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Sybase Consultant Resume Profile


  • Professional Consultant, with extensive experience in software design and development of client/server and Internet/Intranet Database applications, under Unix, Linux and Solaris, Digital, HP-UX, VMS, DOS, Windows 95/NT/2K/XP/Vista operating systems. Actively involved in Software Development Life Cycle SDLC
  • Strengths: Independent, Responsible, Technical Decision-Maker, Fast Learner, Lead, Team player
  • Extensive experience in analyzing Functional and Business Requirements, Designing Application, Development, Integration, Deployment, Maintenance, Production Support, and Documentation.
  • Extensive experience in Sybase System 15/12/11/10 like writing of Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, performance tuning etc and DBA Tools like ASE, DB-Artesian, SQL Advantage and Data modeling. Strong in using all the Sybase utilities like BCP, ISQL, and open client connectivity like SYBPERL, DBI etc.
  • Extensive experience with Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x, PL/SQL, related Utilities like SQL Plus and SQL Loader, ETL and MS-SQL 2000/2005/2008, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Basic .Net/6.0/5.0, Rapid SQL, TOAD, Visual Studio 2008 etc
  • Extensive Experience in writing applications using Perl, DBI for data parsing and data loading and strong in developing Unix shell scripts, setting scheduling jobs like cron /Autosys.
  • Excellent experience with Data Cleansing, Data Quality, Data Warehouse, Data Migration, preparing functional and technical specifications, Test plans, Creating and maintaining Project Plans, Coordination with the teams in the roll out and migration process and version control tools like perforce, clear-case etc.. Good experience with C/C applications development.
  • A very fast learner of emerging technologies, Sense of Urgency and consistently recognized for outstanding performance with the ability to work hard effectively both in a team as well as with business clients

Client: confidential

Position: Sr. Tech Lead

As a member of MEM Marketing Equipment Management team participated in various projects like SEN, ASP, ePAD and others projects. The MEM's Smart Equipment Network SEN project is to automate existing manual process for installing/upgrading the equipments and parts and activate in real time. Each part/equipment will be tracked and accounted in the inventory system by this automation. This requires writing interfaces among CETS, SEN and APRIVA systems to communicate in real time environment.


  • Requirement and Data analysis. Involved in the business solution discussions
  • Database design and modeling Co-ordinate with plant DBAs for database server maintenance work
  • Stored procedure development for new business functionalities. ETL Process design/Development and Maintenance
  • Involved in critical database development for SEN, ASP, ePAD included development of stored procedures optimization
  • Enhancement of BO reports. Resolve database performance / production issues
  • Write complex queries for ad-hoc business data reporting. Unit testing and System integration Testing
  • Enhancement of reporting Jobs developed in Perl

Environment: Sybase, DB2, ETL, Perl, Unix, Shell script, Java, Business Objects, Autosys, StarTeam, QC

Client: confidential

Position: Senior Sybase Consultant

As a part of Private Wealth Management of clients' accounts, Performance of investment needs to be computed in order to monitor the account. As a part of Account performance team we have to work closely with operation team to answers the query raised by various business groups by writing the queries/scripts.


  • Production/Client Support to various Private Wealth Management PWM applications especially, Account performance which looks after high net-worth clients.
  • Developed scripts/queries for using T-SQL, SYBASE, PERL, Unix shell scripts, GLOSS, to resolve the issue raised through JIRA.
  • Development of debug versions of complex Sybase stored procedures to handle data issues and performance tuning
  • Data presentation using excel/vba.
  • Creating scan reports for those accounts which are required for specific evaluation like fees, exchange rates, account activity date changes.
  • Extracting data for daily returns, monthly returns, quarterly, yearly returns, wealth ratio, accruals, flow and market price etc. which are required for accounts performance.
  • Monitoring End of Day EOD jobs on daily basis and re-queuing/force starting if required.
  • Developed common queries required to address daily issues
  • Enhancement of Performance Start API stored procedures to display EOD, Non-EOD, Trade Adjustment etc.
  • Additionally, working on documentation of existing functions which runs as a part of EOD and creation of run book for common issues and uploading it to team's Wiki page.

Environment: Unix, Linux, Windows 2K/XP Client , PERL, DBI, Sybase System 15/12.x, T-SQL, T-SQL, GLOSS, Aqua Studio, BCP, ISQL, MS Excel, MS-Office, ftp, JIRA, Autosys, CVS

Client: confidential

Position: Senior Sybase Consultant

Confidential is a UK based financial company having global operation. As part of Data Management group worked to develop, enhance and maintain back end database for various applications like, CRM, DQ, One View and GSS based Trade Applications. This role involved development and enhancement of back end data processing of Sybase, oracle, SQL database servers' data, ETL, Perl, Unix, Shell Scripts, and Autosys jobs. Major development is DQ Data Quality Engine, which does data validation checks based on set of business rules. Involved in migrating legacy GSS Trading application from Sybase platform to One view SQL server platform. This includes, migrating the existing process, procedures, data sources, and reconciliation of Trades, Sales commission etc.


  • Actively involved in the entire life cycle of the project.
  • Production Support to various CRM Trading applications.
  • Developed utilities of auto report creation from SYBASE database and Emailing using PERL script and Unix shell scripts. Automated jobs using AUTOSYS.
  • Developed and set up MS-SQL SSIS/VB.net/ ETL jobs for data loading using Autosys.
  • Developed T-SQL scripts and stored procedures, triggers and tune the existing procedures for performances.
  • CRM, One View Applications.
  • Responsible for meeting with business clients, understand and interpret the requirements, technical solutions and Production Support, guiding L2 Team and dealing with L1 team in resolving the issues. Also worked with infrastructure teams such as DBA Ops, UNIX Ops, Autosys Ops, Win Ops etc.
  • Developed / Enhanced procedures, functions, Triggers, views, for CRM contacts creation and validation.
  • Developed many packages like Sales Comp Trade Adjustment, Pathfinder, Sales Entity, Soft Dollar Adjustment, SoftIR, GSS Security Master, and many more packages for setting up sync of the data related to CRM.
  • Created ETL Interfaces to send Soft Dollar Adjustment files to Sales Comp Application.
  • ETL Feed Scheduler Interface for Auto Exhibition of Import files and Autosys set up for scheduling the ETL package executions.
  • Developed ETL to FTP.GZ Zip from UNIX to Windows environment, unzip and load to tables in SQL Server using SSIS packages.
  • Actively involved in Data extract, Data Cleansing, Data Quality, Data Migration and Data Analysis
  • Written scripts for data loading, table creation, data file scan, data bcp, data validations and migration of data
  • Coordinated production releases, QA team, Ticket management HPSC, SN for necessary production deployment.
  • Managed Level2 support team by providing technical guidance and direction.
  • Shouldering the responsibility of DQ Engine, data migration and Data Sync process.
  • Enhancement/development of Sybase stored procedures to handle data issues and performance tuning
  • Documentation of the applications and troubleshooting/Run book document of production issues
  • Developed and deployed SSIS packages to load data from heterogeneous sources.
  • Developed VBA macros/ Pivot tables to handle data using Excel. Understanding of C .Net , Java codes.
  • Participation in running queries using DB2 databases for Market /WOD Wall Street on Demand feeds.

Environment: Unix, Linux, Windows 2K/XP Client , PERL, DBI, Sybase System 15/12.x, T-SQL,MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, T-SQL, PL/SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Infomatica, ETL, UDB-DB2, Visual Studio, Embarcado DBArtisan, Rapid SQL, SQL Advantage, Sybase Central, BCP, ISQL, MS Excel, Visual Basic, VB.net, C-Sharp, MS-VISO, MS-Office, MS-Access, ftp, Microsoft Projects, Scheduling tool, Autosys, HPSC incident management, Perforce version control, CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Toad


Position: Senior Sybase Consultant

  • NYK line, a leading giant in shipping business, had been in the process of migration of its production environment from Legacy to OSCAR One System Covers All Region in the phases. The migration process included financial risks, which needed to be managed, and action plans required for disaster recovery on each phase of migration. It required development, enhancement, and maintenance of various applications, utilities, migration processes and understanding of business logic. Initial Data Load from Legacy System to New System requires creation of source to target mapping, file layouts, business rules, Data Extract, Data Cleansing, Data Analysis, Data Transform, Data Load, QA and interaction with Business. Migration process also required Key Performance Indicator KPI reports to monitor the transitions, which help to take necessary business critical decisions as ongoing tasks. Data for different Modules like Account Receivable Modules, Financial Modules, Customer Modules, Shipment Modules, Job Order Modules, Voyage Modules, and Inbound-Outbound Custom Modules were brought through mapped utilities from GEMSTONE to Operational data Store ODS in Sybase and MS-SQL server databases.
  • The data was migrated from Sybase Operational Data Store ODS database to MS-SQL and Oracle Data warehouses for reporting KPI, MIS OLAP and other applications.


  • Actively involved in the entire life cycle of the project.
  • Responsible for meeting with business clients, understand and interpret the requirements and technical solutions
  • Actively involved in Data extract, Data Cleansing, Data Quality, Data Migration and Data Analysis for data related to Account Receivable, Financial data, Customers data, Shipment data, Insurance Data, Geographic data, Port Data, Job Order data, Voyage data, Inbound-Outbound Custom data under Sybase, MS-SQL and Oracle databases
  • Scripts for data loading, table creation, data file scan, data bcp, data validations and data migration to stage tables.
  • Worked with DBAs and carried out some of database administration tasks.
  • Developed SQL scripts and stored procedures, triggers and tune the existing procedures for performances.
  • Developed data loader utilities to Extract, Transformation and Load of data ETL from different format like flat files or legacy databases. Using T-SQL, PL/SQL, PERL, DBI, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Excel, BCP, ISQL, windows scripts, ftp developed extract, transform and initial load of the data.
  • Developed Unix Shell Scripts and scheduled cron to run Database queries from UNIX servers under Sybase and Oracle DBs.
  • Developed In-house ETL utility, In-house Reporting tools, In-house Report publishing Utilities and integrated all.
  • Developed technical solution in establishing source to target mapping, interfaces and scenarios using ETL tools for data population to Data Warehouse / Data Mart by studying Logical and Physical data models.
  • Developed Sharepoint administrator utilities for auto creation of folders and automated report publishing.
  • Developed software using Visual Basic to automatically Create Excel Reports, Pivot Table, Charts and Graphs from the data extracted from Sybase, MS-SQL, Oracle database servers using stored procedures / SQL queries
  • Designed process diagrams using MS-Visio, presentations using PowerPoint.
  • Provided guidance to QA teams in creating various unit test cases and integrated test cases.
  • Used clear case source control for code check in/ check out, Test Director Mercury Quality center tools for defect handling, HP service desk for service calls and TRAC System for code deployment to different environments like test, stage, production
  • Worked as DBA for deploying codes to production environment using RFC Request for Change of HP help desk.
  • Developed Sybase Server Monitoring Tools SYSMON Used by Sybase DBAs and operations team
  • Developed DBA utilities to reset identity values while data refreshes for Sybase and SQL servers
  • Developed Perl utilities for Open View Monitoring System for System Operation.
  • Business KPI reports creation tools from Unix based Sybase server to Excel and automating to Sharepoint
  • Managing KPI database to load the production data for creating various business reports.
  • Developed scripts to send reports through automated Email using Lotus Notes to business user.
  • Developed Process automation utilities, data deployment/roll out plans using Microsoft Project

Environment: Unix, HP, Solaris, Windows 2K/XP Client , PERL, DBI, , Sybase System 15/12.x, T-SQL,MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle 10g Oracle 9i, , ETL, ODI, Rapid SQL, Toad, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, SQL Advantage, Sybase Central, BCP, ISQL, MS Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, MS-VISO, MS-Office, MS-Access, ftp, Microsoft Projects, Scheduling tool, Autosys, Citrix, Apache, Crystal Reports, Cognos, Lotus Notes, PHP, HTML, Clear Case, Test Director Mercury Quality Center Tool, TRAC Deployment system , HP Help desk for Service calls, work order and RFCs.


Client: confidential Position: Senior Consultant

An Investment Proposal project is a financial instrument tool, which is helpful to Financial Advisors to create different proposals for clients to show growth potential, ROI and Summary of the main economical and financial projections Profit Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Investment Plans. Investment Proposals are created considering managed exposure to risk, like credit risk and market risk. Financial Advisors prepare the proposal based on the type of investments sectors, size styles, indexes, foreign exchange, shape volatility, liquidity, inflation etc. by managing the risks. There are lots of market data, which need to be updated in the backend databases. Current and Historical data like Equity data, Fixed Income data, Mutual Fund data, Market Index data etc come from different feeds at various frequencies.


  • Actively involved in the entire life cycle of the project.
  • Collected requirements and prepare specification for populating data. Designed process diagrams using MS-Visio.
  • Developed modules for connecting different databases with perl using DBI
  • Involved in Data modeled design, which includes E-R Diagrams, Logical Physical Design using Rational Rose
  • Written a system in PERL DBI to automate data loading processes, table creation, data file scan, data bcp and data massaging and data validations and migration of data to staging tables.
  • Written Stored Procedures, to map data and populate staging table.
  • Developed stored proc to calculate returns based on the financial product performance data.
  • EQUITY, FIXED INCOME, MARKET INDEX and Data with MUTUAL FUND, MFA, MLIM PI, INDEX, LIPPER INDEX, MFA, MONEY FUNDS and CONSULTS Manager Data by writing Stored Procedures Data extract, Data cleansing, Data extract, Data Migration and Data Analysis of Thomson Feed
  • Responsible for ftp Equity and Fixed Income data from different feeds like Morning Star, MF Feed, Thomson
  • Developed data analysis modules for UPTICK for creating reports. Job Scheduling using Autosys to automate the process
  • Developed error handlers and sanity checks process for data loading.
  • Responsible for migrating data from Sybase, Oracle MS-SQL server databases.

Environment: Windows 2K Client , PERL, DBI, Sybase System 11.x, T-SQL, MS-SQL Server 2K, Oracle 9i, DB Artesian, Rational Rose, Autosys, SQL Advantage, Sybase Central, BCP, ISQL, MS Excel, MS-VISO, ftp, Solaris

I also have past experience which is not listed due to size of resume which I can discuss at the time of interview.


Linux, Unix, SunOS, HP/UX 10, Digital, SCO, Citrix client, WinXP, 2K/NT/98/95, Vista


Sybase 15/12/10, Oracle 11/10g/ 9i/8i/7.0, MSSQL Server 2000/ 2005/2008.

MS Access, Visual Foxpro3.0/5.0, DB2


SQL, Visual Basic, Perl, CGI, JavaScript, PL/SQL, T-SQL, HTML 4.0, PHP, ASP, C/C , C , XML, VB.net


Apache, Oracle Web Server, Web Sphere, IIS, Sharepoint


TCP/IP, ftp, telnet


Crystal Reports, Oracle 9i Reports, Dev2000, SSRS, Cognos, Self Developed Tools

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