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Software Consultant Resume

Dallas, TX

Experience Summary

  • Software Consultant with 6 years of experience in full life cycle Data Warehousing projects.
  • Expertise with Cognos 8 suite: Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio and Powerplay.
  • Worked with IBM Information Server DataStage 8.0.1 and Enterprise Edition7.5.2(Parallel Extender)
  • Good understanding of Data Warehouse concepts such as Dimensional Data Modeling, Star and Snowflake Schemas.
  • Strong database, SQL/ PL SQL skills with databases DB2 UDB, Oracle 9.x and SQL Server. UNIX (AIX, Solaris) shell scripting skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

Education Qualifications

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)

Professional Experience

Confidential, USA from Sep’07 to till date.Dallas, TX
Duration : Nov 2008to till date


  • Created Presentation layer namespace, shortcuts and DMRs using Framework Manager.
  • Interacted with Business Users and gather information and requirements.
  • Created reports using Report Studio, Query studio and OLAP reports(Analysis studio) based on Framework Manager model.
  • Replaced the existing report package from cube to Framework manager package.
  • Involved in migration of cognos from 8.3 to 8.4.
  • Created simple to complex reports as well as Dashboard like reports using Report Studio by applying various concepts and functionalities such as drill-through, conditional reporting, master-detail, tables, charts, filters, prompts, various calculations and joins using tabular sets and tabular models
  • Created several different types of ad-hoc (Simple List, Grouped List, Section Heading, Crosstab, and Nested Crosstab) Reports and represented data graphically by Charts utilizing Query Studio.

Environment : Cognos 8.4 Analysis Studio, Report Studio, Framework Manger, IBM Information Server DataStage, SQL Server SSIS, and UNIX

Confidential, Cincinnati, US
Duration :April 2008 to Nov 2008


  • Involved in analyzing, documenting functional and technical requirements for developing packages and reports.
  • Involved in designing Models using Framework Manager.
  • Customized data by adding Filters Prompts, Calculations, Summaries and Functions.
  • Created Reports using multiple data providers like Packages, Personal data files, Stored Procedures and Free Hand SQL.
  • Developed list, cross tab, drill through, master-detail, chart and complex reports which involved Multiple Prompts, Filters, multi-page, multi-query, Burst Reports against database.
  • Created custom prompted reports in Report Studio, Bursting reports to different user groups.
  • Moved projects from development to QA and then Production servers.

Environment : Cognos 8.1, DataStage PX 7.5.1, DB2 and UNIX

Confidential, Cincinnati, USA
Duration : Sep 2007 to March 2008


  • Developed different types of reports like List, Cross-tab, Chart, Drill-Thru and Master-Detail Reports. Created multiple Dashboard reports for multiple packages.
  • Developed Prompt Pages, Cascaded input Prompts to display only the selected entries in the report and also worked on the customization of prompt parameters.
  • Created List Reports, Cross tab Reports and Control Charts.
  • Thorough knowledge of Cognos 8 architecture and administration functions including Content Store, Framework Manager, and Report studio/Analysis/Query Studios /Metric Studio reports development.

Environment : Cognos 8.2, Power Play Transformer 7.3, Cognos 8.3 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Connection) DataStage 7.5.1, SQL Server 2005,

Confidential, Programmer Analyst Mar’02 to Apr’05
Duration : June 2004 to April 2005


  • Developed Standard Reports, Charts, and Drill through Reports, Master Detail Reports and Bursting Reports using Report Studio.
  • Developed reports with Prompt pages with HTML items, Multiple Report Pages with Page Breaks and Conditional Variables.
  • Fixed the errors in year-end critical Ad-hoc Reports.
  • Installed and Configured Metric Studio.
  • Provided Production support for managed reports and the users Ad-hoc reports.

Environment: DataStage 6.5 Server Edition, Cognos 8 BI Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Oracle 9i.

Duration: Dec 2003 to May 2004


  • Created database connections for different data sources.
  • Created, organized and formatted reports, folders and other contents on Cognos Connection portal.
  • Created several different types of Professional Reports (Mailing Labels, Web Page Style, Cascading, Linked / Drill Through, Production, Business, Ranking, etc…) with complex formatting utilizing Report Studio.
  • Produce Queries and Reports in Multiple Languages. Format, Present and Distribute Reports utilizing Different Layouts, Multiple Report Objects and Multiple Logical Pages.
  • Create Run, and Schedule Reports and Jobs using Cognos Connection.
  • Involved with Scheduling and Distributing Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.

Environment: SQL Server 2000 DTS, Cognos ReportNet 1.01, Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000.

Duration: Feb 2003 to Nov 2003


  • Participated in the development of catalogs, multiple queries with complicated reports and query definition files using various join and filter conditions in Impromptu.
  • Created Dimensional Maps, Transformer Models, Power-Cubes and Drill through.
  • Created Reports using multiple data providers like Packages, Personal data files, Stored Procedures and Free Hand SQL.

Environment: Cognos Impromptu 6.06, Power Play 6.6, Transformer, IWR, PPES, and Upfront

Confidential, India
Duration: March 2002 to Jan 2003


  • Developed data specific Impromptu reports with various filter conditions
  • Improved the usability of the reports by creating prompts and filters
  • Published Impromptu, PowerPlay reports and cubes on the web
  • Time scheduled the report publishing using the scheduler

Environment: Cognos EP Series 7.0 (Impromptu, PowerPlay, IWR Server, Transformer, Upfront, Access Manager), SQL Server and Windows 2000

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