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Sql Server Dba Resume


More than 27 years of experience in Software Analysis, design, development, testing and implementation. Specializing in developing Application Software using IBM Mainframes, RDBMS and Client /Server environment. For more than 19 years, I am being involved in managing the database administration including SQL Server 7/2005/2008/2005/2010/2012/2014 , Oracle7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g, DB2 UDB 6/7./8.X/9, 10.5 /11 & DB2 on RDBMS’s on HP UNIX, Sun Solaris, and AIX & OS/390. Experienced in Infrastructure Deployment Installation, Configuration and Administration of ERP Applications such as PeopleSoft 8.3 HRMS 8.8, FIN8.1x/8.44, and PeopleSoft 8.1 x Supply Chain Management, EPM, Portal, Student Admin 8.21, and CRM 8.8/9.0/9.2 with Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12C DB2 UDB /DB2 V6/7/8 on OS/390 as backend in multi platform environments.


Hardware: RS/6000 SP & Pseries, E Series, Power 5 Servers, SUNW sparc,,ESS - 800, DS4800,DS6800,DS8000,Ultra-Enterprise, HP Tru64, EMC CLARiion CX series. Dell 1650,6650, Dell PowerEdge 1950,2900, Blade Servers HS20-21

Operating Systems: Windows NT/, MVS, Z/OS, AS/400, HP/UX 10.0, Sun Solaris 8/9/10, AIX 4.3/5.3,6.x/7.x, Linux 4 to 7

RDBMS: Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, DB2 UDB V6.1/7.x/8.x/9/10/11 & DB2 V4,5,6,7,8,9,10 OS/390/Z/OS,SQLServer 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2016 , Informix, SYBASE


RDS: Oracle,MYSQL,PostgreSQL,SQL Server

Cloud Solution: Amazon Web Services (AWS ), Microsoft Azure, Google & IBM Softlayer

Big Data: MongoDB, Hadoop

ERP: PeopleSoft 8.14 (Supply Chain Management), PeopleSoft8.3, HRMS 8.8/8.9,Student Admin 8.42,9.0, EMP, Portal 8.4,9.0, 9.1 CRM PeopleSoft design tools, PSADMIN, Data mover, query, upgrade Assistant, Seibel V7.x,SAP V 3/4.6, DBACockpit,SAP DB2Admin, BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, BRRESTORE, BRRECOVER, BRSPACE, BRCONNECT, and BRTOOLS Utilities, Lawson HCM

Clustering Tools: IBM HACMP 5.1, TSA, Xkoto GridScaleServer, EMC, Veritas Clustering, Flash Copy, Peer to Peer remote Copy(PPRC), Oracle RAC ( Real Application Cluster),DataGaurd,ASM, Quest SharePlex for Oracle, DataGuard

Disaster Recovery: VMWare Tools, IBM Tivoli Storage Management(TSM), Flash Copy, Peer to Peer Remote Copy(PPRC)/, EMC SnapView,MirrorView, Sun's StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM). VERITAS

WebServes: IBM Web Sphere, BEA WebLogic,IIS, iPlanet, Oracle 10G application Server

Connectivity Tool: IBM DB2 Connect, Relational Connect, Oracle Gateway

Replication Tool: Data Propagator,DB2 Replication Center (SQL Replications, Q Replications), WebSphere ( information integrator), Oracle Streams

DBA Tools for Oracle: Platinum DBvision, Tsreog, BMC Patrol, SQL Backtrac, Oracle, Enterprise Manager, RMAN, Import, Export, Oracle Data Guard, Flash Back, Automate Storage Management(ASM), Grid Control, DBCA,DBUA, SQL*Loader, SQL*DBA, Replication Manager, Quest Database Admin Tools, Oracle Ware House Builder

DB2 OS/390 tools: Platinum Database Analyzer, Plan Analyzer, Subsystem AnalyzerSQL Easy, RC/Migrator, RC/Security, Log Analyzer, CA Unicenter, CA7

DB2 UDB tools: BMC Patrol for DB2 UDB, IBM Relational Connect, DB2 Connect, Data Propagator, Quest Central for DB2 UDB/, BMC Web DBADGI SQL Guy, Wise Guy, MQ Series,IBM Data Studio .

Data Warehousing: Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Express, IBM Data Warehouse Center, IBM Ware House Manager, MicroStrategy,Informatica,Cognos

Design: Designer 2000, Erwin, ER - Studio

Front End: Developer 2000 - Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5, Graphics 2.5, Power builder 5.0

Languages: COBOL, C, Pro*C, JCL, Perl, Python



SQL Server DBA


  • Hands on experience in Installing, Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Upgrading and Migrating SQL Server from 20 on Clustered and Standby Environments.
  • Expertise in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Testing.
  • Expertise in Database Administration on Production Servers with server configuration, performance tuning and maintenance with outstanding troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Administering SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery strategies.
  • Worked on logical and physical data base modeling with UML and ERWIN tools.
  • Excellent knowledge in RDBMS concepts and constructs along with Objects creation such as Database, Table, Normalization, UDF, User Defined Data Type, Indexes, Views, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Experience in using SQL Server Tools like DTS, Import/Export Wizard, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler and SQL Query Analyzer.
  • Master in performing administrative tasks: database files management, backup/restore, Security Management, Database Mirroring, Data Integration and Synchronization.
  • Hands on experience with T-SQL (DDL, DML, DCL) in Implementing & Developing Stored Procedures, Triggers, Nested Queries, Joins, Cursors, Views, User Defined Functions, Indexes, User Profiles, Relational Database Models, Creating & Updating tables and checking the database consistency by executing DBCC Commands.
  • Expert in using Bulk Copy Program (BCP), Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages and SSIS (integration services) with MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014.
  • Solid experience on high availability SQL Server solutions, including Replication Models (Snapshot/Transactional) and SQL Server clustering (Active-Active, Active-Passive).
  • Experience in using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) for data extraction, transformation and loading across different databases like Oracle, MS Access and flat files using tools like Import and Export Wizard, Package Installation and SSIS Package Designer.
  • Experience in designing/generating/using/deploying Visual Studio Business Intelligence Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and Crystal Reports.
  • Data replication from SQL Server to DB2 AS/400 using SSIS
  • Also worked migration DB2 AS/400 to Open RDBMS like SQL Server and Oracle.




  • Database migrating from Oracle 8I to DB2 UDB 6.1 for BEA WebLogic
  • More than 60 DB2 UDB Database upgraded/Migrated from V7 to V8 to V9,V9 to 10 and V10 to V11.
  • Good experience in migrating databases from SYBASE, SQL Server to DB2 UDB.
  • Upgrade more then 5 Oracle instances from V9i to 10g using DBUA
  • Migrating database from one environment to another environment by using Redirect Restore process.
  • Performance tuning for PeopleSoft, application (SQL) by using Quest Central & db2 index adviser (DB2ADVIS), database manager & Database parameters by using Snap motor, event monitor & Control center .
  • Automating all database utilities, RUNSTATS, REORGCHK, REORG, QUIESCE, DB2RBIND
  • Preparing DBA standards for DB2 UDB & Implementing for all the environments (DMO, DEV, SYS, QA1, QA2) for all software (PeopleSoft, Siebel, BEA WebLogic)
  • Good exposure in migrating from DB2 to Oracle or Oracle to DB2, Migrated around 100 database from Oracl8i to DB2 UDB V7/8 on Solaris & AIX environments.
  • Very much comfortable to designing distributed database, setting Database replication on UDB DB2 EEE/DPF .
  • Configuring database partition, setting High Availability Cluster Multi-processing (HACMP)/HADR (High Availability Deserter Recovery) for Unix AIX for DB2 UDB.
  • DR (Disaster Recovery) recovery strategies design & implementation for DB2 UDB ( HACMP,HADR, For IBM/EMC Snapview,MirrorView/Veritas Flash Copy, Peer to Peer Remote Copy (PPRC), setup Physical to Logical, Logical to Physical by using VMware and IBM TSM with Zero Down time & Desktop and Server Virtualization.




  • Experience with maintaining and troubleshooting an enterprise DB2 database on z/OS
  • Using CA tools Database Analyzer, Plan Analyzer, Subsystem Analyzer
  • Expert with DB2 backup, recovery, high availability and disaster recovery techniques for DB2 z/OS
  • Experience with maintaining and troubleshooting an enterprise DB2 database on z/OS
  • Expert with DB2 backup, recovery, high availability and disaster recovery techniques for DB2 z/OS using CBD Super Utilities
  • Upgrade DB2 Z/OS from 8 to 9 Sysplex Data Sharing environment
  • DB2 Utility jobs: data restore, REORG, Loads, Unloads, DSN1Copy utility, RUNSTATS, Image Copy, Quiesce, Table Conversion.
  • SQL performance tuning using BMC AppTune, CA SQL Analyzer
  • Use SQL to insert and modify DB2 table data in test and production environments.
  • Creating and maintaining stored procedures.
  • Provide database administration activities and application lifecycle support for multiple projects in mainframe midrange environments.
  • Daily monitor DASD allocation growth. Resize VSAM datasets. Order DASD disk packs to accommodate the estimated DASD allocation for new database objects.
  • Provide bi-annual projected DASD allocation growth for existing databases.
  • Manage data replication via IBM’s Data Propagator.
  • Setup Database replication from Z/OS to DB2 UDB and Oracle using Information integrator and Data propagator
  • Migrate application from IMS, Mainframe to Open system (Linux, AIX)

Oracle DBA



  • Setup one-way, bi-directional Oracle streams setup from Oracle, non Oracle databases
  • Creation of database under Oracle 8.0.5/8i for Development and Production environments
  • Laying out logical and physical designs, mirroring of redo logs and rollback segments.
  • Creation of table spaces meant for storing data and index segments.
  • Laying out strategies for the physical distribution of the control files, redo log files and data files related to the database across the disk volumes.
  • Database designing, Creating instance, Creating Database.
  • Configuring Database Manager & Database
  • Creating backup & recovery strategies, Implementing Incremental & delta backup, Database disaster recovery
  • Configured, implemented 10g RAC with ASM disk on Linux servers EMC /IBM·
  • Performed several RDBMS upgrades from 8i to 9i, 8i to 10g, 11g on Multi platform.
  • Expert in 10G Oracle RDBMS installation on Linux platforms (32 and 64 bit), upgrade, configuration, backup, recovery, archiving & purging activities· Used stats pack report to tune materialized views by creating materialized view logs to enable fast refreshes on master tables.
  • Have well exposed with Golden Gate products, and setup Heterogeneous replication from Non-Oracle to Oracle using Golden Gate.
  • Created physical standby database from hot backup of primary database·
  • Created scripts to query performance views in an effort to reduce parse times and tune memory structures such as the database buffer cache, shared pool, library cache and PGA for a shared server configuration· Created logical standby database from hot backup of primary database· Resolved gaps between primary and standby databases (Gap Resolution)·
  • Designed, documented, implemented, and maintained all disaster recovery procedures · Setup physical standby on a 9i database to protect mission critical from any failures, errors or corruptions· Configured a cold-failover for 9i and 10G database using Sun clusters 3.1
  • 10g RAC switchover and failover configuration, implantation, and testing· Installed Oracle 10g RAC on Linux platform using ASM for a storage manager·
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Management configuration, setup & admin ( for Backup/recovery)
  • AIX/Solaris SysAdmin work
  • Hardware/software requirements estimation for client, based on their application or environment . which hardware, server best for client.
  • DR (Disaster Recovery) recovery strategies design & implementation for either Oracle10g ( RAC/ASM/Data Guard) . Logical to Physical by using VMware and IBM TSM with Zero Down time & Desktop and Server Virtualization.
  • Amazon EC2 Linux,Windows.
  • Amazon ELB (Elastic Load Balancing),
  • Amazon OpsWork and CloudFormation (assisting customers with Chef and Puppet).
  • Identity Access Management (IAM )
  • AWS single sion using ping Identity
  • Setup SAML AWS federation access
  • Amazon RDS Deployement & support for MYSQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle .
  • Amazon CloudFront - Global Content Delivery Network service
  • AWS Storage services: S3, Glacier, EFS, Storage Gateway and EBS.
  • Mobile Services: Mobile Analytics, Device Farm, Cognito, SNS.
  • AWS Application services: SES, CloudSearch, SNS, AppStream, SQS and Elastic Transcoder.
  • Amazon Redshift, Lambda, DynamoDB
  • Amazon Route 53 Domain Name System Web Services .
  • Have good knowledge on AWS security tools and services: AWS Security Model, IAM (Identity Access Management), ACM (Amazon Manager), Security Groups, Network ACLs, Encryption, MFA (Multifactor Authentication).
  • Migration Services from client Infrastructure to AWS including Data center, RDS Solutions.
  • Working with client to migrate Accounting & Financial Solution Software as a Services (SaaS) to migrate into AWS .
  • Developing Proto type to clients to migrate there application on VB and dot net on SQL Server 2008 windows 2012 to AWS cloud, after proto type tested, accepted clients to migrate is more than 1000 in Middle East ( UAE and around ).
  • Well versed with Big Data implementation in AWS including MongoDB and Hadoop.
  • Have good knowledge with other cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM Softlayer Solution & Services.
  • Working on on AWS Devops System Admin & Solution Architect .

PeopleSoft Admin



  • PeopleSoft8.x installation, Upgrade from 8.x to 9/9.1
  • PeopleSoft CRM, Student Admin ( Campus Solutions ),HCM, Financial upgrade from V8.8 to V9.0, V8.21 to 9.0
  • PeopleSoft People tool upgrade from .03, 8.43.09 to - 8.51
  • Setup one-way, bi-directional Oracle streams setup from Oracle, non Oracle databases.
  • Configuring Application Server, Web Server, Process Schedulers, application performance tuning
  • Migration/version control PeopleSoft Internal & external object migration using Quest STAT
  • Maintaining application & database integrity, applying patches, Controlling application user security.
  • Migration from SQL Server 2005/DB2 UDB V8 on Windows/AIX to Oracle10 Linux/Windows.
  • PeopleSoft Server Administration - Expertise in installation, configuration, maintaining and troubleshooting PeopleSoft process schedulers, application Servers, setup and management of the Database and PeopleSoft Internet Architecture PIA environment and related processing objects.
  • Created multiple Tuxedo and Bea WebLogic/ IBM WebSphere PIA Server domains on separate host systems to access one database, an effective strategy for performance and tuning.
  • Upgraded the PeopleSoft Tools and Applications (HRMS and Financials) using Upgrade Assistant and Change Assistant.
  • Strong knowledge of PeopleSoft messaging and Integration broker.
  • Applied Patches/Fixes/Updates/Tax Updates from the PeopleSoft Customer Connection to the PeopleSoft databases on timely basis.
  • Horizontal slicing of an Oracle Exalogic machine quarter rack for Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux physical environments.
  • Jobs scheduling using tools CA WA ESP, CA7 and Control M.
  • Install, configure PostgreSQL in Linux environment.
  • Designed, developed and maintained PostgreSQL database architecture, create database and
  • Migrate database from hosted environment to AWS RDS
  • Prepared and updated scripts for various administrative tasks.
  • Maintained documentation of scripts in all source repositories.
  • Developed scripts for database monitoring and tuning procedures.
  • Conducted Linux administration activities and managed test databases.
  • Evaluated database performance and executed table maintenance processes.
  • Tuning Vacuume
  • Optimizing the administration,development processes through Chef and Puppet.
  • Used EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE to identify and fine tune sql queries for performance improvements.
  • Worked on Improving query performance by keeping statistics up to date and tuning the database for sampling size and error conditions.
  • Migration Services
  • Install, configuration MongoDB in Linux, support and maintenance.
  • Performance tuning for client at Indianapollis on Confidential on Linux for web application.
  • Install and configuration of IBM DB2 merge backup, High Performance Unload, test senarios and build scripts to automate the process for Confidential for DPF environment on AIX.
  • FL BOG Universities System, Tallahassee, FL
  • Apply all Oracle critical patches CPU ( critical Patch Update), Install and configure Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) in connect and disconnect mode, Install and configure GRID Control Agent for all DB servers, Installed Oracle Wallet Manager and setup Transparent Data Encryption OTDE) for sensitive data .
  • Initially setup was Oracle RAC with 4 nodes on Red Hat Linux, for client environment they don’t want RAC, help them to convert from RAC to stand alone.
  • Install and configure Oracle Gate way between Oracle on Linux to DB2 Z/OS
  • Next stage, setup Oracle Data Guard for failover.
  • Oracle upgrade from Oracle10gR2 to 11gR2
  • Did DB2 upgrade from DB2 V8.2.7 to V9.5 on AIX 5.3.006 for client Amway located at Grand Rapid,MI. This project I did part time remote from Nov to Dec’09.
  • Install and configure Oracle Transparent Gateway from Oracle on Linux to DB2 on AIX.


Oracle DBA


  • Migration of more than 2000 DB2 instances instance from IBM Data Center to client Data center .
  • Configure HADR & HACMP for different applicaton as per nature of the application.
  • Support and maintenance Confidential envirionemnt from V9.5 to 10.5 on AIX V6/7 and on Linux .
  • BaaN ERP Migration from AIX to Linux & Oracle upgrade from 10gR2 to 12c.
  • This project is Migration from AIX 5.3 to Linux 7.1 and upgrade from 10gR2 to 12c.
  • Conversion from file system to ASM.
  • This project has 4 environment
  • Estimate the sizing, design project plan
  • Co-ordinate with Storage & System team to build Virtual Servers on Cisco Unicenter with EMC VMAX storage.
  • Install GRID standalon, configure ASM, ccreate disk volume groups install Oracle12c
  • Apply Patches
  • Based on source size Configure & create instance .
  • Export DB using datapump export form Oracle10gR2 and import into Oracle 12c on Linux environment.
  • Co -ordination application team, help the to install BaaN at new infrastructure, configure application.
  • Converting shell script from KSH to BASH .
  • Workining with Testining team .
  • Support & maintenance the project .

Environment: Oracle10gR2 on Aix 5.3, Oracle12c on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, BaanERP V5 SiView, Confidential V9.5 to 10.5 on AIX V6 & V7, HARD, HACMP, TSM IBM xSeries & pSeries Serves DS6400 storage, Cisco Unicenter with EMX Vmax storage.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Oracle /SQL Server DBA


  • SQL Server 2012 & 2014 Installations, configuration and SQL cluster Installation. Experience as a MSSQL Administrator on large scale software development project.
  • Involved in Datacenter Migration, one of the biggest datacenter in the world (WWT), with 1278 SQL Servers across the globe.
  • Having hands on knowledge in migrating Database from SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000 and SQL 2005 databases to SQL 2005, SQL 2008, SQL 2012 .
  • Involved in the compliance project, where my role was to applying latest Service Packs to all the servers under baker environment and make it compliant to baker Standard.
  • Backup and Restoration of System and User databases.
  • Experience in Deploying and troubleshooting SSIS packages.
  • Monitoring SQL Server Jobs and Troubleshooting on failure.
  • Troubleshooting SQL Server production issues.
  • Monitoring database growth, managing Databases, data files, log files.
  • Performance Tuning of SQL Server Databases.
  • Managing SQL Server security and logins.
  • Experience with Active directory adding individual User ID's to Active directory groups. Dealing with performance issues on production servers.
  • To analyze long running and slow queries and tune the same to optimize application and system performance.
  • Setting up and supporting weekend/Interval database activities. (Reindexing, Backup and Restoration)
  • Monitoring SQL server performance using profiler to find performance and deadlocks. Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures. Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • System analysis, design, development implementation and Reverse Engineering and optimization.
  • Ensuring high availability of the database using the concepts of mirroring, replication, Log shipping .
  • Database & application tuning and performance monitoring. Plan growth and changes (capacity planning). Work as part of a team and provide 24/7 supports when required
  • Oracle DBA support with multiple clients

Environment: SQL Server 2012/2014 on Windows 2008/2012 R2 Oracle 10gR2, 11gR2 on Linux with RAC 3 nodes.

Confidential, Arlington,TX

PeopleSoft Oracle DBA/ System admin


  • PeopleSoft modules HCM, CRM, Financail, EPM PoepleSoft tool upgrade to 8.51.15
  • Applying PeopleSoft Bundles, patches, TAX update to update using change assistant .
  • Web logic upgrade to 10.3.5
  • Oracle upgrade from to, apply critical patches
  • As part of consolidation all compus of the environment and upgrade building all new environments for all PeopleSoft modules.
  • Setup Integration Broker Gateway server and agents and single sigon for all environments.
  • Automated Environment monitoring for PeopleSoft and Oracle database, disk spaces and resource usage, alerts .
  • Building scripts startup and shutdown the environments including database, application, batch and web server.
  • Database backup and recovery strategy and implementing physical and logical backup using RMAN and data pump.
  • Managing Oracle RAC with 2 nodes for all production database on Linux Dell poweredge R7 and Qlogic storage .
  • Maintaining and supporting non- production environment.
  • Performance tuning at database, application side and SQL tuning using Oracle GRID control, AWR, ADDM, tuning packages .
  • Implemented horizontal slicing of an Oracle Exalogic machine quarter rack for Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux physical environments.

Environment: PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, CRM, EMP 9.1 and Campus Solution 9.0/9.1, tools 8.51.05/8.51.15 on Oracle 11gR2 Linux and AIX People, IBM P575 Servers and VMware ESX4.1 and Qlogic storage, TSM for tape managements, Quest STAT for change management, Exalogic 3.2, CA WA ESP

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

PeopleSoft SysAdmin/Architect


  • PeopleSoft FCM 9.1, tools 8.51 on Confidential 9.7 Windows 2008 R2 Install stabilization and citification .
  • Sizing and estimate resource ( CPU, Memory and Disk space ) for DEV, TST environments and build from SYS on IBM x series Servers with VMware ESX 4.1 DB, Batch server on one virtual servers, Web and Application Server another virtual server.
  • Build PRD environment with 2 cluster 2 web servers, 2 application Servers and Database with HADR.
  • Apply PeopleSoft application and tools patches, TAX update .
  • Migrate PeopleSoft external and internal objects.
  • Environment cloning from environment to environment.
  • Database performance tuning at Instance, Database, Bufferpools, Tablespaces and SQL tuning .
  • PeopleSoft application module and process based performance tuning
  • Maintenance and monitoring with performance Monitor.

Environment: PsoftSoft FCM 9.1, tools 9.51 on DB2 V9.7 on Windows 2008 R2, Weblogic 10.3 IBM x series Serves DS3400 storage, VMware ESX4.1


Senior Consultant


  • PeopleSoft upgrade assessment fro FSCM from PeopleSoft V8.9 to 9.1 and People tools from 8.4 SP3 following areas
  • Storage ( EMC and 3Par storage) System
  • Servers Database on Confidential V9.5 on AIX V5.3 ml 11 on P570
  • Application, batch Server, Web Server on Solaris 10 64 bits Sparc Sun-Fire-880, 480 servers
  • Convert Web server from Oracle Application Server to WebLogic 11g (10.3.2)
  • Upgrade best practice

Environment: PeopleSOft FSCM 8.9/9.1 People tools 8.49/8.50 on Confidential V9.5 bits on AIX 5.3 P570, sparc servers (880,480).

Confidential, Chicago,IL

Sr. PeopleSoft DB2 DBA


  • DB2 upgrade from V7.2 to V9.5 and PeopleSoft upgrade from 8.8 to 9.0
  • PeopleSoft HRSM 8.8, EPM 8.46, PeopleTools 8.46
  • DB2 V7.2/9.5 on AIX 5.3 on IBM DS4700 storage with SVC, P5 and P6 servers
  • PeopleSoft Student Admin migration from SQL Server 2005 to Oracle10gR2 on windows 2003 .
  • PeopleSoft Student Admin upgrade from 8.21 to 9.0 along with tools upgrade to 8.49.09 by using Change Assistant .
  • Involved as part of upgrade by running compare report, DDD Audit to sync object between database and PeopleSoft tools tables, Sys Audit report to validate PeopleSoft objects, Project migration from environment to environment .
  • Applying PeopleSoft patches, Bea WebLogic upgraded to V9 to service pack 2.
  • Setup RAC 2 nodes with ASM environment on IBM DS6400 storage with VMware ESX for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications.
  • Building Application Server, Web Server using Bea WebLogic and batch server .
  • Automate the Database maintenance using AWR,ADDM,, Performance tuning .
  • Setup job to get top10 SQL, high wait events, Objects with SQL statements, I/O activity with dbms workload repository package.
  • Setup database backup jobs using RMAN, RMAN configured to TSM for tape backup.
  • Database and environment re-fresh using RMAN and IBM hardware utilities Flash Copy .
  • Also I involved in Setup Oracle streams from Solaris to windows for Oracle RAC environment with down streams ( one source and multiple targets ).

Environment: Oracle10g/11g,SQL Server 2005 on windows 2003 for PeopleSoft Student Admin 8.21/9.0, PeopleTool 8.43/8.49, Tuxedo V8/9, Change Assistant, Data Mover,PSQueqy, PeopleSoft Application designer, WebLogic V8/9, VMware ESX, DS6400 storage, with IBM TSM

Confidential, Gainesville, FL

System Architect/Sr. PeopleSoft DB2/Oracle DBA


  • Setup Oracle RAC with two nodes on IBM Blade Servers, SuSE Linux V10, Oracle GRID.
  • Development on IBM Blade Server rac-3 and rac-4, production rac-5 and rac-6 for PeopleSoft Student Admin V9.0 and EPM V9.0.
  • Develop Backup and Recovery strategy, implementation.
  • Database cloning from environment to environment by using RMAN, SRVCTL.
  • Build RMAN scripts for BackupDatabase monitor & performance tuning
  • Setup scripts for Database cloning by using RMAN., Configure RMAN with TSM
  • We are working on Oracle database backup also by using EMC SnapView,SnapMirror.
  • Automate the Database maintenance using AWR,ADDM,, Performance tuning .
  • Setup job to get top10 SQL, high wait events, Objects with SQL statements, I/O activity with dbms workload repository package.
  • Build scripts and Setup monitoring jobs for Top 10 SQL, Tablespaces space usage, LOCKS, Database, bufferpool activity.
  • Performance tuning SQL, database, instance level.
  • Database cloning by using EMC SAN utilities SnapClone, SnapCopy, DB2 utilities DB2relocatedb, re-direct restore process.
  • Right now backup windows is 2 -3 hours, that effecting PeopleSoft Financial and HRMS batch processing and online processing .
  • By get ting familiar with EMC storage technology like SnapView, SnapView software leverages the power of EMC CLARiiON networked storage systems to create local point-in-time copies of data that can be used for testing, backup, and recovery operations. And SnapView now features consistent split capabilities—to ensure data coherency for all your local replication needs. With the flexibility to create pointer-based, space saving snapshots and highly functional, full-volume clones, you're able to meet a mix of service levels with minimal operational impact.
  • Take EMC SnapShot ( same as IBM FlashCopy) of file system of production LUNs mount it in stand by server, take as regular TSM backup.
  • Implementation of Zero down ( less than minute ) time backup plan using EMC SnapView and SnapClone for DB2, we use same for data clone and or replications, by using DB2INIDB DB2 utility as snapshot ( for cloning, ) mirror ( backup) .
  • Production database cloning into Reporting database using EMC SNAP View every night, taking snap from production filesystem into Reprting server, rollforward into point in time.
  • DB2 UDB Upgrade from V8 to V9 on AIX.
  • Applying DB2 fix pack for Database and application, batch servers, and also for Cognos, informatica
  • System monitoring, performance tuning for AIX, Linux.
  • Upgrade from PeopleSoft Financial from 8.8 to 9.0 and migration from DB2 UDB V8.2.7 on AIX to Oracle10g on Linux .
  • PeopleSoft Performance tuning using Performance Monitor (like PeopleSoft ping, Queries PPM COMP BUILD CACHE, PPM COMP BUILD CACHE ARCH,PPM TIMEOUT SQL REQ
  • PeopleSoft trace (COBOL,SQL trace)
  • Setup PeopleSoft Web Server using Bea webLogic, and batch Server
  • Setup Oracle Streams, configured Oracle Gateways between Oracle 10g to DB2 V8 .
  • Build SQL Server instance/sub system on SQL Server 2005 on Win2003 server., setup ELT, DS from DB2 Z/OS to SQL Server.

Environment: PeopleSoft Financial,HRMS,EPM 8.8/9.0 people tool 8.46/8.48, WebLogic version 8/9,Oracle 10g Application Server, Informatica,Cognos, tuxedo 8.1, DB2 UDB version 8.2/9.1, Oracle10g release 2.03, Oracle Gateways,SQL Server 2000/2005 on Win 2003, SuSE Linux version 10,IBM BladeServer HS20-21,DS4800,DS8000,EMC CLARiiON CX300/, SnapViewSnapMirror,SnapCLone,SnapCopy, IBM P650, P630 servers

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL

PeopleSoft Oracle/DB2 /SQL Server DBA


  • Install People Tools, configure Appserv, Process Scheduler, WebServer using IBM Web Sphere, Oracle 10g Application Server, Upgrading People soft CRM from version 8.8 to 9.0 . People tools upgrade from migrating PeopleSoft CRM from DB2 V8.2 on Windows to Oracle 10g release 2 on SuSE Linux 10. I create my won scripts to create tablespaces,schema, load data from DB2 to Oracle, by using DB2 Stored procedures, SQL, Oracle SQL*LOADER. setup Data Guard, RAC for new PeopleSoft application, RMAN scripts for Backup, monitor, export, database cloning by manually, RMAN.
  • Automate the Database maintenance using AWR,ADDM,, Performance tuning .
  • Setup job to get top10 SQL, high wait events, Objects with SQL statements, I/O activity with dbms workload repository package.
  • PeopleSoft application, Appengn,SQR,COBOL process, Database, Instance, SQL performance tuning for Oracle 10g release 2 ( 10.2.03).
  • Maintaining existing PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 on DB2 UDB V8.2.2 Windows 2003 server.DB2 PeopleSoft database replicate from AS/400 by using Vision Solution software Symbiator. Scheduling backup, database maintain utilities, moving data to and from AS/400 to and from DB2 UDB by using AS/400 extract utility and DB2 Load utility, schedule job by using Microsoft job scheduler. Every day will take online backup of production, re-fresh standby/reporting database by using production online backup, roll forward logs, Database cloning for DB2 environment by using re-direct restore process, purging data.
  • Setup Symantec NetBackup for Oracle RMAN and for file system backup.
  • Install SQL Server 2005, configuration, setup DTS from AS/400 to SQL Server, Migrate from MS access to SQL Server 2005

Environment: PeopleSoft CRM version 8.8/9.0 people tool 8.46/8.48, Web Sphere version 5.x/6, Oracle 10g Application Server,tuxedo 8.1, DB2 UDB version 8.2,, Oracle10g release 2.3, SQL Server 2005, DB2 V5.1 on AS/400, AS/400,Windows 2003, SuSE Linux V10,Dell 1650,6650, PowerEdge 1950,2900

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL

Sr. PoepleSoft Oracle /DB2 UDB DBA / System Architect


  • Involved in DB2 UDB ESE binary installation, database file system designing, estimating size. Instance, database creation, database cloning using re-directory restore, db2relocatedb, export, load utilizes /methods based on user requirement.
  • Splitting tables to different tablespaces, based on table accessing activity, to avoid time out, lock contention.
  • Designing backup & recovery strategy for development & Production databases, setup cron jobs for Backup, database maintenance utilities .
  • Upgrading instance & databases from DB2 UDB V7 to V8.
  • Configuring database partition, setting High Availability Cluster Multi-processing (HACMP)/HADR (High Availability Deserter Recovery) for Unix AIX V5.x for DB2 UDB V8.x
  • Implemented IBM FLASH Copy backup strategy for Production DB2 UDB, Oracle database backup.
  • Take FlashCopy of Production file system, mounted in reporting server, take backup from reporting database.
  • Install WebLogic, Tuxedo, COBOL compiler, People Tools upgrade from for Student Admin, from V8.8 to 8.9 for HRMS .
  • Automated SQR ftp from NT to UNIX, environment to environment.
  • PeopleSoft application server configuration creating appserver domains, process scheduler setup & managing .
  • Configuring Application Server, Web Server, Process Schedulers, application performance tuningmaintaining application & database integrity, applying patches,Controlling application user security
  • Building PeopleSoft projects, migrating projects, PeopleSoft internal & external objects from environment to environment, people tools upgrade, applying patches, Tax update by using upgrade assistant
  • Cloning ( web, Application Servers, Process Scheduler for NT and Unix )
  • Continued Tuning/Monitoring/Support of production and development domains
  • Ongoing application program troubleshooting including tracing via application designer, process scheduler, app server, web server, app messaging, COBOL compilation issues
  • Ongoing response to several Development and Production pages - includes but not limited to fixing paging problems, excessive CPU utilization, Load Balancer issues
  • Ongoing Developer and Functional workstation configuration - Application Designer
  • Resolved issue regarding the maximum seat license issue for COBOL Application Server for Production SA. Installed the new Micro Focus Server Express 4.0 SP2 on all three production application server boxes. Regenned all Production application servers and recompiled all production COBOL on said application servers.
  • Working with developers to tune SQL by giving advise to the development team, changing SQL effective way, adding indexes, to speed up the processes.
  • Perform routine operational AIX 5L system administration duties to include troubleshooting of hardware and AIX operating system issues, daily monitoring of system health, backups and optimization as required.
  • Expertise is focused on installing, configuring and maintaining distributed AIX operating systems on IBM Pseries(630,650,690), P5 and RS/6000 hardware platforms.
  • Proficient in establishing and maintaining HACMP in a large enterprise environment- Partitioning of disks, space allocation and maintenance of servers.
  • Configuring TSM for AIX, NT for Backup & recovery for DB2, OracleDatabase monitoring, maintenance & performance tuning, Trouble shooting & user supporting
  • Database monitoring, maintenance & performance tuning, Trouble shooting & user supporting.
  • Install Oracle, upgrade from V9 to 10g, create new, maintaining existing environment .
  • Splitting large tables into portioned tables.
  • Migrate from DB2 V8.2 On AIX to Oracle10g.
  • Set up stand by, failover, load balancing by using Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard.
  • Automate the Database maintenance using AWR,ADDM,, Performance tuning .
  • Setup job to get top10 SQL, high wait events, Objects with SQL statements, I/O activity with dbms workload repository package.
  • Setup TSM for Oracle RMAN for backup and restore.

Environment: RS 6000 ESS 800,DS8000, pSeries 690, 650,630s, AIX 5.2/5.3, DB2 on OS/390,WIN Tivoli storage Manager, HACMP, IBM FlashCopy, Peer-toPeer Remote Copy, DB2 UDB V7/8.2.x, Oracle 9i/10g,SQLServer2000/05 PeopleSoft Student Admin V8.21, Financial 8.43, HRMS 8.9, Portal 8.44, EPM, CRM, Seibel V7.X, Appdesigner,Data Mover, upgrade assistant, WebLogic V5/6/7/8.

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