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Programmer Resume

San Ramon, CA


Accomplished Analyst & Software Developer with a networking background, bringing over 20 years experience developing mainframe, Windows, LAN, UNIX, and Client-Server systems and applications, with a telecommunications focus. Ultra client-friendly with a history of analyzing, designing, and rapidly building innovative software solutions of high quality.

Excellent communicator, often complimented for the clarity and understandability of my explanations on difficult subjects. A demonstrated leadership capacity to motivate and inspire others while remaining extremely flexible in graciously accommodating late and unexpected changes to project requirements.

A demonstrated depth and pride of ownership in working through systems design details, with the breadth of oversight over both core and peripheral issues.


  • Executive M.B.A., with Honors
  • B.S. - Civil Engineering

Professional Experience

Confidential,San Ramon, CA May 2007 – Jan 2009
Programming Senior SME

  • Replaced a manual process of performing error diagnostics with a parameter driven series of ad hoc FTP download and SQL query routines to simplify our debugging process.
  • Automated a manual process for constructing a 7000 row Oracle DB table by programmatically reading the requirements document and dynamically generating the 7000 SQL Insert statements.
  • Drafted system design docs in compliance with AT&T’s methodology and SDLC requirements.
  • Performed ETL functions from a variety of data sources into Oracle to satisfy deliverables.
  • Updated SQL and PL/SQL code for Oracle stored procedures in support of an automated CLEC ordering system for AT&T’s WFM (Work Flow Management) system.
  • Upgraded Visual C++ and AIX C++ code for the WFM app and supporting subsystems.
  • Created a Perl system to report out-of-synch discrepancies between, and simplify the synchronization of, the 120 Oracle reference tables common to each of our 13 Oracle servers.
  • Senior consultant and developer on a project to convert a problematic Business Objects/Oracle report into a stable, dynamic SQL Perl report with a repository archive.

Confidential,San Ramon, CA Apr 1999 – May 2007
Senior Analyst

  • Acted as principal consultant on a Perl system for an emergency project to convert 1,000,000+ flat file AT&T service records from a legacy systems format into proprietary FCIF-format records and perform multiple on-the-fly table lookups, to allow re-creating the old service orders under the new SBC service order host system. Worth noting is that as the sole developer on my team, I had to coordinate with several other data sending and receiving teams. The project manager developed a nickname for our project team, calling us “The Gumby Team” because I was able to be far more flexible than any other team in accommodating their constantly changing business requirements.
  • Created a Perl system to notify us of MS SQL Server DB permissions that would get out-of-synch between our Prod, Test, and Dev servers. DB upgrades and server patches would occasionally trigger some of the thousands of permissions to be altered, causing discrepancies between Prod/Test/Dev, and masking future authorization problems for our users during migrations.
  • Built Perl system to parse telephone service order info from FCIF (Telcordia’s proprietary “Flexible Computer Interface Format”) records and upload to MS SQL Server for our ColdFusion web app.
  • Performed ETL functions from various data sources into MS SQL Server to satisfy deliverables.
  • Created dozens of ad hoc Oracle reports to determine customer usage patterns and migration eligibility characteristics for different user categories in our PBSM (Pacific Bell Service Manager) and CMS (Centrex Management Service) apps.
  • Created Perl and KornShell scripts to automate the updating of 4,000+ CLEC users in PBSM, and to automate the transparent migration of several hundred CMS users from a passthru configuration to using Connect:Direct.
  • Wrote Unix KornShell scripts to automate migration of several thousand PBSM users from an obsolete security system to a new RAS system.
  • Created a new User Admin text menuing system for CMS Help Desk personnel with KornShell.
  • Helped customize IBM C code to retrieve MQ Series queue records from MVS to a Windows ColdFusion web app.

Confidential,San Ramon, CA Nov 1996 – Jan 1999
Systems Engineer

  • Supported our on-site maintenance contract with Pacific Bell for the PBSM application. Duties included script and scheduling maintenance, MVS host file extract and transfer to UNIX system, data filtering and loading into Oracle, Y2K modifications to existing C source code, modification of dialog and event rules for NetExpert (a proprietary network management system), and system administration for our HP-UX UNIX test system.
  • Created/enhanced NetExpert rulesets to manage customers’ network devices, including:
  • Lucent DDM2000 and FT2000 multiplexers
  • DACS II and DACS IV Digital Cross-Connects
  • DSC DEXCS DS0 and DS1 Digital Cross-Connect System
  • Nortel OC-3 Express Add/Drop Multiplexer
  • ROLM 8000/9000/9751 PBX Systems
  • Created animated graphics applications using SL-GMS (Sherrill-Lubinski Graphical Modeling System), which gave our customers a nationwide real-time graphical display of their network status with drill-down capability to display individual network elements.
  • Automated the bulk upgrade of existing rulesets using KornShell, sed, awk, and Perl scripts, resulting in a 70% reduction in time needed to implement the upgrade.

Confidential,Rancho Cordova, CA Aug 1995 – Sep 1996
Actuarial Manager

  • Managed 5 data analysts in Foundation’s Actuarial Department. Motivated and inspired two analysts to take the exams required to become a registered actuary.
  • Trained newer analysts in Microsoft Excel, MVS JCL, and SAS programming.
  • Led an analysis team in assessing the cost impact of Department of Defense medical contract changes, allowing our department to determine accurate bid prices for similar health care contracts.

Confidential,San Ramon, CA Jan 1979 – Aug 1995
Staff Analyst & Systems Analyst

  • Developed AIN (Advanced Intelligent Network) voice-response programs for Periphonics IVR (Interactive Voice Response) machines to support Pacific Bell’s 611 automated repair service, allowing reduction of the number of live operators needed to handle the volume of repair calls.
  • Developed an EHLLAPI system in Visual Basic to screen-scrape data from IBM 3270 mainframe host sessions and load it into MS Access databases on a Windows server, allowing the marketing unit to perform much quicker account validation of more than a quarter million business accounts.
  • Technical Lead on data distribution project to download mainframe data and update SQL Server databases on servers. Developed OS/2 REXX batch routines to automate data transfer processes.
  • Did development, support, and testing of a LAN based contact management system for PacBell Marketing. Inherited a Clipper (a dBase III clone) system with literally hundreds of bugs, and was able to gradually resolve them all. Enhanced the system’s functionality and reporting capabilities, which helped Marketing more flexibly and accurately target their desired demographic.
  • Supported the proprietary DNAM (Data Network Access Method) data communications system, created by Bell Labs. Made MVS 370 assembler language fixes and modifications as needed.
  • Supported IBM\'s TPNS (TeleProcessing Network Simulator), which simulates multiple terminals logging on to a mainframe system. Taught developers to write and debug their own TPNS scripts.
  • Created SAS reports on a variety of system and business data for management and other departments, allowing automation of several business processes.
  • System administrator for MICS (MVS Integrated Control System), a reporting database system written in SAS, used to measure mainframe resource utilization. Wrote a disk utilization billing module in MICS, saving Pacific Bell about $80,000 over the vendor’s DASD monitoring product.
  • Wrote SAS programs to balance disk free-space utilization, and read SMF/RMF data to tune system traffic by balancing I/O rates across disk strings and CPU channels.

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems & Architecture: JCL, ISPF/TSO, MVS/XA System Internals, VSAM, VTAM
  • Networks: Advanced Networking Concepts, Data Communications and LANs, X.25 Packet Switching Protocols, NetExpert Rule Development
  • Applications & Tools: Crystal Report Writer, MS Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Periphonics IVR Scripting
  • UNIX: sed, awk, shell scripting, UNIX System Administration
  • Programming: Assembler, C, C++, Data Structures & Algorithms, dBase III/Clipper/FoxPro, Eiffel, Java/Eclipse, KornShell, Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML, Perl, REXX, SAS, Smalltalk, Spitbol, Structured Analysis and Design, Visual Basic
  • Database: MS SQL Server & Enterprise Manager, SQL Programmer, Oracle & PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, TOAD
  • Web: ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript

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