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Automated Logistic And Supply Operation Supervisor Resume

Fort Hood, TX


Seeking a position related to SQL Server DBA/Developer needing a professional with years of experience in SQL Development, Database administration, Business Intelligence, Data analytics and information technology with an extensive understanding of IT principles, concepts, and methods.


Over ten (10) years of experience in Data management and analytics at increasing levels of responsibility.


  • SQL development
  • Database administration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • R, Python, SAS, Big Data, Hadoop
  • Fluent in French and English


Automated Logistic and Supply Operation Supervisor

Confidential, Fort Hood, TX


  • Supervised battalion logistic and supply operations task forces consisting of 10 team Members;
  • Maintained automated Logistic SAP application Confidential - Confidential user;
  • Trained entry level logistic and supply personnel in using Confidential
  • Requested, received, issued, and accounted for individual, organizational, installation, and expendable supplies and equipment
  • Ensured critical assets were on hand or ordered;
  • Extracted, Transformed and Loaded data from Confidential - Confidential to command portal for analysis;
  • Accounted for the health, personal welfare, and training of three direct subordinates;

Database Engineer

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Mentored developers to optimize complex queries, data movements, and report inefficiencies;
  • Optimized existing database jobs, stored procedures and views for readability and speed;
  • Designed and implemented SSIS package to move data to and from legacy Databases;
  • Designed, planned and executed SQL server Database and ETL package migration;
  • Administered development database environment to support other contractors’ application development team to operates (Permissioning, maintenance, backup/restore of development, test and preproduction databases);
  • Tasked in reviewing and developing database environment independent initialization script, quickly learned and absorbed the overall data model and developed over 280 tables, hundreds of views, stored procedures and SQL jobs scripts in 3 weeks to support new released.
  • Demonstrated therefore that I am a fast-learner who adapt quickly to change and is eager to learn new methods and procedures.

Electronic Banking Solution Officer



  • Developed, implemented, enhanced and supported Bank's Internet banking products and services and website presence including online banking (transactions, new accounts, consumer lending, Forecasting), automatic teller machine (ATM) banking, telephone banking, and all other related electronic banking activities;
  • Developed and administered a SQL Server Data Warehouse providing a robust Business Intelligence platform to fit the banking operation analytical needs;
  • Analyzed customer usage of electronic resources, worked with the Customer Relationship Managers to increase usage of electronic banking delivery channels;
  • Trained and coordinated training efforts with the Corporate Trainer to ensure company employees are trained on proper use and troubleshooting techniques for banking applications;
  • Built analytics data model to predict customers more likely to subscribe to e-banking solution resulted in 30% increase of e-banking solution usage focusing on only targeted prospect list.

IT System Engineer



  • Administered and maintained High Availability MS SQL Server Cluster infrastructures;
  • Implemented proactive monitoring of SQL Server instances ensuring Server is performing to the best of its abilities for each application;
  • Designed and developed stored procedures, queries and views necessary to support business reports;
  • Tested and fixed faulty equipment or escalated problems to Company Headquarter;
  • Administered Windows server environment and Core Data Processing System;
  • Maintained network performance by performing network monitoring and analysis, and performance tuning;
  • Designed, gathered requirements, analyzed data, developed, built more than 150 SQL scripts, reports and dashboard using SSRS to support country business operations including any type of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Bi-Yearly reports;

Senior Software Developer



  • Led Development Team designing data models, implementing very complex databases by Initiating and driving major changes in Company IT programs, procedures and methodology;
  • Designed, developed and implemented new applications and enhanced biometric project (ID Card, biometric Passport and Driving license) based on fingerprint technologies;
  • Designed, developed and implemented an integrated identification platform including an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) on a MS SQL Server Cluster and 200 mobile biometric and biographic data collection device which saved Confidential about $550,000;
  • Developed API for Confidential file generator (including WSQ files) using .Net MVC Technology and many country identification solutions using SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, c#, c++, ASP, PHP and W-language programs and modules;
  • Planned, coordinated and executed 4 major projects ensuring their timely completion reinforcing Confidential leadership market position in the country for sophisticated software embedding very complex algorithm such eye recognition, fingerprint collection, authentication, control and record deduplication.

IT Developer Specialist



  • Analyzed user requirements and researched, designed and developed 15 business application including Parliamentary Content Management System, Financial Management System, Human resource Management;
  • Provided consistent and effective change and configuration management for production and non-production environments;
  • Prepared requirement analysis, activities, logical data model for the applications;
  • Implemented complex application using Visual basic .Net, SQL Server, Oracle, ETL processes with SQL Server DTS, Web services, natural language processing ActiveX and more. Majority of developed software still running in this institution today and are easily upgraded.

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