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Sql Dba Resume

Boca Raton, FloridA


  • Keen abilities and desire as dedicated individual, I have a very good level of understanding with 15 plus years of total IT experience and technical proficiency in various areas of the field such as Data processing; Computer Operations; Software development with conceptual design, Software analysis, Testing with SDLC in mind; Technical Documentation of software systems and procedures; Technical support; Web Development; Database design development, concepts and maintenance

Professional Skills

  • Expert in installation, upgrade and configuration of MS SQL Server and databases in non-clustered environments.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity, Database Consistency Checks using DBCC Utilities.
  • Experience with MS Office Products / Visual Studio 5 / 6: Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, C#
  • Experience of loading and merging data from different sources into database table or view in a user-specified format; utilizing the various Control Flow and Data Flow task components of SSIS, and the capturing of errors during a process for correction and later input
  • Excellent knowledge in Performance tuning using various SQL Server Commands and DTA (Database Tuning Advisor)
  • Experience in Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity, Database Consistency Checks using DBCC Utilities.
  • Experience in ETL of data using SQL Server SSIS; migration of Data from Excel, Flat file, etc.
  • Experience with SQL Server 2005/2008, DDL/DML Triggers.
  • Excellent knowledge in system tables and system stored procedures using T-SQL.
  • Good knowledge in Database Normalization, Optimization and Tuning, Backup/Restore, Data Import/Export
  • Troubleshooting, Database Objects authorization, DTS,ETL; using (SSIS), Objects Creation such as Tables, Views,
  • Strong skills in documentation of procedures and processes of a system in a format that is easily understood
  • Experience with Data Types, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Triggers .
  • Familiar with XML technologies
  • A Microsoft Certified Professional.
  • Experience with ADO.NET, ASP.NET and C#
  • Generated reports using the report Wizard, and the report Model Builder approach; used the Query designer in querying database report model and editing the report format to satisfaction
  • Worked with database connections, SQL joins, loops, aliases, views,

Designed Sources to Targets mapping from primarily Flat files to Tables within Database

Professional Experience

Date: 3/ 2010 - 06/ 2010; Company: Confidential, Consultants, Fl.
Position: Contract SQL Server Developer / SSIS-
Duties: Requirements gathering, Data modeling, Referencing XML Data, Writing complex Queries to manipulate Date / Time Data, Excel spreadsheets Data import using SSIS, Database development projects with front end interface (multi-tier), Using Visual Studio 2008 (Team), SQL Server 2008 /Visio 2008.

Date: 5/ 2008 - 7/ 2009; Company: Confidential, Springs, Fl.
Position: MS SQL DBA / Developer - SQL Server 2005 Std / 2008.

Duties: PerformedSQL ServerDeveloper andAdministrative functions, in both production and development environments: The installation of SQL Server with services packs; Planed, organize, implement and maintain multiple new and existing databases (Consistency checks). Database Security Backups and Recovery, Liaised with Microsoft on issues; Managing data requirements, standards and conventions in support of the development of data loads and extracts; (created ETL: DTS/SSIS packages, Visual Basic Scripting, and some working knowledge of SSRS) ; writing Stored Procedures, and T-SQL Query statements for creating, displaying contents and altering of tables, in facilitating the Sales And marketing departments in their task of E-mail Campaigning Delivery Services (Marketing, Advertising, Mail Shot).

Date: 12/ 2007 - 03/ 2008; Company: Confidential, Boca Raton, Fl.
Position: Contract - SQA Analyst - Working with Hardware / Software
Duties: Embedded software testing on retail security products; Performing Manual / Automated Tests.Methodologies: Regression, Black Box, User Acceptance; Documentation, writing Test Scripts, and Test Plans on the integration of Hardware and Software with the use Software with the use of Compuware Tools version 6.01, Assigning IP addresses to hardware devices for connectivity, Setting up DSN's through ODBC for MS SQL 2005 Database connection.
Project documentation: The procedural flow of steps taken in performing tests, and the logging of faults found as a result of tests conducted.

Date: 04/ 2007 - 06/ 2007;

Company: Confidential, Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderhill Fl.
Position: Contract - SQL Server 2005 / Database Developer(Web driven application)
Duties:From Conceptual through Business Requirements Gathering, to development of a Mortgage Database for a small company using HTML, CSS, ASP.Net web Forms, Master Pages, and C# for the code behind. Creating SQL Queries. The Importing of data to various tables of the database; using BCP (Batch processing) command line and SQL SSIS; DTS packages.
Project documentation: Project requirements documentation, after initial meeting with client Flow charts / Excel spreadsheets in the use of documenting the contents of database tables, etc.

Date: 01/ 2006 - 07/ 2006;

Company: Confidential, Milton Keynes, Buckingham (UK)
Position: Web Developer. / QA Analyst Tester
Duties:As a valued member in the web development process, within a close creative team environment; maintaining, updating, modified current websites with use of a Content manager, (create) design new web graphics, coding with HTML, CSS, and some ASP.Net related projects. Tools: Visual Studio .Net, Photoshop CS2. Provided Software Quality Assurance of the HTML pages; their content, Web Link Verification, and Compatibility testing, by testing how well the application performs, using different Internet protocol browsers.

Experience Continues

Date: 11/ 2005 - 01/ 2006;

Company: Confidential, Milton Keynes. (UK)
Position: ContractProgrammer / Software QA Analyst Tester
Duties:Debugging Software Applications develop using Qt interface classes within C++ Visual Studio Environment. Q.A Analysis of the software usability. Proposed and suggested GUI design in design review meetings.

Date: 06/ 2003 - 12/ 2004;

Company: Confidential, Davie, Florida, USA.
Position: Computer Lab Tech. Support /Technician
Duties: Technical support of PC's; Build/Installation /Configuration/ Networking/ & Internet Connectivity withMS Windows 95, 98, 2000, E-mail issues, Utilizing PC Tools & providing technical support to hardware and software to users (of Microsoft Office, etc.).

Date: 05/ 2002 - 04/ 2003;

Confidential, Tamarac FL USA
Position: Software Tech. Support
Duties: Technical Support, for a Satellite pay Internet Industry. IBM PC's; & PC Tools Installation /Configuration Providing level 1-2 Technical Support via Telephone to end users of HUGHESSatellite Internet Connectivity withMS Windows 98, 2000, & XP, E-mail issues, and Utilizing TCP/IP

Date: 08/ 2001 - 05/ 2002;

Confidential, South Miami, FL USA.
Position: Technical Writer (Contract)
Duties: Communicating with development team and users, in the order of Writing Technical Documentation of Relational Database functionality (RDBMS): Schema, Entity relationships (ERD), Data Flow Diagrams (DFD's), technical descriptions of APIs, Programs, Excel Pivot tables; Variable lookups, and procedures for Batch Processing of International Transactions; International Bankers Financial Accounting System. - Utilizing Microsoft Office 2000, BM PC's; Windows 98 Networking, dBase IV, Visio 2000 6.0, to Generating (Document) work flow activities, software program procedures and processes (Instructional Design Methods applied) that contained instructions, procedures and guidelines.

Date: 01/ 2000 - 05/ 2001;

Company: Confidential, Fort Lauderdale. Florida USA
Position: Programmer /Technical Writer(Contract)
Projects: Marketing Management System / Financial Accounting. Environment / Duties: Client Server -IBM PC's; Windows 2000 Networking, Utilizing Word 2000,Visio 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Source Safe & MS SQL Server 7.0 Contribute to the application project by providing critical support to the project development team, in the Normalization of data, to ensuring data integrity. And performing Software Maintenance, Q.A Analysis of the software, and advice of software usability, resulting from applied testing. Proposed and suggested GUI design in design review meetings. Some coding - using Visual Basic 6 tools working with (Combo Boxes, Grids, SQL coding, and ADO) in the redesign & improvement of the GUI, Amending Visual Basic Source Code, Creating Database Tables, Develop documented user examples, TechnicalDocumentation of program specifications, and Flow Charting Program procedures.

Technology Knowledge & Experiencee

Software:Familiarization, Installation and use of:-

MicrosoftWindows 3.1/ 95/98/2000 /Server, MSDOS 6.2, Front Page 98/ 2000, Winrunner 8.0, Microsoft Word 97/2000, Excel 97/2000, Access95/97/2000, Visual Studio 05 / 08, Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0 /5.0/6.0, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, C# .Net, Crystal Report 6.0, SourceSafe, SQL Serve). HTML 4.0, CSS, Adobe Photoshop CS2, DreamWeaver MX 2004, Corel Draw 5, PageMaker 5.0 /6.5, Visio 5/2000
Hardware: Detail knowledge of Operating systems -Mainframe, PC hardware and Software components


'O' Levels x 4: - Math's, Physics, Engineering Drawing, & English Language/Literature

Computer Science & Programming in COBOL
(City and Guild Diploma Course)
(HND/BTEC. Hardware/Software Engineering)

Associates Degree
Software design: - The use of Structured Development
Methodologies and CASE Tools (Teamwork Unix sys).
Presentation Skills, Project Management, Discrete Math's, Assembler Programming for the Microprocessor, Structured Programming, Electrical & Communication Studies, Digital Electronics, System Design & Computer Architecture.

Professional Education and Certification

Univac O/S JCL and Utilities

HND /BTEC (Higher National Diploma / Business & Technology Education Council).

  • (Merit) Programming in Pascal and 'C'
  • Microprocessor Systems: Intel 8085/8086, & Motorola 68000
  • System Design Software Tools ( SDST )
  • Digital Electronics.

Microsoft Related - Certificated course:

  • MS SQL Server 2005 /2008Implementation/ Maintenance (MCITP):
  • Trouble shoot Locks / Database Tuning & Optimization of Queries / Data Encryption / Creating File groups / Data partitioning / SSIS / SSRS (Report models) / SSAS (Star schema, Snow Flake).
  • Database Mirroring, and Replication.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 & 3.5 - Application Development Foundation (MCTIP).
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Framework 2.0 & 3.5 - Application Development Foundation (MCTIP).
  • Configuring Microsoft Office SharePoint
  • Access / 97
  • Excel / 97
  • Mastering Visual Basic 6.0 for Developers
  • Visual Basic II Advance
  • Pre-installing & Deploying Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Pre-installing & Configuring Windows 2000 File and Print Servers

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