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Lead Sql Server Database Administrator Resume

Lanham, MD


  • Experienced Senior SQL Server Database Administrator with over 15 years managing SQL Server databases and 6 years leading DBA teams.
  • Possesses proven, superior database design, architecting, optimization and trouble shooting skills.
  • Adapts to rapidly changing technology and business environments.
  • Strong development skills; Project Management and leadership abilities.
  • Adept at building relationships with direct reports, cross - functional teams and vendors.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical customers.
  • High work ethic and dedication to professionalism and performance.
  • Managing Very Large Database (VLDB) arrays and DBA teams
  • Configuring and optimizing SQL Servers and SQL Server database performance and capacity planning
  • Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, Index and Query Optimization using Database Console Commands (DBCC) and Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), supporting developers in coding for optimal database performance
  • Data modeling (Logical and Physical database design)
  • T-SQL programming, Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • SQL Server database security strategies
  • SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) and Data Transformation Service (DTS) package development
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Project Management including Risk, Quality, and Change Management.


Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012/2008/2003 , MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux

Database Systems: SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008/2005/2000/7 , Oracle 12c/11g/10g, Sybase 16.x/15.x/12.x

Programming Languages: Visual Basic, FoxPro, T-SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, dBase, Pascal

Development tools: Visual Studio, FrontPage, HTML, ASP, VBScript, ADO, OLAP, Erwin, Visio

Analysis/Methodology: Agile, Waterfall, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Gap Analysis, Feasibility Analysis

Reporting tools: Crystal Reports, Data Report Designer, SSRS

Applications: MS Office, MS Project, QuickBooks Pro, Serena Dimension CM.


Lead SQL Server Database Administrator

Confidential, Lanham, MD


  • Invited to join permanent staff in 2008 following 4 years contracting
  • Led project team in successful upgrade of over 300 SQL Server 2000 databases to SQL Server 2012 on Windows server 2012, delivering 30% increase in database and server performance, and completing the project 25% ahead of schedule
  • Designed and implemented a strategy for very large data sets to automatically compress backups, saving 50% of GB disk storage
  • Architected and led database High Availability (HA) implementation project SharePoint database servers, resulting in increase in SharePoint up time from 90% to 99.9%
  • Reviewed SQL Server Stored Procedures and Queries from developers; identified performance tuning opportunities (index utilization and recommendation, query design, parameter sniffing resolution, etc.) that in some cases led to 300% performance improvement
  • Led upgrade of key Confidential support tools to SQL Server 2016: TelePresence Management Suite (TMS), ADSync servers, Right Management System (RMS), Webcast servers, and Quality Control Tool
  • Following failure of a customer's physical security system, led the upgrade of Velocity servers to SQL Server 2012, enabling the customer to re-activate physical security service for 70+ offices
  • Maintained 100% customer satisfaction for database support over the last three years, consistently meets SLAs and KPIs
  • Managing over 120 SQL Server databases in Production environment including VLDB very large database of 1.6 Terabyte in size, and Azure (Cloud) platform supporting the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Leading, managing and mentoring SQL Server DBA team; identifying and recommend opportunities for Junior and Mid-level SQL Server DBAs
  • Providing support to Sybase/Oracle DBAs as necessary
  • Planning and implementing MS SQL Server software installations, upgrades, service packs and patches
  • Developing and continually testing disaster-recovery plans for large client operational databases
  • Ensuring consistency in database development by coordinating with development teams to define database code standards and naming conventions
  • Conducting root cause analysis and implementing permanent fixes for database-related issues, resolving performance issues (e.g. deadlocks, CPU, I/O, and Memory) using measurement tools such as SQL Profiler, Perfmon, DMVs, and Tuning Advisor
  • Proactively monitoring Production database health with various DBCC and DMV statements
  • Managing 24/7 on-call DBA support team for Production database Servers, overseeing daily team activities e.g. checking SQL Server logs, Windows event logs, SQL Server Agent Jobs, disk space
  • Designing and implementing High Availability/Disaster Recovery SQL Server solutions, including Always On Availability Group (AAG), Mirroring, Log shipping, Replication, and Clustering
  • Managing data migration and ETL processes e.g. migrated SharePoint Content Databases to SQL Server Database Azure, using DTS and SSIS to import/export data from various data sources e.g. Flat file, CSV file, ODBC/OLEDB to SQL Servers
  • Managing upgrades on multiple Development, Test, and Production Servers
  • Implementing and monitoring security audit controls to track unauthorized database access and violations
  • Creating physical databases from logical designs, and also database objects including tables, views, triggers and stored procedures
  • Implementing change control management to track production database configuration and objects changes

SQL Server Database Administrator

Confidential, Falls Church, VA


  • Performed day-to-day DBA duties e.g. creating and managing user accounts, assigning permissions and roles, scheduling jobs, backups, database replication and performance tuning, database backup/restore and disaster recovery procedures
  • Provided query writing and query tuning assistance to developers
  • Performed index usage analysis, updated the database with optimal indexes, scheduled re-indexing and defrag to run off hours
  • Created database objects including tables, views, triggers, constraints and stored procedures
  • Setup Log Shipping from OLTP Servers to Standby Servers to provide High Availability
  • Proactively monitored system and server resource usage to identify potential performance problems
  • Created database maintenance plans and schedules jobs, Alerts, and SQL-Mail notifications
  • Developed DTS packages for data Extraction, Transformation and Loading

System Administrator

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD


  • Acted as escalation point for troubleshooting network/systems issues, consistently ed 100% issue-resolution scores
  • Created physical databases from database designs, created database maintenance plans and scheduled jobs
  • Trained employees across multiple departments on network operations, COTS applications usage

Systems Analyst/ Programmer



  • Designed, developed and implemented the following Applications ( Personnel Information System, Financial Analysis SW, with Visual Basic, Quality Control SW with MS Access, Stock Management SW, Fixed Asset Management SW with dBase IV
  • Maintained and modified existing software systems to address changing business needs
  • Provided technical support services to internal customers, planned and delivered computer for employees.

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