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Pennsylvania, PA

Contract Programmer in MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MS Access, T-SQL, DTS, SSIS, Cognos, ASP, .NET, Visual Basic, C#, JAVA, JSP, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, DHTML, XML


MS Physics
BS Mathematics, Physics


I have been an independent contractor for 20+ years, completing more than 100 projects in a wide variety of IT areas. Most projects involve the entire development life cycle from user requirements gathering through deployment and often into subsequent enhancements and versions. I understand the dynamic nature of any IT project and am extremely flexible when client requirements and/or client requests change.

Partial list of recent projects:

ConfidentialPennsylvania 2008 - present

  • Conversion of legacy data to new education management system, Jenzabar CX
  • Creation of custom Informix database tables to support legacy data structures
  • All aspects of database development - table design, index creation, triggers, stored procedures, ER designs, normalization
  • Creation of data verification scripts to guarantee data integrity
  • Extensive multi-query, drill through and bursting Cognos reporting for donations, alumni development and multi-million dollar phone program
  • Cognos Framework Manager modeling of Informix database to support institutional advancement
  • Enhanced reporting using Javascript tailored to the Cognos environment
  • Creation of custom screens and software (C) to support ongoing applications
  • Creation and customization of Perl scripts to insert and update database records
  • Creation of Java programs to interface with XML based UI screens
  • Creation of scripts to interface to OneCard student tracking/payment system and Harris data services
  • User training of new Jenzabar software platform

Confidential2007 - 2009

  • Extensive data mining in VB and C#

ConfidentialFlorida 2006

Creation of new website and database for a health care eLearning provider

  • Conversion of existing database from MS SQL 2000 to MS SQL 2005 with extensive additions
  • Original database had no foreign keys, no data integrity checking, no stored procedures
  • Creation of new business access layer to access db through stored procedures
  • Creation of complex stored procedures (100+ lines of code)
  • Conversion of existing ASP Classic front-end website to ASP.NET 2.0 & AJAX
  • Creation of Windows service (VB & C#) for import/export via automatic reading of attachments (via pop3) sent by clients

ConfidentialIowa 2005

Conversion of MS Access Mutual Funds databases to MS SQL Server 2003

  • Conversion of more than 5,000 MS Access 2003 databases (more than 50,000 tables) to SQL Server
  • Conversion of all forms, reports and queries to support new SQL Server database
  • Creation of DTS packages for daily database update
  • Creation of new VB programs calling custom DTS packages
  • Conversion of existing VBA and VB code (90K lines) to support new database
  • Creation of test data and MS Access database/VBA code to verify data integrity
  • Creation of MS SQL stored procedures
  • Creation of complex SQL queries
  • Import, export, VB creation of Excel spreadsheets
  • Automation of the import and export of text files from worldwide data sources
  • Documentation of all data sources and conversion specifications
  • Extensive financial calculations
  • Interface to flat file database on DEC Alpha Servers

ConfidentialietyNew York 2003 - 2004

Creation of help desk tracking system

  • Responsible for entire project – database design, web interface, reporting, deployment and QA testing
  • Conversion of existing MS Access database to MS SQL 2000
  • Significant database changes (conversion of VB code to stored procedures, triggers, functions, views etc.) to duplicate existing functionality and support enhanced features
  • Web based front end using ASP running under Microsoft IIS
  • ASP web based reporting
  • MS SQL Server 2000 back-end
  • Web integration with MS Word and Excel
  • Administrative back end to define users and user access to all program areas.

ConfidentialNew York 2000 - 2005

MS Access (97, 2000, 2003) database designs and conversions including patient management, contact management, invoicing, regional chapter budgeting and accounting

  • Database modeling, creation, normalization, replication, backup, stored procedure creation, security, user administration
  • Multi-user network environment with locking
  • Linked tables for improved network response
  • Custom report generation
  • Deployment to 50+ regional chapters

Conversion of MS Access databases to Oracle and MS SQL

  • Complete project control from initial upsizing recommendations to final implementation and concurrent use testing
  • Upsizing of MS Access databases to MS SQL and Oracle, including data conversion, creation of stored procedures and front end user access.
  • Web based front end using AOLServer (TCL) and BEA Weblogic (JAVA)
  • Web based reporting

Design/Maintenance of content management system

  • Rich text editor support
  • Custom form creation by staff
  • Credit card processing support through VeriSign
  • Full document revision and approval tracking
  • Oracle back end - AOLServer front end

Design/Maintenance of existing corporate web sites.

  • AOLServer (TCL)
  • Oracle database back-end

Design of new websites

  • All websites created in Java (Weblogic)
  • Oracle database back-end
  • XML based
  • All programming, database design and layout (excluding graphic design)

Intranet based material ordering system

  • Java based front and middle tiers interfaced to Oracle back end

Installation of chapter networks.

  • Server installation and associated workstations
  • Setup/configuration of MS Exchange
  • DNS and TCP/IP configuration
  • Staff training in network administration and client software

ConfidentialPennsylvania 2004, 2009

Conversion of FoxPro database to MS Access 2003 and subsequent conversion to MS Access 2007.

  • Database consists of clients, applications, contractors and associated payments.
  • Extensive conversion of FoxPro code to VBA
  • Approximately 50000 records, 40 screens, 25 reports

Creation of MS Access property database from Oracle mainframe database

  • Downsizing of Oracle database to allow access in a non Oracle environment (not using Oracle client)
  • Creation of all necessary forms, reports and VBA modules to support required functionality



  • .NET/ASP
  • ASP Classic
  • Java/JSP
  • XML
  • JavaScript/VBScript
  • AOLServer
  • MS IIS
  • BEA Weblogic
  • TCL, ADP
  • CGI


  • Java
  • Visual Basic /VBA
  • C, C+
  • .NET (C#,VB)
  • Intel Assembler
  • Perl


  • Authorware
  • WebCT/Blackboard
  • Jenzabar CX


  • Cognos
  • Crystal Reports


  • MS Access, Excel
  • MS SQL Server, DTS, SSIS
  • Oracle, PL-SQL
  • SQL Queries
  • FoxPro, Dbase, Rbase
  • Informix


  • Windows


  • Unix

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