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Onsite Project Lead & Technology Analyst Resume



  • Expertise in Multiple technologies - Mainframes/AS400/DIBOL - JCL, COBOL, DB2, SQL, CICS, VSAM, ISAM, CL/400, RPG/400, COBOL/400, DB2/400 and SQL/400.
  • Substantial Experience in Health Insurance Industry.
  • Primarily in Development, Maintenance, Testing and Production support Projects.
  • Extensive experience in SDLC stages like Requirement understanding, Impact Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Customization and Maintenance of software application.
  • Organizing daily status call with the Offshore team to discuss on the progress in project and clarifying their issues.
  • Involved in Work allocation, Review, Effort and Resource management.
  • Excellent Project management, analytical and programming skills. Good communication and Team Management skills.
  • Proposal activities for new projects & new clients.


Languages: JCL, COBOL, DB2, SQL, CICS, REXX, CL400, COBOL400, RPG400RPGLE, DB2400, SQL400, DIBOL, Core Java.

Operating Systems: WINDOWS, Mainframe-MVS and OS400.

Tools: IPM+ ( Confidential Project management tool), MS officeMS Visual Studio 2010/2008, FILE-AID, ABEND-AID, SPUFI and CHANGEMAN, F.R.O.G for IBM iSeries DB2.

Databases: DB2, SQL server 2008/2010, IMS and VSAM/ISAM.

Industries: Health Insurance.

Applications: QNXT


Confidential, OH

Onsite Project Lead & Technology Analyst

Software: DIBOL, ISAM, SharePoint 2010, IPM+, WorkBench, Microsoft Visual SourceSafeMS Office 2010

Application: Order Entry, Billing, Payment Management.


  • Estimate and plan the tasks involved and track the progress.
  • Prioritize and allocate the tasks that need to be accomplished by Offshore.
  • Coordinate with the various stakeholders to complete the work as per schedule.
  • Development activities like Impact Analysis, Design Review, Coding, Mentoring, Test Results review and Support during SIT and go-live activities.
  • Organizing project Status calls daily b/w Onsite and Offshore team.
  • Status reporting to Customers.
  • Project SQA.
  • Project Management - Activities like Milestone and Metric reports preparation, Invoice Preparation/Configuration/Delivery management using the IPM+ tool.

Technology Analyst & Developer

Confidential, NH

Software: CL/400, COBOL400, RPGLE, DB2/400, SQL/400, MS Office, MS Visual SourceSafe.


  • Responsibilities included research and resolving technical issues, requirements analysis, preparation of High Level Design, Detail Level design and Test plans, coding, performing unit testing and configuration management.
  • Estimate and Plan the tasks involved and track the progress.
  • Design and Code Review.
  • Mentoring, Scheduling tasks to team members and Status reporting to Onsite team.
  • Proposal activities for new projects & new clients.
  • QA, UAT and SIT support.
  • Knowledge Management Anchor.

Confidential, NJ

Offshore Lead

Software: ClearQuest, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008, Microsoft Office 2010.


  • Project Management - Activities like preparation of Milestone Reports, Metrics report, Project plan, Configuration Management Plan, KM plan and DP plan using IPM+ ( Confidential Project management tool).
  • Proposal activities for new projects clients.
  • Configuration Controller for the team.
  • Status reporting to clients/Onsite Team.
  • Project SQA.
  • Project status call with Onsite co-ordinator.

Confidential, NH

Senior Systems Engineer

Software: CL400, COBOL, DB2400, SQL400, RPGLE, MS Office, Microsoft Visual SourceSafeF.R.O.G for IBM iSeries DB2.


  • Understanding the Client’s Requirements.
  • Impact Analysis, High Level Design and Detailed design preparations, Coding, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, QA Support and UAT support.
  • Trained and Mentored the new team members.
  • Technical support for team members and Code/Testing review.
  • Knowledge Management Anchor in the team.
  • Status reporting to Customers and Onsite Team.
  • Communication with onsite/Client for project statuses.

Confidential, NH

Software/Systems Engineer & Offshore Lead

Software: F.R.O.G for IBM iSeries DB2, CL400, COBOL, DB2400, SQL400, RPG400, MS OfficeExcel and Macros, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.


  • Responsibilities included understanding of the production issue, find root cause, create SQL queries, Performed self and peer testing.
  • Release Management - Release the completed Tickets/Work orders daily to Onsite Team.
  • Weekly Project status call with Clients and Onsite coordinator.
  • Trained and Mentored the new team members.
  • Quarterly status report presentation to the whole account.
  • Knowledge Management Anchor.
  • Helping the Manager/Lead in Project Management and client support.

Confidential, WI

Software Engineer



  • Doing requirements analysis, Impact analysis.
  • Preparation of High Level Design, Detail Level design and Test plans.
  • Coding.
  • Performed Unit testing.
  • Project Status call with Onsite coordinator.

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