.0 development system. Utilized shell/command called to sub application written in Quick Basic 4.5 to take advantage of sound function not available in VB directly. Sound calls required left/right channel variants for two sound streams which devices measures.
  • The database used by application is directly created though VB using MS Jet 4 model function calls in VB development system. The model of the database is mark/append, where all records are appended and a field denotes if a record has been marked for deletion or updated. All queries sequentially scan table verifying if record has marked before listed record, this provides the last version of records updated/changed listed in available listing, while still maintaining the original version. The restructure process rolls off the original version of changed and deleted records to transaction log files in ASCII flat-file format. Wrote Fuzzy lookup functions in VB for list box searches to provide logic for desired data. Application user identification and logging of user data. Application logging to external flat-files.
  • Trained personnel in using application.
  • Documented application.

UNIX Systems Administrator, 02/1999 – 07/2001
Confidential,Jesup, Georgia

  • Determined failing hardware components of nodes in SP/2 frame, worked with IBM support personnel in acquiring replacement hardware. Installed hardware, including system boards in nodes.
  • Upgraded various hardware including, IBM SP/2, SSA System and disk, DLT Libraries, Workstation design and components.
  • Created and maintained all documentation related to administration, disaster planning/recovery of UNIX based systems and MS windows based server and clients utilizing applications based on SP/2 frame.
  • Developed systems monitoring which included web based auto updated pages, email and paged notification. Applications written in C, Shell, Perl and limited Java applets.
  • Assisted in network management of 13 subnets internal which range from London UK, Hong Kong China, New Zealand, Continental United States. Server farm at Jesup Facility included multiple router, switches and hubs along with radius dial-in remote access providing terminal and VNC access.
  • Managed two redundant DNS servers using RS/6000 model 43 series servers which replicated to Internic tree.
  • Provided tech support for OS/APP or SP/2 frame, including SAP, Oracle, Informix, Ingres, Mikon, Apache, Java, Sendmail, ADSM/TSM.
  • Installed, Configured, Developed, Administrated and documented 5 Apache web servers which provided system monitoring, SAP web access and Intranet user help.

AIX Support (CDI Information Services), 02/1998 – 08/1998
Confidential,West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Server farm included 300, 500, 900, J, 43 Series in West Palm beach location, SP/2 Fort Lauderdale location, which all defined as support within the AIX group. The overall supported systems for the group of seven AIX personnel consisted of approximately 500 systems throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Some of the supported systems are OS/2 and MS Windows NT servers.
  • Online and phone tech support for internal and end user AIX operating system, application and networking team 24/7 on-call.
  • Administered NIM and Softdist (Network management and installation) operating system and application installation, upgrade and management of remote systems.
  • Online and phone support for ADSM/TSM internal IBM corporate subsidiary organization. Supported hardware for RS/6000 900 series server with large frame SCSI disk array 24/7 on-call.
  • Assisted in support role with other internal IBM DCE cell support. Hardware and software support and monitoring of WAN DCE cell located in local server farm.
  • Researched, Installed, Configured, Tested APARS and fixes.
  • Migrated and upgraded operating system and applications.
  • Administered 3270 terminal access across AIX systems from other Virtual AIX systems running on MVS mainframe systems internal IBM.
  • Assisted networking support personnel in configuring, administering and monitoring various operating systems, applications (AIX, OS/2, MS Windows, MVS) utilizing TCP/IP over LU6.2 backbone.
  • Assisted internal projects (Sears customer support client personnel database) in development of database structures to increase support and stability of OS/2 servers.
  • Installed, configured and monitored Lotus Notes server and clients across internal IBM network.

Owner, 04/1997 – 02/1998
Confidential,Columbus, Georgia

  • Built, installed, configured and maintained SCO UNIX V3/ODT, Slakware Linux, OS/2 Warp 3,4 Servers for internal company file servers and development systems. Networking included TCP/IP over 10BaseT and SLIP connections.
  • Employed three sub-contractors in programming contracts to meet time deadlines on applications developed and coded. Most notable project was client application providing account management to host Dunn & Bradstreet. Developed vehicle maintenance application for HotMix all of the applications used character based interfaces, internal data structures using ISAM flat-file model, mark and append methods using C language and Zortech compiler by Walter Bright.
  • Wrote proposals, negotiated contracts, planned/specified systems, developed systems and applications for various business including Kaplan Attorney at Law Columbus GA, book company Columbus GA, HotMix asphalt Indelusha AL.
  • Designed, Planned, Installed and managed networking for multiple small businesses including internal (TCP/IP), veterinarian office (Lantastic), attorneys office (NETBIOS/NETBUEI), book company serial networking Xenix Servers.
  • Estimated and bid contracts for sub-contract surveying under the direct supervision of licensed professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Wrote proposals. Negotiated contracts. Field surveying using total station and data collectors of cadastral topography, as-built features for Engineers and Surveyors of Columbus GA, used in design and development. Employed four sub-contractors on field work for surveying.
  • Converted data types for various contracts of large data-sets such as client records and book information for book company, Columbus GA
  • Civil design of proposed development for Faircloth & Associates Engineering and Surveying, French & Associates Engineers and Surveyors, under licensed supervision.
  • Built, Repaired and upgraded PC, Amiga and Apple computers.
  • Needs Analysis, Planning, Specs, Dev, Install, Networking, Data Conversion, Surveying, CAD, Mapping, Civil Design, PC Repair/upgrade.

Geographical Information Systems Coordinator/Engineering Technician, 08/1988 – 02/1997
Confidential,Columbus, Georgia
(Geographical Information Systems Coordinator)

  • 1989-1990 Wrote R.F.P. for overall G.I.S. system, including Engineering department Civil Modeling system and office administration.
  • 1990-1997 Developed G.I.S. database (and its sub databases such as Stormwater Management program). The main DB included vector tags for 60,000 land parcel. A topological model of polygon analysis was constructed from the vector layer of the 60K parcels. The G.I.S. allowed the ability to perform SQL, ADHOC, Topological and graphical queries, which all that I developed are too many to mention here.
  • 1989 Began training program for end user UNIX. Gave various levels of expertise training along with hands-on over the course of my employee.
  • 1990 Worked with City Manager, Attorney, Council, Mayor, Dir of Engineering, Dir of Community Economic Development, Dir Codes and Inspection, Dir Traffic Engineering, Police department, 911, Tax Assessors and dept of budgeting throughout the selection of vendor and acceptance of bid.
  • End 1990 Installed RS/6000 hardware for G.I.S. and Engineering. Provided O.S. and Application support for AIX/Digitizer/Electrostatic Plotter/X-Stations(5)/Printers.
  • 1990 Begin development of G.I.S., which included importing digital data created in sub-contracts.
  • 1990-1997 Network support for G.I.S. and Engineering Department. TCP/IP over CAT5.
  • 1991-1995 Wrote (Created), Managed and Updated client applications which ran in X-Windows allowing government personnel to enter data for import into G.I.S. Trained personnel on methods of type-casting the information that gets stored in a database for accurate retrieval.
  • 1991 Defined specifications for sub-contract digital data transformation. Liaison for conversion of paper to digital data, for digitization of existing county tax maps.
  • 1991 Technical liaison for construction of county digital aerial and topographic data sets.
  • 1991 Built SCO UNIX OpenDesktop system added to G.I.S. network for the ability to run MS DOS applications in Virtual DOS sessions providing Field Personnel and Traffic Engineering resources.
  • 1988-1997 Developed standards in data exchange for, Government Personnel, United Cities Gas Company (Intergraph Microstation), Columbus Water Works (MapInfo) and Regional Development (Macintosh G.I.S.) Commission and others. Data exchanged included relational, vector, raster and topological.
  • 1996 Wrote specifications, Configured and provided technical support for OS/2 Server on IBM 700 series symmetrical MP connecting to IBM 4380 Mainframe LU6.2 APPC and TCP/IP to G.I.S. network.
  • 1995-1997 Wrote and presented lectures at various locations to the advantage of G.I.S. and information exchanged digitally. Included at some of the lectures were The Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and private industry.
  • Assisted in Engineering projects intermittingly such as 3000 acre land swap between Muscogee County GA, Fort Benning U.S. Military Reservation and Chattahoochee County GA for the purposes of extending the existing Land Fill, which effected the G.I.S. data of the County and the U.S. Army. Worked in correlation between all entities providing technical support from field collection and procedures to data exchange with the U.S. Army on the Intergraph platform. Technical advisor for the meetings of Federal, State and local government agencies related to the land exchange.

(Technical Advisor/Administrator 1995-1997)

  • This project was a second hat from G.I.S. development.
  • Installed, configured, administered, trained and provided phone and onsite technical support SCO UNIX Server IBM 700 series symmetrical MP raid 5 SCSI w/ World Information Systems Vehicle Maintenance App using Universe DB (PICK), Character Terminal network (Thin) using Digiboard 24 port, CSU/DSU to Metra Bus System. Many Printers, Scanners, Barcode printers across both locations.

(Engineering Technician 1989-1992)

  • Various CAD projects from Boundary Survey, Road Design, Drainage Systems, Civil design.

(Survey Crew Chief 1988-1989)

  • Managed data collectors, Data Collector programming, electronic total stations, field data collection and reduction, project coordination, supervision of field personnel.

Surveyor, 08/1986 – 09/1988
Confidential,Columbus, Georgia

  • Field to finish ALTA, TOPO, AS-BUILT, residential/commercial, stake-out, Topcon, HP.

Department Supervisor/Drafter, 05/1983 – 08/1985
Confidential,Marietta, Georgia

    • Project management, Account management, CAD/HP80 Series, Drafting, Topo, Subdivision HLP, AS-BUILT, computations.

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