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Software Engineer Resume


  • 3.5 years of experience as a Network Operations (NOC) Engineer and as a Graduate Research Assistant. Worked as a Netcool consultant, Network Data Event monitoring & Enrichment in UNIX/LINUX Production Environment
  • Experience with IBM Tivoli Netcool Omnibus, Impact, HP Sitescope and TelAlert. Worked with SQL, MS SQL for retrieving the Alert information from the Database.
  • Involved in Network Alert Monitoring, troubleshooting various Network Issues - Outages/Severity/Priority.
  • Dealt with configuration of SNMP, Syslog, mttrapd Probes and Gateways for the Object server.
  • Basic Understanding of Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Splunk.
  • Excellent communication skills- clear, concise, and professional
  • Handled incidents, Outages, Priority (P1, P2) Issues, Incident resolution and restoration.
  • Knowledge on LAN/WAN Networks, routers, Switches and Network Configuration.
  • Configured the Triggers in Omnibus and the Impact policies.
  • Good Understanding of communication Protocols like SNMP, TCP/IP, SSH, Telnet, etc.,


Programming Languages: C, SQL, MS-SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, Perl & JAVA

Operating systems: UNIX, LINUX, Windows

Tools: used: BMC Remedy-AOTS, ITO-HPPM ticketing tool, activemq, CMDB, IBM Netcool Omnibus/Event list, Netcool webGUI, eSET GUI, BMC Remedy- CR, Putty, ServiceNow, Splunk, IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager.

Database: Oracle Database, SQL Developer, Toad for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Management Studio.



Software Engineer



  • Worked on UNIX based Production environment on ITNM. Configuring the SNMP, syslog, mttrapd Probes and Gateways for the object servers.
  • Handled incidents, Outages, Priority (P1, P2) Issues, Incident resolution and restoration, Knowledge on LAN/WAN Networks.
  • Monitored and administered Infrastructure components in UNIX based Production Servers in the Command center.
  • Troubleshooting various Network issues and providing technical assistance to the customers with configuration. Network maintenance related issues and escalate accordingly if necessary.
  • Monitoring the Mission Critical Application- Netcool. Implemented automation temporal triggers, external procedures and shell scripts, Probe configuration, creation of rules file & properties file.
  • Created the Impact Policies for implementing the Alarm enrichment and auto-ticketing.
  • Took part in ITIL Change/ service management, co-ordination for planned activities and network related changes such as CPU, Disk utilization, etc.,
  • Excellent knowledge on SQL queries to fetch the data from Oracle/ MS-SQL Server databases.
  • Gained Knowledge on fundamental security issues in Computer Networks(NMS) and Interaction with large number of clients/Users in the outage calls.
  • Used Splunk for Data Analyses and monitoring the Alerts using Dashboards.
  • Knowledge on routers, switches.

Tools: Used: Impact 5.1, Netcool Omnibus suite 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and web GUI, eSET (event Suppression and enrichment tool).


Versioning tools: CVS, SVN

Software Engineer



  • Monitored and administered Unix based Production Servers.
  • Creating/Modifying groups through GUI as well as back end.
  • Adding/Deleting and Modification of the Users to access TelAlert.
  • Checking Confidential the server end regarding the alerts in the TelAlert queue and restarted the MVS Listen process if required.
  • Handling Outages and P1 Issues.

Graduate Research Assistant



  • Worked on a project "A Compression Algorithm Design and Simulation for Processing Large Volumes of Data from Wireless Sensor Networks". We focused on accelerating the system with programming hardware using Anvyl Spartan 6 LX45 FPGA, which is inexpensive for IoT relays, fast and reconfigurable.
  • Used the CSRmesh technology which enables Bluetooth Low energy devices to receive and act upon messages thus turning it into a mesh network for Internet of things(IoT).
  • Designed the Verilog Code for the LightWeight Temporal compression(LTC) algorithm in ModelSim.

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