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Programmer Resume


I have 15 Years of program developer experience. I participated in designing, coding, testing, debugging, configuring, and documenting proprietary applications and software. I have extensive computer programming knowledge and skills specialized in database management using SQL commands with C#.Net, JavaScript, XML,XSLT,XPath, Visual FoxPro, PB and Visual Basic. More than four-years experience of object-oriented using Power Builder. Familiar with database management using dBASE IV, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel with SQL applications. Solutions including scanning, E-mail, FTP and many other information technology solutions.

Computer skills


  • Proficient in: C#2008.Net, C#2010.Net JavaScript, XML, XSL, XSLT, XPath, IIS, CSS, QuickBooks SDK,Visual FoxPro, Foxpro 2.5 DOS, Foxpro 2.6 Windows, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder


  • Database: SQL Server,2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, XML, Oracle, Foxpro
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Microsoft Office, Novell, Citrix
  • B.S., Computer Science


2008- Present


  • Use C# 2008 .NET, Javascript, html, css, xsl, database with SQL,2005, 2008, 2012 and XML to develop a mail web application system to provide mail business which is including order, pickup, check-in, check-out, billing, system maintain and reporting system.
  • Create and maintenance SQL database tables, views, functions, database triggers and stored procedures using SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012.
  • Application support and Data maintenance for EDI invoice with some vendors.
  • Support and base maintenance company servers, FTP server and Web application server.
  • Create Royal Mailsort 1400 mailings, Customer Final Label system.
  • Solves key technical problems in MSI Online Main System. Such as Quick Book SDK, Email, convention report to Excel, PDF Application File in Programs. Etc




  • Developed Foxpro-based data-driven distribution/replication Application by using VFP. Programs a series of GML related duties with FoxPro database.
  • Completed numerous codes to generate daily reports by using SQL and VFP & Foxpro
  • Developed numerous applications for GML Deutsche System, Pubtrak System, Bol Print and Billing Reports System by using VFP & FoxPro.
  • Application supported and Data maintenance for Pubtrak System, Mailtrak System, Commission System, Salesman daily Interface data, Bol Print, Billing Reports, GPLIB, Data Processing, Data Transfer, Dhl Courier and Dhl Edi Invoice. Etc
  • Completes data maintenance for Parcel system and Amazon system.
  • Solves key technical problems in GML Main System. Such as using scanner to scan, save and show image pictures in Foxpro-Based database management system; using the Shell Execute API call in VFP6.0 to send E-Mail from VFP program; using VFP6.0 to design Excel, Word, and Adobe PDF Application File in Programs. Etc

Project Manager



  • Managed The Safety Monitor and Management Information MIX System with PB6.5 and Oracle 7.3 of Fuzhou Electric Company.
  • Maintained the reporting system of Estimation department with PB7 and Oracle 7.3 and data transfer System from dispatch department using SQL Server 2000 to Oracle 7.3 FuZhou Electric Company.
  • Handled The Archives Management Information with VFP and C of FuZhou Private Golden Bridge School
  • Handled The Archives Management Information MIX System with PowerBuilder and Oracle of Fuzhou Water company

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