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Data Developer Resume


To work as a SQL Server Data Developer with the opportunity to continue improving my skills, work with the latest technology and gain a promotion based on proven performance.


RDBMS Servers: SQL Server 6. years, Sybase ASE three years, MySql, 5 years, PostgreSQL 5 years.

IDE: Visual Studio, SQL Server BIDS

Languages: HTML/DHTML eight years, VBScript/JavaScript seven years, ASP six years, TSQL 14 years, PLSQL two years.


Data Developer



  • I was responsible for developing solutions primarily for ETL of company data.
  • This includes creating stored procedures, creating scheduling tables in Control M, and developing command shell scripts to execute SQL statements and stored procedures from within Control M.
  • Development tasks are managed through the Agile Software Development methodologies.
  • I was also responsible for researching data issues and bringing them to a speedy resolve.
  • This entails troubleshooting errant stored procedures, SQL statements, command shell scripts, Control M issues as well as SSIS packages launched from with Control M.
  • I also scripted in VB Script a process to automate for our team some of the tasks required to install a Control M scheduling table.
  • Control M tables are stored as XML drafts, the VB Script parses the draft and creates the required job/group guides reducing to a few seconds what can take over an hour.
  • It also parses the draft for quality control checks and produces a validation log to insure the various elements of the Control M scheduling table meets Confidential development standards.




  • I Upgraded the original server from SQL Server 7 to SQL Server 2000. I set up backup and maintenance plans for the server, they previously had none.
  • Confidential had a primitive network single user DTS based import program used to import school district data into the database.
  • The import program is set of stored procedures and DTS packages used to load data into the database from staging tables.
  • Dibels files are downloaded from Confidential . Dibels files are denormalized text report files meant to be pasted into excel for analysis and reporting not meant for a data exchange system.
  • Confidential was importing data from Dibels by manually creating cut and paste text files from excel files downloaded from the Confidential ’s Dibels Data System. This process was extremely slow and error prone.
  • Created a separate DataImport database, totally reworked all import stored procedures and created multi - user desktop client to replace the network import program to allow for all users to concurrently import data.
  • Participated with the developers in totally remodeling the Confidential database.
  • The original database had no foreign key constraints, no referential integrity, or identity columns and was totally inadequate for expanding company needs.
  • This was done in conjunction with simultaneously upgrading all company servers to SQL Server 2005.
  • I then upgraded all import programs to use SSIS from DTS.
  • I designed and created an automated data import system to ETL large files from other education providers like WGEN and Tango.
  • This involved creating the tables, functions, views, and stored procedures, data loading, and automated synchronization of Confidential company data with Confidential, a company based in Australia.
  • Created procedures to load and synchronize company data with the Dibels Data System. This involved analyzing Confidential data to import missing data and perform Delta Deletes/archival of stale data.
  • Created maintained company data bridge. This system imports data in a standard template from various school districts around the country. Uses dos batch files, stored procedures, SSIS and scheduled tasks to synchronize Confidential data with school district data.
  • Participated in upgrading company servers to SQL Server 2008.
  • Participated in the merger of Confidential Learning and Confidential . This involved the expansion of the Confidential data model to handle the data from the Cambium data model. I participated in creating an entirely new extensive stored procedure library to process the data from Cambium applications.
  • Created the database portion of Voyagers Web Import program. Spreadsheet templates downloaded from the web server are filled out by the school districts and then uploaded to the server. I wrote a series of stored procedures using openrowset to load the spreadsheet data into the DataImport database and then feed the data to the data import stored procedures, and then provide a comprehensive report on the data import results.
  • Participated in other minor development projects throughout my tenure with Confidential .
  • Customer issues at Confidential are a fact of daily life. Resolving them was top priority. Solutions involved querying the data to determine the problem, and often involved restoring a PIT backup to retrieve data lost through deletion or updates, and then creating and applying a fix.

Developer/Database Administrator



  • Designed the company’s File Transfer Protocol interfaces with major payment outlets .
  • These programs input and output payment data and customer records with these institutions.
  • Used PGP Command line for encryption of sensitive customer data.
  • Installed, configured and set up security for the company database servers.
  • Redesigned the company database using sound database design principles.
  • Using Transact SQL then developed an extensive stored procedure library, custom user defined data types, triggers and views for application developers to use when accessing the database(s).
  • Used Visio and SQL Server 7 program s to assist in conceptual and physical design.
  • The company’s billing data from the major carriers came to the company on CD Rom discs in a variety of formats, including Magnetic tape data in the CABS/EMI billing formats, Sybase embedded, FoxPro and text. Created databases to store the data and using Visual Basic, ADO, Transact SQL, VBScript, developed methods to input the data into the system through DTS packages, bulk copy, or custom visual basic/script programs.
  • Using Transact SQL and scheduled tasks built an Automated Customer Account Processing system.
  • This system evaluated customer accounts daily and adjusted customer billing data. Implemented warm server backup to insure 24/7 operation.
  • The system ran for three years with little to no downtime for other than routine maintenance and restart.
  • Researched and developed company plan for disaster recovery to include offsite storage of company backups.
  • Assisted the IT team on numerous other data-centric development projects including building the stored procedures to the company’s inbound and outbound IVR systems.
  • Assisted the network administrator when network problems became an issue.
  • Developed several special needs, short lived, MS Access front-end applications to the database servers as necessary for company reporting and other business requirements.

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